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  1. eternalhope

    Duncan Fletcher, the unsung hero

    I think any team would love to have them if they have some consistency too even though they may have a shorter rein. But more than if it is good or bad, it is bound to happen as every small aspect will be a differentiator to get into the team in the future.
  2. eternalhope

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Yes you are right. I got the wrong info from my kids on the day Djoker got to his Golden Masters at Cincinnati as they were researching what Fed and Rafa did not win. They were saying that Roger never won Rogers . Should have verified, but thanks for letting me know.
  3. eternalhope

    Duncan Fletcher, the unsung hero

    It is more due to the fast bowling culture which has developed in the last 20 years. Days are not far where we will move to the next level and produce express bowlers regularly. With those sheer number of people, it is bound to happen once the culture is there. Off course everyone would like to claim credit, but if I have to point to one thing - it is the penetration of TV to all the remote corners of the country - of which the IPL also is the offshoot.
  4. eternalhope

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Rogers cup is played on a much slower surface which Fed never won in his life, while Cincinnati is the fastest in the US open series which does not suit Novak's game. So the comparisons about their performance there would not be valid for the US open. My favorite to win the US open would be Novak ahead of both Rafa and Fed. Outside the top three, I think the only other contender might be Cilic. Delpo will not last the rigor of a grand slam end of the second week. Zverev, I don't think has the mental toughness yet.
  5. eternalhope

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Wearing sandals and shoes also makes a slight difference in height.
  6. eternalhope

    Mr Sobers, would you like to bat? : Wadekar

    One of the question and his response So, why were we not winning? We were getting young players into the squad, like (Gundappa) Vishwanath, (Eknath) Solkar and others, but at the same time we were trying to play too attractive cricket. I could see that because the Bombay team, those days, was very professional. We used to play for the team; winning the match was our goal. Whereas the Indian team was more inclined to play attractive strokes and entertain the crowd. It is not that they didn't want to win. But the result of the strokes was that we used to please the crowd, but the match used to be over in three days. So that was the main thing. All Test matches have a five-day duration. So you have to at least try and play as many sessions as possible and only then do you have a chance of winning.
  7. An interview the current Indian team should go thru to may be turn it around. Words of a genius and a great leader. http://www.rediff.com/news/interview/mr-sobers-would-you-like-to-bat/20180817.htm
  8. He should retire and focus on it as anyway chances of him coming back to the national side are very slim. Very passionate cricketer, exciting times ahead for Delhi cricket.
  9. eternalhope

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    It is good to see the girls coming up with great points. First let me clarify that I am not saying democracy is the cause of female infanticide, dowry and other social evils. I am saying these are issues which exist and have to be eradicated and let us have a discussion on practical measures which would get us there than some idealist ones. Don't mix them up. I am personally against quotas which favor only a section or draconian laws which can be misused. But as I said before, for the overall good and to get the sections(which include women) which are still behind to an equivalent and competitive position, we will need them for some time. I am scared though in India this 'some time' can be forever. It is not about feminism or male chauvinism, it is more about humanism. There are reservations for jobs and even bus seats for Women in India. Is anyone opposing them saying why special treatment to them though they claim they are equal in all respects? If you think there is no middle class pre-independence, I don't agree. Though we haven't been born then we know from our parents and grandparents that a middle class existed. I have seen some males kept away from the family for drinking and gambling during our childhood days. Adultery was scorned and I don't think it is as much a taboo these days. Most of the vices were mostly by men before and the women are catching up there and everyone has some bloody excuse citing expectations and necessities. I blame it on lowering of moral standards, as the necessities have gone up due to crass commercialism. No one is happy with what they have they but want more and more, a person with a tv wants a big screen tv and then a even bigger screen one. There is also a kind of social pressure which raises expectations and many bow down to this and compromise on their morals. For me the rich set the standard, the middle class aspire to get there and be accepted and the lower class just blindly follows. From time immemorial immoral men used inducements and coercion to get women but few fell for it. Now the number has increased on both the sides. When I say the family system is breaking down, my comment is not about Joint family system. Accept it or not Adultery has been on the rise for both men and women and now someone commented on divorce or livein relationship, it is the kids who suffer due to this. As long as they don't have them, it becomes easier to separate. In an ideal state, I don't believe in alimony and child support, but for this to happen the women have to become financially independent and as a society we all have to support them to achieve this. I don't believe in females getting the children too in case of divorce. Anyway when all these things are taken for granted what standards are we setting up for the kids going forward. When you talk to people in the west, they are in awe and admiration of the Indian family system. I think it was Sobers, who said once, that Indians are the most friendly people you will get but the fiercest when you mess with their families. Regarding democracy ruining the moral standards - with all the freebies the people expect from the govt and all the govts competing in giving out doles to get re-elected, we are making people lazy and after sometime incapable of working looking for easy money, then all the shortcuts to keep going come into play. I have thrown up some points, which might need more explanation but I guess good enough to get started or continue on a healthy discussion. It is hard typing in these lengthy posts , I might not get back to your replies soon but will when time permits.
  10. eternalhope

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    No one gives a hoot to these external or internal polls. IMO 70% vote based on their previous party affiliations, daily needs, caste or religion, 10% on the money, liquor and other inducements and of the rest 20%, 10 percent don't even vote while most of the rest are more of less impervious and intelligent enough to understand the hidden motives behind this media tamasha. Maybe less than 1% would take these things seriously and even that number keeps going down every election as awareness grows.
  11. eternalhope

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    Ignore the barbs. Why do you guys see everything thru the BJP prism. We all know there are real issues. We know the laws in India are more skewed towards the females than males which have been misused in many places where there is awareness and these have to amended in the future, but at the same time a vast majority of people do not have awareness of these laws or access or means to get protection using them. There are so many things we can think of like dowry, illiteracy, female infanticide, sexual abuse and trafficking which happen. The lower sections of the society were anyway always deprived. Now with the western culture becoming fashionable there, you see the women also joining the men in this downward spiral. Unless there is some micro level campaigning at the lowest levels and the society does not realize and react to this impending danger, there is nothing any government can do about it. I think the rat race we are in has made it worse and we have lowered our moral standards. I sometimes joke with my friends that what more than 1000 years of foreign rule could not do, just 70 years of democracy has done to India - broken down the family values and family system which was sustained by the middle class morality.
  12. eternalhope

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    Hopefully this will get the discussion back on track. Who cares what the polls say or the UN Says, let us first acknowledge the real issues and try to discuss on what can be done to mitigate and eradicate those.
  13. Switch to Gujarat or Mumbai - it might help.
  14. eternalhope

    Fairly balanced view on current political state by CBN

    One other request is please read the content of the article than just the title of it and start wasting space and time blurting.
  15. eternalhope

    Fairly balanced view on current political state by CBN

    It will be between TDP and YSRCP. Right now TDP is a clear favorite. TDP has walked out of the NDA and even YSRCP does not want to give even a small indication that it has anything to do with the BJP as that will suicidal to them or anyone even seemingly cosying with them. The mood is so anti-center so BJP is trying to prop others hoping it will eat away the votes of TDP to favor the YSRCP hoping that they can be controlled, but they don't get it that their tactics in the northern states do not work in the South.

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