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  1. What's your source for tech news?

    -Twitter for keeping track on launches -Facebook for info and the same -Youtube for info related to launch product . I seldom follow MKBDH or Unbox therapy ,but I like to follow technical Gurujee/ Sharmaji technicals/Geekyranjit .Last three are very unbiased Indian youtube channel in my opinion . the nikon guy or Jared Polin and Nikon rumors/Canon rumors and blah blah sites
  2. Almonds boost men's sex lives

    He is gone missing due to eating too less almonds
  3. He won't speak up but it's selectos ,who told him apparently to go away .
  4. Same city where match was played today
  5. excessive handshaking

    LOL ,Why are you so much worried about non issue thing .
  6. Dunnu what does his runup has to do with kashmir and that joke is pretty stale now . Btw but 5 attempts to bowl a ball ....This is weird as hell never seen anyone doing that .
  7. He is living in past glory and doesn't understand anything about T20's to be precise .This old hog needs to understand T20's is not just about building ...A player who can score 30 runs of 18 balls or so is a better than one who scores 50 off 48 balls .
  8. Insane ..He shouldn't be anywhere near T20 team.
  9. His dad has nothing to do with this case (he died in 1998) ...Even though they are just facts .
  10. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/10/02/us/las-vegas-shooting.html
  11. selfie boy breaks fan's phone when asked for a selfie rofl http://www.timesnownews.com/sports/article/watch-ahmed-shehzad-misbehaves-with-fan-breaks-phone-in-anger-on-being-asked-for-selfie/98562
  12. Tom Alter dies aged 67

    good actor and a human being .. RIP
  13. http://www.news18.com/news/india/vvpat-to-be-used-in-all-booths-during-gujarat-assembly-elections-1531431.html

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