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  1. Unfortunate but getting hopeless - this from a guy who hopes to get 20 runs with a ball left .
  2. eternalhope

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    Is Mavi injured? He has been missing from the Ranji action for quite a while after a great start.
  3. Don't be dejected as 8Lakh quota, every person qualifies. It is not going to benefit any real Forward Caste as almost 90% of them will be under the 8lakh limit. The rich will anyway not need it. It is unfortunately the new salaried classes which get affected and most of us anyway would go the private route. My biggest worry is that as these idiots have nothing to show they will ultimately introduce reservations in Private sector as well. As much as I disagree with most of Kancha Iliah's views, I like his idea of introducing English Medium schools both in Private and Public sector which he claims will eliminate reservations in 25 years. Drastic it may sound, but atleast an idea which has an outside chance to work. https://www.rediff.com/news/interview/you-wont-need-reservation-after-25-years-if/20190108.htm
  4. They should make it 99% or make even the 1% compassion quota.
  5. Set aside your egos and get your visas ready guys. There is no hope for the country with these politicians, everyone raises hopes to disappoint. The middle class is doomed there.
  6. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    The bars have been set very low I guess, Congress is the gold standard.
  7. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    Please keep it coming. Very interesting.
  8. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    I have no clue why Rafaele came into this discussion. If u have questions for Pappu u can ask him directly, unfortunately I don’t have his contact info.
  9. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    The Supreme Court has asked the govt to reinstate the cbi director alok varma. Mitro - How dare they? The judges must be leftists or the Congi-lickers.
  10. eternalhope

    World's Largest Cricket Stadium to be built in Ahmedabad!

    Should get it ready by the time the Bullet train starts, should offer package tours of bullet train, statue and cricket matches - Filling up 100k is piece of cake - great minds are always ahead of times. Indians with inferiority complex don't get it.
  11. Oh I didn't know you are a mind reader.
  12. The team won inspite of Shastri and poor captaincy by Virat. The team is way ahead of the current Aussie team, we should not have even lost at Perth.
  13. What’s wrong in anyone giving their opinion. You can’t force anyone to say u like someone. Looks like more of an all India phenomenon in all fields not just sports.
  14. eternalhope

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    The only other option is to ask Rahane to open. I have a feeling that Vihari will come good in tests in the long run. He has the technique and temperament. I see many saying that he has been found out but I think otherwise, the way he sways out to the shortball dropping his wrists and the bat is the right way to play it. Many players just duck and I have seen even the so called legends duck but push the bat above their body for self preservation. He is far better than most of them at this stage, IMO he was undone by the uneven bounce more than anything. For the batsmen who sway away from bouncers the most difficult part is the short ball swinging into them or tall bowlers going wide of the crease and directing the short ball with an angle into the batsmen’s body. I see no reason why a guy with such sound basics will not be able to overcome it.
  15. eternalhope

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    Mayank Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Pandya Jadeja Kuldeep Shami Bumrah

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