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  1. Losing 9 wkts in a session and last 9 wkts for 90 odd with last 4 wkts for one run!!! That too against an average NZ team I guess we all know how the padosis got that no. 1 ranking for a period of 3 weeks by playing in UAE and the moment they have to play away this happens
  2. Shikhar Dhawan!!!

    Dhawan may be lost in the post match analysis after the easy win over Pakistan but IMO I wanted to give kudos to one of the best "big tourney" player we ever had. He gets slated by fans for his inconsistency and if most fans would have it, he wouldn't be there in the in the team and most probably somebody like Rahane would be opening instead of him. But no matter what the guy shows up when it really matters. He won the CT in 2013 and was the best Indian batsman in 2015 WC and showed up against bigger teams. And today he looked the best and most fluent batsman before he got out - should've hit that full toss for a 6 though. He accelerated at the right time when Rohit was struggling a bit and if he had continued, India probably would've put up 350 or thereabouts on the board. What a player and I hope he continues to play the same way the rest of the tourney
  3. He's one of the few players I had high hoped for and thought he would break into the squad soon. He has that "It" factor and you have to see him to know he's destined for bigger stag. Any idea what's happened to him as haven't heard anything at all about him. He's not part of the India A squad and neither have I seen or heard about him in any of the major domestic tourneys. One thing which worries me is that he's in the same IPL team as Kohli and the two are very similar to each other in terms of temperament and there's more than a chance they will p**s each other off the same way Kohli & Gambhir would do if they are in the same side. Ideally Sarfraz should be groomed as a no. 5 or 6 batsman in shorter formats.
  4. Changes before the Final

    Ashwin is useless and especially against subcontinent teams on a patta. Shami or even Umesh has to replace him so we have a wkt taking option in the middle overs.
  5. Shami is that you
  6. There's no such law in Pakistan else half the country will be suing the other half in courts
  7. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    And that's how it should be. You don't change tactics and team combination just before the final. Plus we are playing Pakistan who aren't good at chasing big totals so it makes no sense at all to suddenly change tactics. It's not as if we are playing England or Aus in the final that we need to put up 330+.
  8. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    Yup 70/0 after 15 overs means we should be able to score 300 and i would take it against Pak in a final
  9. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    Yes but the key still is not to lose early wkts to Amir and company coz if India doesn't and get a decent start I don't expect India to collapse the way Eng or SA did. The biggest concern for us would b losing early wkts as that would expose our middle order. If we have a solid partnership likes of Imad Wasim and Hafeez are unlikely to trouble use the same way they did Eng & SA. I repeat, if we get a solid start we will put up a good total coz the part timers which Pak have in the middle innings (Imad & Hafeez) won't be half as effective against India.
  10. This is brilliant!!!

    They are pretty warm and friendly folks
  11. Hafeez and Junaid may revert to chucking

    No point banging your head on the wall... it's akin to "bhains ke aage been bajana" If they don't understand the difference between chucking, i.e. elbows bent, and a side arm slingy action a la Bumrah & Malinga where the elbow remains straight but the arm is side on instead of straight, you know you are talking to idiots.
  12. This nous and cricketing street smarts is the reason I wanted Dhoni in the team along with Pant. Hopefully Kohli learns and improves by 2019 WC It's a knack to bring the right bowler at the right time and Dhoni has mastered it. One of the best captains in shorter formats in world cricket and a true legend
  13. Dravid justification on our low runrate in 1st 10 overs

    I guess it depends on the team you are playing. I would recommend such an approach for the final against Pakistan coz their biggest threat is taking wkts up front. Plus you don't need a huge total against Pakistan and 300-320 should be enough which the current approach can get you. But moving forward, and against teams like Australia and England you need to maximize PP overs. That's why somebody like Pant needs to be tried at the top so that Dhawan can take his time, which he doesn't need a lot of TBH, to get set and play a big knock while Pant kick starts the inning with a quickfire 30-40 the way Sehwag used to do so scores like 330-360 are reachable.
  14. Yuvraj Singh The KING 300th ODI today | Discussion thread

    He was one of the most destructive players in his prime and watching him take on bowlers when he was on song was an experience in itself. Hope he has one more big knock in him for the final
  15. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    Shami played the whole Wc 2015 with a bum knee which needed surgery later on and put him out of cricket for more than 6 months. If he was effective then, he's more than fit now. he was clocking high 140s in IPL and was among the wkts in warm ups. No reason for him not to be played as he can handle pressure better than Umesh. Plus he can throw his bat around to score some quick runs.
  16. This is brilliant!!!

    Afghans are defacto Indian citizens Their home ground is Noida's cricket stadium and I wish they become a force in cricketing world soon
  17. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    He has to. On such pattas pace of Shami will be much more useful than Ashwin who Pak hacks will look to murder. We already have Jaddu and some part-time spin of Jadhav which should suffice. Pakistan struggle more against pace than spin and Kohli should keep this in mind else we won't have too many wkt taking options in the middle overs.
  18. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    How do we know Shami's not fit? Who has said so? Last we saw of Shami he was bowling pretty well in warmup matches. And as for Pandya being replaced by Umesh, why? Why would you weaken your batting against the best bowling attack you have come across? Ashwin replaced by Shami/Umesh makes sense but why on earth drop Pandya when he has performed well against Pakistan everytime he has played against them?
  19. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

  20. Virat Kohli now has Highest average in ODIs

    He doesn't fit as an opener either. He can't go big, can't put up a big score and is more of a liability. Guys like Pant and Rahul are way better.
  21. Virat Kohli now has Highest average in ODIs

    Then why are we carrying him around everywhere if he doesn't fit scheme of things? He's somehow selected for WI tour when Pant should be tried as the opener and Rahul as middle order batsman if he's fit. Carrying Rahane serves no purpose.
  22. Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    Yup let's wait and watch
  23. Virat Kohli now has Highest average in ODIs

    Should've been 2-3 in T20 WCs... first one was lost by Yuvi and second one by Rahane I wonder why he hasn't booted out Rahane knowing fully well Rahane's limitations in shorter formats
  24. Rohit showed he can win games chasing

    Yup not against B'desh On a serious note he needs to show up against Pakistan in the final to show he can get it done against better teams and better bowling attack.
  25. Virat Kohli now has Highest average in ODIs

    Same way Rayudu's is 50+

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