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  1. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Indian cricket lacks a rivalry like the Indo-Pak rivalry between 1978 and 2008. As it is not possible for us to play Pakistan now, we need to create a new rivalry.
  2. Not including Bumrah is appalling. We have a pacer who combines wicket-taking-ability + accuracy + pace + bounce + seaming ability + ability to learn + international cricket experience ..... and he is not in our plans for SA tests !!!!
  3. 1. Rahul 2. Vijay 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane 6. Shankar / Pandya 7. Saha 8. Jadeja / Ashwin 9. Bhuvi 10. Shami 11. Bumrah / Ishant Shankar on seaming tracks and Pandya on flat tracks Both batting and bowling looks balanced
  4. Vijay Shankar can be a solution Proper batsman and decent support seamer .
  5. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Options available to people, regarding what to do with their free time, have increased many-fold with the advent of smart phones, laptops, internet and loads of TV channels Earlier, cricket was one of maybe 10 options and now it is one of maybe 100 options.
  6. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Smart phones, laptops and loads of TV channels are taking up a lot of free time.
  7. 5 specialist pacers of my choice for SA 1. Shami 2. Bhuvi 3. Bumrah 4. Ishant 5. Ishan Porel ( one unknown, quick and tall pacer can be useful ) Pacer-allrounders -- 1. Pandya 2. Shankar
  8. We slumped from 192 for 1 to 281 for 7 on the 5th day on this pitch .... SL then crashed to 75 for 7. In the post match interviews, players were talking about consistent seam movement, cracks opening up and inconsistent bounce of this pitch on day 5. Batting was not easy on the last day and Kohli was the only one who crossed 30 from either side and went on to make a century.
  9. Playing 11 for Test 2

    Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Shankar Jadeja Saha Shami Ishant Umesh
  10. All English pacers bowling 130 to 140 k mostly. Haven't seen much real pace yet. Only occasional quick deliveries by Plunkett.
  11. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    Bumrah is bowling 137 k to 148 k in CT '17 .... may bowl 132 k to 145 k in tests. He is a very accurate bowler which is important in test matches. Can seam the ball both ways Can reverse the ball which is important in Asia. Can swing the ball when conditions are helpful. Is a thinking bowler. Gets good bounce Has a good bouncer Bowls a heavy ball. Has an excellent yorker which can come in very handy against tailenders even in test matches. This skill comes in handy against top batsmen too in tests when the ball starts to reverse and the bowler has pace. Has a good FC record....average of 25 and SR of 56. Has a lot of FC experience too and has played 42 matches. Did well in the last Ranji season and practiced hard in 4 day matches so that he can play tests. I saw him bowl in 4 day FC matches and he looked really good. He needs to be tried in Test matches and can replace Ishant as a " bounce bowler " Bouncy Bumrah can be a good foil to the skiddy Umesh and Bhuvi. Shami can do both. It is very unfair on a bowler to dub him as an LOI specialist without even trying him in the test format....especially as he has pace, bounce, accuracy, seam movement, reverse swing and a good FC record. The key thing I would look for is whether he can sustain pace throughout the day. The test series in Sri Lanka is the ideal place to try him in test matches before the crucial Outside-Asia-tests start.
  12. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Injuries are part and parcel of most top pacers. Happened multiple times to Lille, Thomson, Wasim, Waqar, Donald, Johnson, Steyn, Starc. Does not or did not stop people from calling them top pacers. Never seen that happen. Niggles and losing steam are not the same.
  13. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Shami has better SR and wickets per match and is a better all-condition bowler. Has 7 four-plus wickets in 26 tests too.
  14. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Talking about 4-wicket hauls which are substantial too. We need a pace partnership and Shami and Bhuvi are coming across as the first 2 pacers for away tests based on current form. My 3rd pick is Bumrah. These 3 would give us best wicket-taking ability.
  15. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Bhuvi does that when the ball is swinging or seaming and looks like one of our 2 best pacers ...... but looks innocuous on flat tracks which are rather frequent.
  16. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Shami has 5 more four-wicket hauls in addition to his 2 five-wicket hauls and that means something too ( and Bhuvi has 1 ) If you consider wickets per innings, it is Shami 1.84 Ishant 1.60 Bhuvi 1.53 Umesh 1.43 This parameter is important to check consistency in wicket-taking ability.
  17. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    We needed to try him in this test series to see if he can sustain intensity and pace while bowling 20 overs a day.
  18. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    He is 38 now ..... going back in age as we speak.
  19. Rate Kohli's Captaincy !!!

    In the end, it is the results that matter, and he is delivering. Also, his positives are very strong and over-riding his negatives in the last 2 years. p.s - I would like Kohli as the test and ODI captain but a separate captain and specialist team for T20Is.
  20. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    If that is the case then he needs to be rested.
  21. Pool of seamers for away series

    A captain like Imran Khan would have picked someone like an Ishan Porel for SA test squad as the dark horse. Genuine physically threatening pace, can hit the deck hard and gets steep bounce and seam movement both ways. Not a spray-gun. Decent accuracy. Seems like he can sustain pace and intensity, which is much needed in tests. Just picked up 5 wickets to win it for Bengal. Has taken 10 wickets in his first 2 FC matches.
  22. Ishan Porel takes 5 wickets in the 2nd innings to win it for Bengal. Punjab dismissed for just 213. 10 wickets in 2 games and 3 innings after debut.
  23. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Ishan Porel takes 5 wickets in the 2nd innings to win it for Bengal. 10 wickets in 2 games and 3 innings after debut

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