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  1. Pandya entertained well in the end before Jadeja brain freeze. Atleast we lost by a lesser margin
  2. Don't give up !

    Can we avoid the follow on?
  3. 7-2 across many years...compared to 7-1 in 70 minutes No contest!
  4. Worst defeat ever

    Bah! I still consider that Wc semi final loss against Lanka as the worst one...the one where spectators stopped the game and Kambli cried.
  5. Two good news and One bad

    Good news is really good
  6. Bhai log... we won hockey match...lets concentrate and be happy about that
  7. Our Indian hockey team has just beaten Pakistan 7-1. I am happy
  8. Will our death bowling Turn the match.

    Pakistan have too many wickets in hand for my liking. Will be difficult to stop them. But we should keep nailing those yorkers.
  9. Ashwin doesnt really deserve his place in the ODI XI

    He gave Kohli the opportunity to drop him by picking up an Injury, but was still selected. How many wides today?
  10. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    Got out on a no ball. Bumrah jeevan daan yojna. Gets another chance to hack some runs.
  11. I support Gambhir in this
  12. Pakistan 220 India 221-5
  13. R Ashwin hurts his knee before final

    Ashwin will play.....
  14. R Ashwin hurts his knee before final

    He dropped a catch last game...and if he injures himself while fielding then his fielding or fitness might not be upto the mark. Might be a blessing in disguise for India and we can unleash Yadav and his bouncers against Pakistan

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