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  1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy doesn't belong in the same esteemed group . He was a total sell-out who wanted McCauley's education to be adopted when the British themselves wanted to adopt a traditional Indian based education system. He was fascinated with monotheism and hated hindu belief system. https://www.google.com/amp/s/topyaps.com/ram-mohan-roy-institutionalized-anti-hinduism/amp/
  2. outing a spy is a criminal offense in any country. How is he getting away with in India.?
  3. Why do we spray insecticide and kill all mosquitos , when only 0.0001% of them cause deadly diseases?
  4. coffee_rules

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    Only non muslims..need to normalize the demographics.
  5. coffee_rules

    The Never Ending Thread

    Soda is for wimps ..real mean have it neat.
  6. Good . but shocked that they were even sponsoring to begin with, given the bad relations India has with the terrorist nation.
  7. From generations, they were responsible for the creation of Pakistan, Rich UP/Bihari muslims voted for ML and wanted Pakistan creation and the Ashrafs migrated to Pak and are the ruling class. eg Musharaff's dad.
  8. coffee_rules

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    Forceful settlement is the way to go like Isreal. Give incentives to migrants from bihar, up, kerala who are looking for jobs , move them to kashmir. Increase police and army presence and militia to fight back fire with fire. Bhaad mein jaaye humanitarian crisis wrist slitters . future gen will be thankful.
  9. UK police squashing rumors about 40 kashmiri girls trapped in Dehradun. Terrorists sympathisers in lutyens and activists like shela rashid caught spreading rumors. They have to be shamed and prosecuted. https://www.opindia.com/2019/02/uttarakhand-police-dispels-rumours-regarding-kashmiri-students-trapped-inside-a-hostel-in-dehradun/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. See, how yhe libtards have changed the narration from 50 solders dying in terrorist attack to poor kashmir students getting lynched by rampaging mobs..these people are working for the terrorists.. He was called out..
  11. RaYudu goes in for sure. The other spot I prefer Pant, convinced of him mainly for his age and explosive batting potential. There are other Vijay Shankara in the team, too bad for him.
  12. If you unveil Playboy Immi Khan's wife, it will be him. He is his mistress.
  13. Usually yhe insult is 12th or 9th fail. When is pass bad..so elitist. He may be a BJP agent helping Modi garn sympathy votes.
  14. https://www.dnaindia.com/india/photo-gallery-don-t-repeat-the-mistake-of-making-class-12-pass-pm-in-2019-kejriwal-s-classist-remarks-against-prime-minister-modi-2719897/amp?__twitter_impression=true Chewt.

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