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  1. I would take Nehra over the other three. Yuvraj has shown the guy's extremely inconsistent - one decent knock is followed by bunch of failures. In a short tourney like CT where every game counts you can't afford to have players like Yuvraj. And Yuvraj hasn't shown he can do much on difficult pitches or against better bowlers. The guy's done and should've called it quits after the 2011 WC. This IPL has he has shown the same inconsistency with one decent knock while failing most of the time.
  2. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Kohli seemed a bit rattled from the beginning - right after Narine took 18 runs off the first over. Kohli looked listless and on the edge throughout and hope he shows more control and composure while leading India in shorter formats.
  3. Possible but he should've backed off and not played the delivery.
  4. Taking one for the team... such selfless sacrifice
  5. Mumbai missed Krunal Pandya yesterday
  6. And Rohit is Shikhandi - stands there doing nothing and let others attack from behind him
  7. That phucking piece of shyte! How can he ever hold a BCCI post after that incident and how could he represent BCCI at the ICC??? A$$holes like these should be barred from holding any important office. The guy cost us the Aus series and Aussies would've been without a win in India since 60s. this guy cost us that record for petty politics and is doing it again
  8. Isn't Shashank Manohar the same guy who rolled out a green top at Nagpur against Aussies in 2004 coz Maharshtra association was having a feud with Dalmiya? IIRC Manohar was the one heading Maharashtra association and they were p*ssed coz Dalmiya beat out Sharad Pawar as the BCCI head and Manohar made sure Nagpur had a green wkt coz Ganguly (who was close to Dalmiya) was heading the indian team at the time. If he's the same guy I'm not surprised the way he's behaving and undermining India and BCCI. If the guy could cost India a series (the only one we have lost to Aussies since 60s!) for petty revenge, the guy can do anything.
  9. My all time IPL XI with 7 Indian and 4 overseas players... Gambhir (VC) Gayle Raina Kohli ABDV Dhoni (C, Wk) Dwayne Bravo Narine Ashwin Bumrah Malinga Others in the 16 man squad :- Warner (backup opener) Rohit (backup middle order batsman) Andre Russell (backup all-rounder and lower order batsman) Mishra (backup spinner) Bhuvi (backup pacer) The starting team has 3 outstanding pacers for T20 in Bumrah, Malinga and Bravo who can fox you with yorkers, slower bowls and are effective at the death or in PP. Ashwin and Narine are spinners who can bowl in PP as well as clamp scoring during the middle overs. Batting wise the team bats till no. 9 in Ashwin and Bravo and Narine coming in at 7 & 8 can tonk the ball around. Gambhir is one of the most consistent openers coupled with the most destructive opener in Gayle. Raina is the most successful no. 3 bat in IPL history and at 4 and 5 we have consistent and destructive pair of Kohli & ABDV. Dhoni at his peak is a no-brainer as the wkt keeper batsman & the captain and Gambhir will be his deputy. Other 5 players in the 16 man squad provide adequate replacements for opener, middle and lower order batsmen, spinner and a pacer. I didn't include a backup wkt keeper in my 16 man squad as ABDV should be able to keep wkts in case of emergency as Dhoni has shown himself to be quite durable. I was torn on the Andre Russell pick as I had pollard as an option for the spot of lower order batsman but Russell nudged ahead due to the additional bowling option he provides while he can clear the boundary as well as Pollard. In case Andre Russell can't be considered due to his drug ban, Pollard would take his spot. Now beat this team
  10. Movement behind the sightscreen and people moving about when he faced that delivery and got out Kohli was p*ssed off the whole match for some odd reason. Right from the get go when Narine hammered 18 runs Kohli was antsy. Narine's over got to him and he never recovered. The theme continued while batting and also when he was sitting in the dugout. I hope it's just a one off as you can't have a particular incident or a period where your opponent is dominating get to you. You gotta keep your cool and composure as the team will take its cue from you. We don't want Team India to act the way Pakistan did under Afridi's captaincy
  11. I was expecting Harbhajan given the whole "Teri maa ki" affair and Mumbai Indians ties
  12. Good on BCCI for rejecting the low ball offer! India generates the majority of global cricketing revenue and deserves its fair share and not a pittance which ECB and CA have come up with. Manohar is just a front man and it's ECB and CA pulling the strings behind the scenes. This episode has proved one thing for sure... there's nobody you can trust to care about your best interests. ECB, CA and others may act that way but given an opportunity they will try their best to back-stab you. To me CT is not more important than pushing back at India/BCCI being made an "also ran" at ICC. Can't wait for someone like Srini to be at the helm of ICC or BCCI so he can kick everyone in their proper spot.
  13. Couldn't agree more. Performing in a few games in one IPL season shouldn't be the sole selection criteria. If such performances had come at the back of a stellar domestic season, I wouldn't have a problem but this is not the case. Also, I wouldn't mind someone like Rana getting a go if CT was a T20 tourney but that's not the case. Rana has yet to prove he can cut in 50 overs format and there are enough guys ahead of him in the pecking order.
  14. Give Kohli the players he has confidence in else how can he get the best out of the team if some players don't have his full confidence If Kohli is going to be held accountable for the results, which he will be, he deserves to get the players he wants. I just pray Rahane, Yuvraj and Rayudu are not in Kohli's list
  15. Ironical coming from a Pak fan but Pakistani wouldn't know irony even if it slapped them in the face