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  1. Tenduism

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    Amir is not a big threat. We managed Rabada, Starc, and Cummins. Amir is a nothing bowler compared to them. He got cheap wickets towards the end. He needs a huge scorecard pressure or batsmen in slog mod to take wickets (Hence the reason he was going wicket less for so many matches). Play out his first 4 overs with strike rotation and match is wide open. Again st Australia Shaheen was a real hero who took top 2 sockets but this duffer will drop him and bring Shadab back . They will most likely bring Haris Sohail back in. Place of Daamadji. Again an in n out guy coming straight in this high octane game and will try to be a hero ( being hero means either boom n bust or tuk timing to glorified 50).
  2. Tenduism

    Suffering from self esteem issues

    It does. What you said is a goal. What I said is a blue print.
  3. Tenduism

    Suffering from self esteem issues

    Doubleyourdating by David de angelo. In fact all of his program. Do yourself a massive favor. 1. Read double your dating book. 2. Go to thepiratebay n download whatever program you can find. Specially advance series, Mastery with women and dating, Sexual communication. You don't need money or look ( ok. Somewhat) but it's all ang being alpha male.

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