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  1. Stuge

    BAT OF GOD - Stokes

    You didn't understood the comment then
  2. Stuge


    Time to make pulp out of west Indies
  3. He is the only one who is able ti make India reach knockouts ...Once he is gone even that won't happen.
  4. Dhoni will be forced to retire then nobody will be left :(
  5. Stuge

    Chandrayaan2 launch -15th July

    "The technical snag was noticed during the cryogenic fuel was being loaded. We have to approach the vehicle to assess the problem. First we have to empty the fuel loaded in the rocket, then the rocket will be taken back for further investigation," an ISRO source told IANS. https://newsdig.in/news/860333521/Chandrayaan-2-launch-called-off-due-to-technical-snag-ISRO Most likey next launch date will be in September.
  6. Stuge

    Chandrayaan2 launch -15th July

    Flop ? Flop kya hai issme ? Can you do anything else other than mocking others ?
  7. Stuge

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    Real Question is BD going to win a world cup ? ever ?
  8. Stuge

    BAT OF GOD - Stokes

    Isee bhi God bana diga .. Steve Waugh is right...India main har cheez ko god bana dete hain
  9. West Indies is way too good when it comes to T20.
  10. What we tend to forget Australia was miles ahead of other teams during 1999-2007 period and other were just not good enough. Same is not the case with England.
  11. It will be tough to be like Australia .... Teams now a days a very equally matched Specially top 5
  12. its not just spin ,but pitches in India tend to.slow down a bit differently then in England due to weather.Keep in mind chasing in India would be much easier in D/N matches due to dew factor coming in later half of the tournament. Indian pitches are better suited to Sub continent teams then teams from outside.

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