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  1. sriniwu

    Marcus stonis is also out of the World cup

    and injury prone himself
  2. india today, quint et al are credible when it comes to news about their nation of choice
  3. sriniwu

    The Bouncer strikes back

    brathwaite has done nothing of note bar those 4 6's
  4. sriniwu

    This umpire Gaffney needs to be fired

    well true to his name, he is hell bent on gaffes
  5. russel seemed humble in his earlier interviews...of late, he's taken on a chris gayle avatar when it comes to interviews and such also, maybe KKR were right in not promoting him up the order..might have sensed these brainfades early
  6. sriniwu

    England gloating thread

    whatever...as long as we beat pak+ enter the finals
  7. sriniwu

    England gloating thread

    the only teams with a good bowling unit are india and aus ...england have a single minded approach to batting ,and, the day it goes wrong, dont have the bowling to fall back on
  8. sriniwu

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2019

    5 way tie...turner, pathan, stokes, siraj, unadkut
  9. irrespective of who wins, i wish that the pandya bros have a bad match.. their shenaningans and "oh..i am so cool" attitude is plain irritating and needs to be taken down a notch or 3
  10. imo, DK must have some kind of crush on prasidh or prasidh might be his wife's relative...no other valid reason to keep him in the 11
  11. sriniwu

    Petition to include Pant in the WC squad

    anyway, don't be surprised if DK gets "injured" soon
  12. sriniwu

    Who was the most entertaining batsmen of all?

    afridi...as, he was an unselfish batsman...put crowd entertainment ahead of the team cause usually
  13. sriniwu

    Self centred egoistic captains

    ashwin fits the thread title to a T
  14. sriniwu

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    ++ a few yrs ago, umar akmal had this " dab" celebration, with that hideous green lip balm on

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