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  1. india and pak have too many of these former players turned experts who were perennial underacheviers but have an opinion on everything under the sun..
  2. forget uthappa...balachandra akhil had worshippers in the early days of rcb
  3. sam curran, woakes displaying near exemplary defensive techniques...our btsmn need to learn
  4. well done woakes..makes it tough for stokes now
  5. unlikely to be bowled out ..declaration a possibility
  6. eng should declare and bowl atlst 7-8 ovrs today...atlst 2 wkts assured
  7. root playing kuldeep too much off the backfoot..lbw on d way...also, seemz to hve opnd his stance slightly
  8. so far our batsmen have the edge literally...and us fans have been on the edge too
  9. sriniwu

    Dre Russel carnage at CPL

    brutal...but as usual bravo failed with the ball..has been out of form for 2-3 yrs now
  10. kohli was resp for pujaras dismissal...sold him a dummy
  11. with both teams having brittle batting lineups if there are 4 sessions spread across 5 days , we will have a result
  12. vijay did an interview where in typical bravado, he said something like " i dont take advise from anyone"... hussey and others must be grateful now

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