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  1. coffee_rules

    MANOJ TIWARY ‏ Questions ICF "Experts" on Twitter

    why u mak fun of his englis? wat is ur intenshun? v r lik dis only. d gr8 nasion of eng tot us englis lik dis vonli!
  2. Bloody thoda zyada hogya. That Har Har mahadev naara is worth to go to the movie for!
  3. coffee_rules

    KL Rahul cant bat saala !!!

    Tough to qualify this year, we will miss Mayank also now. Wonder why Nair hasn't played many games.
  4. Expect a niggle, Kohli will trip him from behind and make him fall in the friendly football game before Melbourne test.
  5. coffee_rules

    Why was Jadeja n Ishant Fighting on-field ??

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25564429/ishant-jadeja-spat-throws-spotlight-use-stump-mics Ishant wanted to finger fcuk Jadeja. Kya bachpana, players getting frustrated over losing. Ishant has a big ego for an average bowler, fcuking spearhead.
  6. coffee_rules

    Parsis Are Facing Near Extinction !!!

    Your thread creation rate is better than their fertility rate.
  7. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25563470/virat-kohli-defends-no-spinner-attack-umesh-yadav-bhuvneshwar-kumar Still defending his team selection like an idiot. Ravi Shastri would have nodded yes with goti in his mouth.
  8. coffee_rules

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    No way, we all are taller and fatter than our previous generations. Case in point..
  9. Pant is useless, sacrifice him for 3rd test , get Parthiv to open with Mayank, Add Aswin, Bhuvi and Pandya. Get rid of Umesh and sacrifice Ishant to get better batting from Bhuvi...We need to go with Mayank, Parthiv, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Vihari, Pandya, Ashwin, Bhuvi, Shami/Ishant, Bumrah Batting is very weak overseas, we need rear guard like a big fat ass!
  10. coffee_rules

    All I want tomorrow is

    India at present has no front guard, middle guard and rear guard. Not wrist slitting, but three overseas tours SA, Eng and Aus this year, this is the reality when India is in SENA.
  11. Mayank (the great Indian hope to find a decent opener) Parthiv Chepu Kohli Rahane Vihari Pandya ( , yes, I will go with him to bolster batting , our need of the hour) Ashwin - batting Bhuvi - batting Shami Bumrah
  12. Jo Biwi se karein pyaar, woh joote pehenanese kaise karein inkaar!
  13. coffee_rules

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    In this case, I doubt the veracity of the story. Human strength is not regressive, today only bodybuilders and weightlifters can life that much weight, that is with all the advancement in body strengthening, steroids, proteins etc. If an average person could life such weights, I don't think it would be that common.

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