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  1. Welcome back
  2. Dravid! If that happens we will see lots of WC 2007 sort of debacles from team India
  3. Should ideally bat at 4 and worst case scenario at 5.
  4. Indian players and team don't get any rest as it is and adding a tri-series, that too with an associate, is pointless. Maybe India A or India u-19 teams can play these tri-series but definitely not Team India.
  5. That would be pretty good IMO.
  6. Done deal. As soon as I get my million dollar contract I will hire you. And anyone who helps me land the role will not be forgotten if they know what I mean
  7. Captain's post is ceremonial in NFL but there are 2 players on the team (one on defense and the QB) along with coach or offensive & defensive QBs which are critical to the success of the play, and most often than not those 2 players are the captains on the field. Let me break down one NFL play for you (the game is actually a series of individual plays and not free flowing like Soccer)... Let's say Team A has the ball and are facing a 2nd & 6 situation (i.e. 6 yards needed to get to the 1st down to keep the drive alive). In that case the coach or offensive co-ordinator decides the play (whether it's run or pass, and then the specific run or pass play), decides the formation and alignement (i.e. 2 TE set or 3 WR set etc.), decides if any personnel package needs to be used (i.e. player substitutions where you can use say a heavy package with your FB). Finally this call is sent to the QB over a radio. Only 2 players on the team can have the helmet which can listen to the coach - one on offense (QB) and one on the defense (generally a MLB or a SS). These two players have to make sure the offense and defense gets the plays and are in the right position. Once QB gets the play, he lets other players know the play. Depending on how experienced the QB is, he can make audibles, i.e. he reads the defense pre-snap and determines that the play call is not optimal and decides to change the play and go with an alternate play and he has to do it in a short duration else his team will be penalised. Now on the defense, the coach or defensive co-ordinator looks at the offensive formation for the play and decides his defensive formation and player personnel. E.g., if it's a 2 TE or a heavy package, he would go with the 4-3 or 3-4 base formation and maybe have an added LB instead of a corner. If the offense is going with 3 or 4 WR set, the defenive co-ordinator would most likely go with Nickel or Dime formation. Then the coach waits to see how the offense lines up, i.e. is it a Tight formation, or it's an I formation or Shotgun etc. and based on that he radios in the actual defensive call to the defensive captain. This defensive captain then relays the call to all the other players and ensures they understand their assignments and coverages. And just like the QB if the defensive captain thinks the play needs to be tweaked he does so and ensures all the 11 players on defense understand the play. This is a very simplistic way to explain what happens on each play in football and normally there are anywhere from 120-160 plays in a game and this complex planning, thinking on the fly and adjusting to the opponent has to happen everytime. All the things and much more happens within a few seconds. I'm a big NFL fan and that's why i know that in terms of strategy, tactics or gameplanning cricket is nowhere close to NFL. Cricket is more about individual skills than strategy.
  8. No offence but I haven't seen a more strategic game than NFL and that's the reason you can't win the trophy without a good coach (say Belichick) and/or a good QB (say Brady). Cricket is more of a skill based sport where the outcome is more driven by player's talent, i.e. someone like Kohli can take the game away. Whereas in football the coach can take out a player with his gameplan.
  9. By the way folks if you know of anyone in BCCI, can you recommend and refer me for the position of the coach as well. Surely I can't be worse than Sehwag and Dravid, and I promise Pant will bat at the top of the order
  10. Close one but I give the edge to Lord/Slickr. The middle/lower order of Ganguly, Watson and Duminy isn't all that given both Ganguly and Watson were at their best at the top of the order. In fact i don't even recall Ganguly doing much at 5 in odis. Plus Lord/Slickr has a more balanced attack which should suit MCG. Presence of Kohli at 3 in Sourab10Forever's team is the only thing which makes this face off close.
  11. Will go with Beautiful Game's team as they have more batting striking power both at the top of the order (Warner, Sehwag) and lower down the order (ABDV, Yuvraj, Klusener). Plus Marshall, Starc & Bond at WACA would be a handful. Unstable show has Guptill and Rohit at the top of the order but they aren't as proven as their counterparts and his team doesn't have the same explosiveness in the lower middle order. Steve Waugh and Imran would be quite useful in Tests but in odis they can't compete with likes of ABDV, Yuvi & Klusener.
  12. Jazbaat kaboo me rakho kira bhai. Abhi to tournament shuru bhi nahin hua hai
  13. I thought the same too. Thought there was some sort of fan fight the way we see in soccer
  14. Never again use therm "attack" with that pic
  15. The reason people blame Kohli is coz he gave a spinner (Ashwin) the last over against a hack like Afridi. Generally the rule of thumb is never to let a spinner bowl the last over and it's especially true against a hack like Afridi.