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  1. Bumrah was furiously quick today! High 140s and the occasional 150k-barrier-breaking.
  2. vijaydude

    Bilal Asif Bowling Action

    He has an unusually wristy action for an off-spinner, but that's about it, from whatever I've observed. He's wearing not full sleeves, and there's minimal bend to his bowling, and no palpable straightening is seen. I dig the action!
  3. vijaydude

    Bumrah is overrated

    The presence the guy already has is heartwarming. Oh, and that pace!
  4. Following that tradition for real, is my homeboy, Pat Cummo!
  5. vijaydude

    Adopted legends of Pakistan fans

    Kohli has a World Cup in ODIS, and has been the man of the tournament of TWO ICC WT20s. Add to that his match-winning knock in the 2013 CT Finals, you get a player who's significantly far away from the tag of a choker - especially so in comparison with ABD.
  6. vijaydude

    Virat Kohli In last two years of ODI stats

    Bradman played only 80 innings though.
  7. vijaydude

    King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Unfair to compare a Sachin -- in arguably the worst phase of his career, post tennis-elbow ravaging, with something that a prime(?) Viv did. Tendulkar did cop a blow even before he reached his prime (heck, in his debut series it was) to the nose and battled on. Battled on despite his tender age.

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