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  1. To get an effective team or bowling unit ... the requirements of that particular format must be clear in the mind. This is happening in test matches and spin department in LOIs ... but not in the other departments of ODIs and T20Is. Picking short trundlers with average skill levels ... or pacers who can't pick wickets upfront ... or pacers who can't bowl at the death ... how will it work in ODIs ? Tall, deck hitting, accurate pacers who get seam movement and have death bowling skills ... this type has always worked in ODIs ( along with a couple of other types ) ... but we don't want to find such a bowler.
  2. While searching for new and / or backup ODI pacers, what do we need ? Ideally, we need a couple of pacers who -- Have potential to take wickets upfront. -- Have the basic tools to be a good death bowler. -- Can bowl accurate, good length, deck hitting, off-stump to channel deliveries with regularity. -- Have sufficient pace. -- Since most of our pacers are short to medium height ... it would be nice to get pacers who are tall and get bounce. -- Ability to swing the ball is really welcome. We need to try 3 or 4 pacers who tick most of these boxes. ( Our current backup pacers don't ) **** All the pacers we try won't succeed. This is natural. Who are the potential candidates who tick most of these boxes ? 1) Ankit Rajpoot 2) Khaleel Ahmed. 3) Prasidh Krishna. Try them in ODIs with 1 year to go before the World Cup. Even if one of them come good, we will have a better WC bowling attack.
  3. Our choice of pacers in ODIs is definitely a cause for concern. Not just these 2 but also our original choices as a pace bowling group ( not individually ). This is happening partially due to the fact that we are choosing our ODI teams based on performances in the IPL which is played in T20 format. There is little recognition of the specific requirements of ODIs, be it pacers or batsmen. 1) We lack a true wicket-taker in the first 10 overs. Bumrah is a top quality ODI bowler overall and Bhuvi adds good value in the death overs. But where is the upfront wicket-taker with Shami not being considered at all for ODIs these days ? 2) Kaul is a decent T20 bowler. T20 pace bowling is largely about variations. But ODIs need some classical good length, deck hitting pace bowling too in the first 40 overs or so. We cannot pick all our ODI pace bowlers based on T20 performances. What does Kaul being to the table in the first 40 overs of ODIs ! Short medium pacer without any great skills. And we are picking them in ODIs based on the IPL. 3) Umesh lacks accuracy and death bowling skills. What he may bring to the table in ODIs is upfront wicket-taking ability ... that too if he bowls at his normal high pace. Someone has instructed him to bowl slowly. That means, the only good thing he had going for him is gone too. This seems bizarre to me. In major tournaments, he can work only as a 3rd pacer as he can't be depended upon to bowl at the end. 4) Shardul Thakur does not look like a top ODI bowling candidate either. So ..... where are the effective backups if Bumrah and Bhuvi are not available in important ODI tournaments ... and where is a true upfront wicket-taker ?
  4. express bowling

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Dhoni has a SR of 84 in ODIs in the last 3 years. For reference, our other finishers, Pandya and Kedar, have SRs of 115 and 110 respectively in this 3 year period. It means that, in the age of regular 300+ totals requiring innings SRs of 100+ ... the finisher who is supposed to prop up the run rate in the later stages with higher than innings SRs , is bringing it down significantly. That too for a 3 year period atleast and not just a short bad patch. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmin1=300;qualval1=runs;size=150;spanmin1=14+Jul+2015;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=batting
  5. All English pacers bowling 130 to 140 k mostly. Haven't seen much real pace yet. Only occasional quick deliveries by Plunkett.
  6. express bowling

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    STRIKE RATES OF INDIAN BATTERS with 300+ runs in ODIs in the last 3 years ( the period usually used for ICC rankings ) View in Landscape mode on mobiles. Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s HH Pandya 2016-2018 40 26 4 649 83 29.50 564 115.07 0 4 2 40 31 KM Jadhav 2015-2018 37 24 7 757 120 44.52 682 110.99 2 3 2 80 15 S Dhawan 2015-2018 40 40 3 1772 132* 47.89 1765 100.39 5 11 1 236 21 Yuvraj Singh 2017-2017 11 10 1 372 150 41.33 377 98.67 1 1 0 46 7 V Kohli 2015-2018 49 49 12 3122 160* 84.37 3192 97.80 13 14 2 272 42 RG Sharma 2015-2018 44 44 5 2434 208* 62.41 2493 97.63 11 8 2 225 83 MK Pandey 2015-2017 22 17 6 432 104* 39.27 464 93.10 1 2 2 37 4 MS Dhoni 2015-2018 55 42 12 1384 134 46.13 1643 84.23 1 8 1 102 33 AM Rahane 2015-2018 33 31 1 1272 103 42.40 1561 81.48 1 14 0 123 14 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmin1=300;qualval1=runs;spanmin1=14+Jul+2015;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=batting
  7. express bowling

    If Kuldeep plays tests,who should be our 2nd spinner : Ash or Jaddu?

    Balance of the team has to be considered. Ashwin can bat in the top 6 or 7 ... which Jadeja can't. If we play 2 spinners, I will prefer Kuldeep and Ashwin.
  8. express bowling

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    I am not sure ... read reports that he maynot be available for the test series due to injury.
  9. express bowling

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    Should Saha play and risk aggravating his injury, if he is not fully fit ?
  10. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Kaul ... in the first 2 ODIs 10 - 0 - 62 - 0 ER 6.2 ( innings ER 5.4 ) 8 -0 - 59 - 0 ER 7.4 ( innings ER 6.4 ) What does he bring to the table in ODIs ? ( He maybe ok in T20s ) Did not see any great accuracy or other skills which have to be mandatory for a short medium pacer. No wickets and much more expensive than overall economy rate. Looks like a Vijay Kumar type bowler.
  11. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    1) A good fast yorker still remains the best delivery to control runs in ODI cricket. 2) If taking off pace is necessary then it is good to go for a proper slower ball or knuckle ball ... and not bowl just 5 k slower. 130 k to 136 k deliveries are neither here nor there. 3) Both Umesh and Kaul have gone for a lot of runs in both matches with this approach of bowling medium pace. Just imagine what would have happened if Kuldeep did not pick those wickets in the middle. In a nutshell ... go for proper slower deliveries if high pace is deemed risky on certain pitches
  12. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    I don't like this approach our management is suddenly taking. Cutting down pace deliberately can be a very dangerous mistress.
  13. 1) Vijay 2) Rahul 3) Pujara 4) Kohli 5) Rahane 6) Pant or Karthick ( Saha injured ) 7) Ashwin 8) Bhuvi 9) Kuldeep 10) Shami 11) Bumrah Looks good to me.
  14. I would like that option after seeing how Kuldeep has improved as a bowler.
  15. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Umesh Yadav has never been a thinking bowler and this has resulted in him underperforming for a pacer who combines high pace and natural outswing. However, the biggest purpose that Umesh has served is ... making Indians beleive again that they too can bowl genuinely quick for 6 to 7 years or more. Srinath did so in the 1990s but the 2000s decade saw so many Indian seamers starting their careers bowling at a good pace and then becoming trundlers. Younger pacers and coaches started to believe that Srinath was a freak and we are better off focusing on medium paced swing bowlers only. Umesh Yadav ( and Varun Aaron to some extent ) broke this trend and brought back this belief that Indians too can bowl quickly for many years. Then we have Shami bowling quick for 5 years now but with a much higher level of skills. The last 2 years, we are seeing atleast 15 Indian pacers bowling quick but most of them combining it with good skills too, Bumrah being the most prominent example. Umesh will never be a really good international bowler ... but has served an important purpose.
  16. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Umesh's accuracy is still not there and he is still going for runs. But his pace is down a lot ... and this has resulted in him not getting his usual early wickets. I don't like this approach of his. Losing his USP.
  17. If the 5th bowler is Hardik then it won't be possible to play 2 spinners in test matches in England. The pitches are expected to be more pacer-friendly and 3 front-line fast bowlers will definitely be needed. If we play 5 specialist bowlers ... and the pitch is expected to aid spinners in the later stages and 2 spinners are chosen ... then I would pick Kuldeep Yadav as one of the spinners, because most batters are unable to read him.
  18. express bowling

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    My preferred 11 for the match against England Lions ... 1) Vijay 2) Shaw 3) Mayank 4) Vihari 5) Rahane 6) Nair 7) Pant 8) Nadeem 9) Shami 10) Rajpoot 11) Siraj
  19. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    In the '70s and '80s and earlier, a handful of genetically gifted pacers, from a few countries, could bowl quick for their eras. You either had pace or you did not. Nowadays, we see every country producing quick bowlers ... lots of pacers adding significant amount of bowling speeds and converting themselves from fast-medium to fast or medium pace to fast-medium ... bowling speeds of the average bowler has gone up. This has become possible due to modern scientific training and nutrition. Developing core strength and endurance while maintaining flexibility.
  20. express bowling

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    We saw Chahar and Shardul being picked in T20Is and ODIs respectively based on 50-over A team performances. Now, Pant has all of 7 dismissals behind the stumps ( including a spectacular catch ) and 67 not out off 71 balls in a critical run chase to win it for his team in the only 4-day match he has played so far in England. Will we see fairness prevail in the selection process for test matches too ????
  21. " DreamTeam " for 1st test vs England 1. Dhawan ... cool dancer 2. Parthiv ... can poke well outside off 3. Rohit ... can change game in a session 4. Kohli ... captain 5. Rohit .. will come disguised as Rahane 6. Karthick ... good T20 batter 7. Jadeja " the allrounder " 8. Kaul ... people like his headband 9. Shardul ... automatic backup 10. Unadkat ... tall left-arm spinner 11. Chahal .. always preferred over Kuldeep
  22. Excerpt from the article -- " Captain Virat Kohli wanted Chahal for the Test series in South Africa, which was shot down by Prasad. Whether he pays attention to the same request this time remains to be seen. " This is the worrying part ... Kohli prefers Chahal over Kuldeep even in test matches. Some of his player selections are beyond logic.
  23. Kuldeep is better than Chahal. That recognition is important too.
  24. express bowling

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Joke is on us, the fast bowling fans. We thought that IPL and A-tours would bring out the hidden and not so hidden gems like Khaleel, Rajpoot, Prasidh, Saini, Mavi, Nagarkoti, Avesh, Siraj, Nathu etc. Instead, it has resulted in Unadkat, Kaul, Shardul and Chahar playing for India. The casual observer might think that India's pace-bowling bench strength is non-existent ... while the truth is totally different. So ... let us have a good sense of humour and laugh at ourselves hard.

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