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  1. eternalhope

    KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    I have been following cricket from the 70s, those days it was radio commentary and Vishy was my favorite, but just read and heard about him, never had a chance to watch him play until he retired and played in some exhibitions later. Started watching cricket on TV from the 80s and to my mind Azhar, Yuvi and Rohit were the most talented and gifted stroke makers I have seen though there were other greats whose records speak for themselves about their greatness. These three though gifted were loose on their technique, stroke selection, temperament and character to succeed consistently at the top level, though we can say they were fairly successful going by their records, but not to my expectations. KL is one up compared to them as he is the best of the lot, as he has a sound technique combined with style and talent. If at all there is something he needs to work on, it is his temperament in the long format. IMO No one including Rohit or Kohli is close to him as far as raw talent goes. I hope they will let him blossom into a great I think he will be.
  2. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    I saw isners match against vesely late in the evening in the grandstand. He was struggling, had to go out in between to be seen by the Physio and somehow scraped thru. After that match he started playing better but the day matches helped him quite a bit with the sun beating down which makes his serve even more potent. To his credit he also started playing fearless tennis taking more chances from his forehand side and pulling them off. Zverev should have pulled him wide more on the forehand corner and then make Isner hit his backhand on the run where he is vulnerable. I thought he missed a trick there and his FH meltdown started which is the wing which breaks down first when he feels the pressure.
  3. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Though the new stadium is much more closer to us, nothing can beat key biscane. It’s so scenic with water all round.
  4. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    He has a very good game - groundies, volleys and movement are pretty good. He is also very brainy and knows how to move the ball to keep his opponent guessing, but it is a pity with all these pluses, he is always playing catch-up because of his serve.
  5. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Saw the match live from very close. Kokkinakis upped his level after he settled down his initial nerves. He started playing fearless tennis. The stadium was rooting for Fed, but started appreciating the Aussie as the match progressed. Good to see new players coming up. Two other matches we saw also ended in tie-breaks, Zverev and Tiafoe scraped thru. Bhambri's match was a disappointment, he made too many errors. His serve was very poor, 107mph was his highest speed with most of them sub 100. Sock played equally bad, but the firepower took him thru.
  6. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    I will be there Friday and Saturday. bhambri will be playing Saturday.
  7. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Bhambri just won his first round. Played really good. Watched the match live.
  8. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Hope what you say happens. Praying for a Bhambri first round win.
  9. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    I am not talking whether Bhambri will beat Sock or not. Actually I have a feeling with the terrible form Sock is in and how well Yuki is playing he has a very good chance. I was talking about where the match is going to staged, I am hoping for a non-stadium match as then we will be able to see the match from close. If in the stadium, with our tickets, we will be watching from a good 70 meters away. But with Sock being the marquee Home player, usually they give him the show courts.
  10. Can't believe it guys. You are in your own world. Regarding TDP in telangana, it is not going to happen anytime soon. They have already been brainwashed to believe that TDP is an Andhra dominated party. Not going to happen atleast in another 20 years. Regarding Polavaram, already the center has started creating hurdles and they screwed us for 2 months during the best phase for construction when there were no rains, asking for a design change and discussions on it just to delay the completion of the project lest CBN gets the credit. Countless Funds lol. There are many other things I would like to point to but I see no point. Lets agree to disagree on each others views and move on.
  11. eternalhope

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Watched the Bhambri match against Querrey on TV, he has to improve his serve to get some free points, otherwise every point for him is a battle. But I like his groundstrokes and movement. He always had a great backhand, but in the last two years his Forehand has become very strong. We will be at the Miami open this weekend. Hope to see him there, most likely in the second round against Sock. I wish it was someone else, as this match most likely will be in the Stadium. If scheduled in any other courts or even in the Grandstand, we can have a closer look.
  12. Calling one a congressi is not labeling, I guess. The unfortunate thing is for people like us who were raised anti-congress from the time we knew anything about politics, when no party was there to even challenge the congress in the 80s, the attitude of people here is driving us more towards the congress. A month ago, I would be defending anything the BJP did, even a stupid move like the demonetization, but now I have become one of the guy who will be going all out against it. Does not matter we lose or win as India ends up a loser anyway as both the choices we have the BJP and Congress is like choosing between the devil or the deep sea. The third front is a ragtag, which is even worse. Before trying to see through the Modi Prism, see the reason why most of the people who supported them are moving away. The congress was arrogant when it ruled, with Sonia dictating everything, now it is Modi, nothing changed. When CBN announced he is moving away from NDA, other parties saw a rallying point or a leader who could make the third front work as has done it and seen it all before. That should give most of the neutral observers a perspective about the state of affairs. But as CBN has seen it all how it works, he does not want to get himself involved in the national politics. Also for people like us he needs to stay at the state level as it needs him more. Now the lies the social media is spreading without a basis and awareness of the ground situation, we know who is doing it and who are masters at it. But anyway all this debate here is just a waste of time. I don't post much and cannot believe I wrote something this long and wasted my time here. I am out, good luck. Jai Andhra.
  13. eternalhope

    TDP quits NDA

    I don't think CBN even wants to go to the National politics. He has been forced to take the step. As you said Andhra needs him otherwise the state will go to the dogs. Misinformation about the ground status is being systematically carried out by we all know who.
  14. eternalhope

    Who deserves the benefit of doubt of all the rookies

    Sundar - Great temperament. Already set. The only other one is Shankar. I saw him bat before and I believe it was an off day, but how he lets it go and develops will be a test of his character.

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