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  1. How? 2 Leftist moron historians peer-reviewed the evidence and agreed to publish it and Google says it is the correct version of history?
  2. coffee_rules

    Aus v Eng - 3rd ODI - 19 June 2018

  3. coffee_rules

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    Now wait for kormanna and siddanna turn it into Switzerland :hehe:
  4. coffee_rules

    BJP pulls out of alliance with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir

    Shouldn't have happened in the first place. Good move, now the army can deal with an iron hand and deal with terrorists.
  5. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Lust Stories on Netflix, is actually pretty watchable (at least 3 stories). I found Anurag Kashyap's tale the worst with horrible acting by Radhika Apte. who is actually good and she has hammed here. I think the director is at fault. It is very unreal. Karan Johar's the most entertaining one, but one dimensional., stereo-typical aunties (sanskari types), I guess the patriarchy depicted is reasonable (not as offensive as Fire). Steamy scenes in some stories.
  6. WC qualifiers have quotas in each region/continent. There are more highly ranked teams in EU that fail to qualify over some lowly ranked teams in Americas/Africa and Asia. India has to qualify better among Asian countries.
  7. coffee_rules

    Braveheart vs Gladiator

    I rate Ridley Scott highly , even better than Spielberg. Of course Gladiator is better. Braveheart is loud and jingoistic.
  8. coffee_rules

    Happy fathers day !!!

    India thanks Pakistan for its Happy Fathers Day greeting.
  9. So, it proves that Football is not popular among 4.5 billion people.
  10. Yes. From the link: All the players comfortably cleared the test and the middle-order batsman is the only member of the squad traveling to the UK to fail to attain the mark of 16.1 set by the BCCI
  11. coffee_rules

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    Altho, he didn't score much, we did cross 450. I guess Afg looks over-awed at the big moment. I think they will come good better than naagins.
  12. https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/ambati-rayudu-fails-yoyo-test-virat-kohli-clears 32 year old, set to make a comeback to the ODI team scoring 600 runs in the IPL fails to clear fitness test. Too much biryani , I guess.
  13. My point being FoE should be absolute, and liberals use it to defend their ilk, while call the other side bigots. The same is being done for Trump supporters as well. Not everywhere, only in muslim dominated countries.
  14. coffee_rules

    The Never Ending Thread

    Happened in Alabama yesterday..

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