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  1. They should start looking at Rahul chahar so that he can learn and grow as a cricketer. I feel he will be the vital cog for us in WC23 if groomed properly.
  2. He is doing what he is best at, cheerleading. He should not been given any drink for 45 min, maybe he will talk sense. He should be put in a cage with Tasmanian devil with a meat wrapped around his joystick. Effing moron
  3. Adorable Fan

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    Don't expect too much from this team unless there is change of gaurd firstly and dead woods are kicked out. I only expect we play exciting brand of cricket which is exciting to watch so it's worth spending our time in it. If the same non sense of process and taking the game deep gonna continue, I will happily not spend my time watching this washed up approach and team. This is least format where chances should be given to exciting talents from U19s. See a example of Shaheen Afridi of U19 batch of Nagarkoti and Mavi. Our lads outbowled the Pakistani kid by Miles but nowhere in picture leave alone in LOI team of us now. By the time they get chance they would be moulded to accept mediocre performances.
  4. Too much power vested with the biggest star in the team has been a problem in Indian cricket ever since. These days the media and PR teams join and create a monster and brand which in turn leads to power mongering by the individual. In such cases, the individual priorities changes to hold on to the brand and the team interest is being put in the back burner. Examples like Sachin dragging on his playing career to chase the 100th hundred where he should have retired on high after WC2011. Dhoni should have left after Wc2015, but still dragging on and tarnished his legacy. We have already created a monster in Kohli now which is going to haunt us in the coming years. There is enough proof from 11 years of IPL, Kohli has been terrible a LOI captain despite having fantastic players in RCB, they were chokers in KO and wooden Spooners. Way forward for Indian Cricket should be diversify the power centers like choosing different captains for different format teams. Pick a strong Selection Committee with individuals of integrity and accountability. Select qualified coaches rather than cheer leaders. We all know its too much to expect professionalism from any institution in our country. But alas we as fans who love this wonderful game can only dream of such things happening. The circle of high and lows is going to continue where as we all know what can be be true potential of our massive country. I know many fans are emotionally invested with this game and team, but its hard too see such mediocre performances are being tolerated.
  5. Adorable Fan

    Jadeja will play the 2023 WC Chahal may not!

    RAHUL chahar, Gopal should be bought into team ASAP. These Chahals, Kuldeep are showing signs of being mental midgets when things don't go their way. They can be world beaters in bilaterals but when it comes to crunch situations they have been lambs. We need cricketers raising to the occasion not timid ones. As for Jaddu is concerned, let's see if he can continue his new found confidence in the next year or he will go into shell again.
  6. Guys let's get behind the team. Think we are going to win. Go India
  7. Guys let's get behind the team. Think we are going to win. Go India
  8. Was thinking India could not get a bad start compared to NZ 7 for 1 in 5 overs. Still India managed to bottle today too. 6 for 3
  9. Honestly. Where the * is the experienced Dhoni?? He is eternal leech and free loader in this team. Hides in the dressing room when it's difficult in the middle. . Sending a kid like pant to be slaughtered
  10. No issue for us even if it is washout tomorrow, we are through to finals as we top the table
  11. If there is no more play possible today then NZ will resume and complete their balance 3.5 overs and India to play with 50 overs subject no rains tomorrow. It will be better for us no more play possible today.
  12. For our sake, hope no more play is possible today. No need a 20 over match with more 7.5 Rpo. Our batters take time to settle down before attacking. 4 overs each from Boult, Henry could tricky. And we cant under estimate the power of Thala consolidation even in 20 overs.
  13. Adorable Fan

    Manju strikes back vs Jadeja

    SM is another clown. His comments should not be taken seriously. Most of his predictions have fallen flat on his face. Jaddu has thrown a egg on his face with his performance today.
  14. Adorable Fan

    Can Dhoni turn it around in the knock-outs?

    Only turn around people will be doing when Dhoni comes to bat is turn to other channels. It is the only time I happily give the TV remote to my wife when India is batting.
  15. Adorable Fan

    Feel for Shami

    Seriously feel bad for Shami. He has the near best strike rate for wickets this WC. The defensive mentality of TM is cringeworthy.

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