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  1. https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/cricket-news/article/indian-womens-t20i-captain-harmanpreet-kaur-loses-dsp-job-at-punjab-police-over-fake-degree-row-report/252177
  2. decade old comment @beetle. rofl
  3. Stuge

    Predict India vs England ODI series !!!

    India hi jeetega ...Yahan kuch jada hi pessimistic log hai
  4. Never seen Hardik Pandya match winning performance both with the ball and the bat before . Cheers to Pandya :)
  5. Juist go after Dhoni somehow lol
  6. Still trying to figure out why India bowled first -_-
  7. No idea why they do that ...Must be shoot for some advertisement or something
  8. btw most annoying player on social media is Umar Akmal haha
  9. Nothing beats this photoshoot lol
  10. Stuge

    Breakfast with Champions - Ravi Shastri

    He talks as if he is doing commentary 24 x7 .

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