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  1. dats no qualification..most people bat better than pandey and dk
  2. last year murali vj pulled a similar stunt..pulled out 2 hrs before the start of a match without informing any1..kanitkar rightly dropped him
  3. amongst dk, jadhav, dhoni, jadeja..whoever pulls of a win tonight is assured of a WC spot( bar an injury)
  4. nothing wrong..fixers should not be reinstated
  5. irrespective of who the coaches are, there should also be some mechanism to gauge a players' willingness to learn, execute, improve...eg: murali vj with his "i don't take advice bro" attitude should have been spotted/ counseled a lot earlier
  6. i guess it is 'coz he feels he is/was an individual superstar a la sachin/sehwag/yuvi/dhoni/kohli and never got the audulation or recognition that he felt he "deserved"..maybe, there was a "shot at captaincy" angle too ( much like ashwin now)
  7. sriniwu

    Sixer Sidhu !!!

    he was useless against pacers (again judging by today's standards... back then, the top order was expected to survive the new ball and we viewers were conditioned to believe the same ; srikanth being the exception though)... but, the moment spinners were on, he used to literally dance down the track and become a whole new batsman.. the penchant for hitting 6's made him a crowd and viewer's favourite...
  8. imho, we will win this match, atleast to keep sponsor interest alive
  9. curran is a natural swing bowler...+ left arm , which troubles right handers naturally irrespective of the pace...more imp, an inform player and currently eng's best batsman bar bartistow
  10. sriniwu

    Pick your 11 for test 3(No explanation/Discussion)

    ashwin rahane pujara kohli rahul nair pant pandya ishanth bumrah shami
  11. idiotic to drop curran .rashid should have sat out
  12. sriniwu

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    my squad: Rohit Pant KL Rahul Kohli Karthik Hardik Pandya Krunal Pandya Bumrah Bhuvaneswar Kumar Kuldeep Deepak Chahar Chahal Dhawan MSD Shaw Umesh
  13. india and pak have too many of these former players turned experts who were perennial underacheviers but have an opinion on everything under the sun..

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