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  1. He is not wrong either ....Its very difficult to pick everyone .
  2. https://images.dawn.com/news/1178189/indians-sing-the-pakistani-national-anthem-as-a-gift-for-our-independence-day
  3. what do you want him to do ? Throw away his wicket in the process of playing rash shots ?
  4. http://www.timesnownews.com/india/video/kerala-school-segregation-classify-students-different-uniforms-white-red-striped-shirts/71871
  5. Pitch likely to help seamers for 3rd test

    THat won't happen else match will be finished inside two days :P
  6. http://www.timesnownews.com/sports/article/give-my-livelihood-back-its-my-right-says-angry-sreesanth-to-bcci/71829
  7. http://www.timesnownews.com/sports/article/give-my-livelihood-back-its-my-right-says-angry-sreesanth-to-bcci/71829
  8. Site Feedback

    Send us your Honest anonymously feedback via Sarahah. https://indiancricketfans.sarahah.com/ @Trichromatic @Malcolm Merlyn
  9. Question is can he perform like this abroad ... no
  10. It looks so bad now a days .Somebody should send thread this thread to them as a feedback .
  11. Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election !!!

    This will only harm congress for upcoming Gujurat assembly elections ..
  12. You can see how big a issue this is to certain extent.
  13. http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/sport-others/wrestler-vishal-kumar-verma-dies-of-electrocution-at-jaipal-singh-stadium-4789719/

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