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  1. Ganguly ka kya hua ? Vijay's case wasn't blown out but shami will be blown out because of Pakistani connection :P He will be karar desh Dhrohi lol
  2. English Media catching up now http://www.dnaindia.com/cricket/report-mohammed-shami-s-wife-accuses-him-of-cheating-domestic-abuse-2591500
  3. Guess the sun sign of posters

    Lol at Guessing haha
  4. If true this will dent his chances in Indian team as well . she claims " Everyone in their family used to torture me. His mother and brother used to abuse me. The tortures continued till 2-3 am in the morning. They even wanted to kill me. I tried to convince myself for the sake of my family and daughter but he kept on harassing me and when I found those obscene chats with multiple women, all hell broke. I cannot tolerate this anymore and I have decided to take legal actions with all the available evidence.”
  5. he is sucha torture in t20
  6. Raina is here .

    1st down in this match to keep left and right hand combination.
  7. Last 2 years in Odis :- Innings:-37 Runs:-2376 Avg:- 95.04 S.rate:-99.45 100s:-10 50s:-10 I have not checked if this is accurate but seems so.
  8. Keep in mind this is tentative and can change if needed .
  9. India’s 2018-19 season itinerary Estimated International Matches: 63 June 2018: Ireland (2 T20) (Away) June 2018: Afghanistan (1 Test) (Home) July-September 2018: England (5 Tests, 3 ODI, 3 T20) (Away) September 2018: Asia Cup (Approx 9 ODIs) (Venue and Date yet to be finalised) October-November 2018: West Indies (2 Tests, 5 ODI, 3 T20) (Home) November-December 2018: Australia (4 Tests, 3 ODI, 3 T20) (Away) January-February 2019: New Zealand (5 ODI, 5 T20) (Away) February-March 2019: Australia (5 ODI, 2 T20) (Home) March 2019: Zimbabwe (3 T20) (Home) https://scroll.in/field/869091/indian-cricket-team-to-play-30-one-day-internationals-in-upcoming-season
  10. India's over reliance on top 3

    To win most matchs you will definitely need top 3 to score heavily ...if they don't most teams will fail to win matches not just India .If you see why South Africa failed in Odi's is because their top order couldn't replicate what Indian top order did consistently.
  11. We have this issue since ages...Top order clicking and lower failing time and again to score quick 70-80 in last 10 overs .With Dhoni fading as a finisher this problem is bigger than it was back in 2011 world cup .
  12. I was dropped despite performance: Suresh Raina

    Having Raina in place of jadhav or iyer is much better ...A ...He is better fielder B He can score right from the first ball but ocer this comes at a cost of his poor record against short balls .

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