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  1. Hahane always takes the DRS.. always! even when he knows he is out, he just opts for it. selfish looser.
  2. India's Playing XI M Vijay S Dhawan KL Rahul V Kohli (c) AM Rahane KD Karthik † HH Pandya R Ashwin Mohammed Shami UT Yadav I Sharma
  3. CommonMan

    How did Chahal get this far ?

    Eeh saala cup namdhe
  4. why is this in a "Cricket Talk" section ?
  5. CommonMan

    ICC Future Tour Programme 2018-2023 released

    World Test Championship Final on June 2021
  6. CommonMan

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    such a racist thread
  7. CommonMan

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    Lol, looks like someone didnt get a sleep yesterday
  8. manju.. just die already
  9. sanju just like bambi midgets

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