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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/c5vBMMuChwcY2T928
  2. And he needs to be D'angled' with his head down if he fails to perform again.
  3. He can bat poorly ( edge 30 balls to the boundary ) or bat well. Just score runs in important knockout matches and big away tests. He can captain poorly or captain well. Just win important knockout matches and big away tests. We are interested in the results. Results are all that matter in a professional set up. If you can't deliver results consistently in important projects then you should make way for someone else. Where is the accountability ??
  4. Manju was referring to his drop from the team for 2 tests in January 2018 ( when he was averaging less than 30 in the last 15 months ) ... which has supposedly destroyed his confidence. Gavaskar keeps saying the same thing too. @Suhaan. the Bahanes are getting more shameful by the day.
  5. He is not front on. He has always looked semi front on to me. But the degree changes. His release points seem to have become higher now and he is getting more bounce. We will see what comes back and what does not. But his pace is still there.
  6. Overconfidence about his batting ability. Plus ... Not serious about overseas tests. His focus is on bilateral LOIs and home tests to boost winning %.
  7. Prasidh 4 for 42 in a crucial and tight quarter final match of Ranji Trophy ... allowed Karnataka to get a narrow first innings lead and finally win the match. Got 5 wickets in the match. Good to see him perform in big matches in tight situations.
  8. Yes. Rest Bumrah and Shami for SA ODIs. Bring in Prasidh Krishna to partner Saini.
  9. Everyone is focusing on his erstwhile back injury. But I think his wrist action and ball release has changed a bit during this time out of the game And this has affected his ball release, accuracy, movement and zip off the deck.
  10. 1. Nagarkoti's action has become more front on for sure. 2. He is still sprinting in very well 3. He seems to have lost a bit of skid off the deck. The wrist whip has reduced. 4. His release point has probably become a bit higher. He is getting better carry too. 5. Pace is still good ... but more of a bouncy pace than his earlier skiddy pace. All of this is partly due to a more front on action.
  11. He bowled 140 k to 144 k too. Most of the time he was in the high 130s and that too under the slow NZ speed guns. That would have been 140 k in most other countries.
  12. Bumrah's pace was sign8ficantly down in the first test in the WI ... because of which some of us kept pointing out that him carrying a niggle was possible. In NZ, he is not bowling significantly slower than usual.
  13. When a pacer is in rhythm then his pace, bounce, accuracy and movement all improve. It is not an either / or scenario. Bumrah is not getting his rhythm right.
  14. Bumrah was bowling 140 kph to 150 kph consistently in tests in Australia in 2018-19 while bowling with the Kookabura ... but still getting consistent swing as well as seam movement. You don't have to bowl slower to get swing. Swing at pace actually results in late swing. Bumrah can blow away the opposition with pace while bowling at 138 k to 148 k too. Because of the zip off the deck, the heaviness of his balls, his closer release points and his deceptive action. When Bumrah is bowling at a 100% then he gets good bounce off length. He keeps hitting the high part of the bat and makes batters jump This happens because of his high arm action, his unusually long limbs which result in a high release point for his height and his strong wrist action.
  15. I think Bumrah is a bit wary of giving his 100% because he is returning from injury. And this is probably not a conscious decision either but is just happening. Pace, zip off the deck and heaviness of ball ... all these factors have become inconsistent. Sometimes there and sometimes not. Earlier, he was always hurrying the batsmen and making them jump. He is moving the ball much less than his pre-injury days. His length and line have become less aggressive. He is bowling shorter and more leg-sidish. Probably because he is moving the ball less. In short, he has not got his rhythm back after injury. Could well be a mental thing ... that is being cautious about using his whole body due to his recent injury.
  16. 1. Mayank 2. Gill 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane 6. Jadeja 7. Pant 8. Ishant 9. Saini 10. Shami 11. Bumrah ---- Batsmen are in poor form and lacking application ... it is better to bolster the fast bowling ... play 4 fast bowlers, give them smaller spells and tell them to go flat out. Our only hope is to get them out cheaply. ---- Gill's great form with the bat needs a to be utilized. ---- Ashwin is a total waste outside the SC. Jadeja is as bad with the ball but gives a better batting option and fielding option. ---- Pant at 7 gives us much better batting depth.
  17. From Bumrah in this match ... I have seen almost entire overs above 140 kph in his first spell .... Fastest of 144 kph, seen a 142 kph too. Bumrah bowled In SA. 135 kph to 148 kph In Australia. 137 kph to 153 kph In the IPL. 137 kph to 151 kph Bowled lots of 147 kph to 150 kph balls in both Australia and the IPL. In ODIs in NZ, his fastest balls in the 3 matches were 145 k 146 k 146 k Rarely bowled below 137 k. In the first ODI, his most common delivery was 142 kph You are under-estimating his pace.
  18. Bumrah bowled 138 k to 144 k earlier in the day. Hit the bat hard too. His issue was lack of sufficient movement and shorter than needed length.
  19. Ishant is bowling with bounce, seam movement and decent accuracy.
  20. Ishant picks up a set Tailor with extra bounce. The ball seamed in sharply too Hostile stuff !
  21. Not much, bro ! Accuracy and movement both were missing. Speed is okayish.
  22. Indian pacers have bowled too short 40+ % of deliveries have been short. Too many balls on the leg Poor
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