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  1. http://www.espncricinfo.com/rankings/content/page/211271.html
  2. Stuge

    We must throw the match against England

    India vs Pakistan game is on another level altogether its beyond skills at times .
  3. Stuge

    We must throw the match against England

    You will see another CT final if we play again.We shouldn't be facing them again in this WC . BTW ,India should win all the matches and win the world cup in style ;)
  4. koi faida nahin hai...Dhoni will play remaining matches unless he gets injured .
  5. Stuge

    Points Table (WC19)

    In case points are tied then No. of wins >> NRR >> Head-to-head will be considered in the respective order. Eg ( just an assumption ) :- Sri Lanka gets 12 points and England too has 12 points ( India winning other two matches and NZ winning one match out of two ).. England Will go through based on 6 wins and Sri Lanka having 5 wins and 2 washouts.
  6. Stuge

    Points Table (WC19)

    Team(s) who grabs required points or wins deserves SF spot.
  7. Playing with 5 batsman will be suicide with tail starts with Dhoni .
  8. India looks terrible at the moment ..Will be tough tomorrow .
  9. bakwass.. Don't want Pakistan .bass
  10. lol Don't worry ..India will be through.
  11. Don't want to face Pakistan again in this wc now .one match is enough
  12. they have better NR ...would be very difficult to knock them out with 11 points and Better NR
  13. Stuge

    Pak to win WC 2019

    everything falling in place for Pakistan
  14. he is dumb and should be ignored.
  15. beware of WI...Indian sucked against Afganistan
  16. NZ needs to bowl uniswinging now
  17. I want to understand what is Pakistan doing here .
  18. They will definitely do something ...Else , I would have been doing something else by now lol

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