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  1. Love the aggressive fast bowler attitude of Khaleel. But looks too fragile. Need to put on some pounds. Shastri should take Khaleel as his eating partner for some time.
  2. Well played by HK openers. Let's appreciate the gumption showed by the Semi pros whatever happens. And congrats Khaleel for his first wicket
  3. Lol.. STAR must be pissing the pants now. If India gets knocked out, they will be losing out making money out of this..
  4. This will go down as the worst defeat for the Indian team if it happens. But at least we would get beaten by Pakistan only once this tournament.
  5. Really can't see why the useless thakur is in every squad. Selectors are blind? That over should be last over for Shardul for India in internationals. Kick him out for eternity.
  6. As expected Fatso fails to deliver when even couple of wickets from him would have helped us
  7. At best 150 will be most this mentally shot batting unit can chase in 4th Innings. Effectively we have to bowl out Poms this session or they would score anyway near 80-90 runs in a session. This is going to be the session we need to turn up else going to be one more lost opportunity and hope for next series after 4-5 years.
  8. This fatso always fails when there is expectation on him and its laughable he is a international athlete. M. Ali looked threatening yesterday and will outbowl him in 4th innings easily Time to get rid off the dead weights holding on to team based on reputation. But with current team management nothing will happen.
  9. Adorable Fan

    Grievances thread

    I have been a very long time passive surfer of ICF. Clearly the quality has gone down very drastically. I come here to see some fun and constructive criticism of our national team. But some of posts by few posters are absolutely pathetic. I can see it has made many other good posters like vilander and others retaliate in return with equally measure. I think the mods should ban/delete all the ethnicity/food/region based posts irrespective of the person. If these pathetic posts continue, maybe in short time, ICF will be no go place for many regular posters and people like me. Its my two cents!!

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