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  1. eternalhope

    Will VK ever have a fanatical fanbase like SRT, MSD and Dada?

    Dada and Dhoni no where close to SRT or Kohli skill wise, but IMO it is the personality which catches the imagination of Indian public.
  2. eternalhope

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    Rajpoot IMO would have been a better choice. I believe not too tall bowlers are more often than not more expensive in the shorter formats and to me Mavi falls under the shorter category - Thomas is at a different level physically. I feel he has a better chance in the longer format unless he develops other skills. IMO we should groom Prasidh and Nathu for the shorter versions seeing how good Khaleel even with his reduced pace is doing now. Before the I know all guy come in to say - Nathu is not that tall, 6ft for an Indian bowler could be IMO categorized as tall. Plus, I have a soft corner for Nathu, such a beautiful action. We talk about some batsmen like Rohit, Rahul or Mark Waugh and say 'easy on the eye' but this guy is a bowling equivalent of that. Wish this guy is not injury prone and they take good care of him.
  3. eternalhope

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    No....... It would have been disastrous. I have high hopes on this kid, let him develop. He should be groomed for the longer version.
  4. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    OMG, delusion of this proportion . God save the country. Trump is president but Democrats rule bcos they now won the house. The definition of 'rule' has been redefined I guess.
  5. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    This might give u a better picture. https://m.rediff.com/amp/news/interview/under-bjp-cbi-has-become-controlled-bureau-of-investigation/20181029.htm what I am worried is that the future government will use this as an excuse - U did it then and how can U blame us now and the destruction of institutions will continue.
  6. eternalhope


    I agree till the ICC comes up with a rule for this, it will be umpires discretion. I like the idea though and hope the ICC gives its nod.
  7. eternalhope


    U might be right, but isn't an extra pause in the delivery stride like what Ashwin does sometimes or the funny action of the SAfrican Adams more distracting. To argue the kids case, it is a continuous motion or say disguising it till the last moment as some pacers do.
  8. Is this the new spin as he never won and with his captaincy skill probably will never win an IPL?
  9. eternalhope


    I am not sure why it was called a dead ball. Seems perfectly legal delivery to me.
  10. eternalhope

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    U r expecting a response for this. They haven't been updated yet on what to say as they have to come up with a cooked up version. For starters, a guy from Gujjuland is appointed in a specially created post of special director, by our white pearl. Now that guy is caught and booked for forging the real directors signature on some cooked up confession to go after some politicians as obviously the greatest one who can do no wrong wants to clean up the system. Here is the link for you with the details http://www.rediff.com/news/report/explained-cbi-war-between-rakesh-asthana-and-alok-verma/20181024.htm
  11. eternalhope


    You can still use that we did not beat you in a final excuse. Hope some day u guys make it to the finals.
  12. First Rohit should focus on his fitness before aspiring for captaincy, what example is he setting with that big paunch. Days of Ranatungas are long gone.
  13. What next - Dhoni says good luck to Shahzad before the start of his innings and he scores a century. It was all because of Dhoni's good wishes.
  14. eternalhope

    Duncan Fletcher, the unsung hero

    I think any team would love to have them if they have some consistency too even though they may have a shorter rein. But more than if it is good or bad, it is bound to happen as every small aspect will be a differentiator to get into the team in the future.
  15. eternalhope

    Tennis: US Open 2018

    Yes you are right. I got the wrong info from my kids on the day Djoker got to his Golden Masters at Cincinnati as they were researching what Fed and Rafa did not win. They were saying that Roger never won Rogers . Should have verified, but thanks for letting me know.

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