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  1. CommonMan

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    such a racist thread
  2. CommonMan

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    Lol, looks like someone didnt get a sleep yesterday
  3. manju.. just die already
  4. sanju just like bambi midgets
  5. Carlos Brathwaite , remembah the name
  6. This is the same ground that SRH defended 102 against bambis. Got them all out for 87.
  7. CommonMan

    IPL 2018 script watch 2.0-New leak received

    bambiturds and their verbal diarrhea
  8. CommonMan

    Bye bye bambis !!!

    because the team which very obviously cheat/bet/fix is out of the tournament.. may be because jio money is invalidated like 1000 and 500 rs.

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