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  1. coffee_rules

    We must throw the match against England

    Let's qualify first before thinking of throwing matches down.
  2. Another Eerie similarity - Home country has been winning WCs since 2011. Hence Pakistan will win in Britainistan
  3. Even INC flag has saffron. These people will object to national flag having saffron.
  4. coffee_rules

    Road to SFs for all teams (WC19)

    Hoping Eng win both matches and India wins 2 of 3 - WI, BD and SL, and NZ win against Aus, but lose to Eng , it is still Bye-Bye Pakistan, even with their resurgence, they will be kicked out
  5. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    This doesn't happen in real life or it might happen very rarely that movies use it sensationalize. But, the other harassment happens daily in real life. Look at the amount of rapes, acid attacks and eve teasing is in the news. Why am I even saying things that are so logical to understand. . Enough of this.
  6. coffee_rules

    Libtard outrage watch !!!

    Ignoring juvenile responses like,' I so want woman to take advantage of me', this is age of feminism and sexual equality, so what's good for the goose, should be good for the gander. But toxic masculinity is something we should notice in movies, especially from south India. They treat girls are their property and if she doesn't oblige, will turn to violence and coercing . This has to be discouraged. There is nothing libtardiness about it. There is enough crime in India which is related to such behaviour. Agree about gist of libtard behaviour about Hindu religion wr.t majoritarianism.
  7. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    She is so meek when he is forcing her to like her. All the talk about 'this girl is mine, nobody dare touch her' and announcing it to all is territorial behavior is toxic masculinity. This happens in real life, and hence need not be promoted in movies, just like we say don't smoke in movies so young people pick it up. Also, trying to influence who she hangs out with, let her choose her friends, is all misogynistic behavior.
  8. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    It's nobody' facking business to tell what one should do about their appearance. Why are we so bothered about others always? Mind your business and worry about the mole on your face that looks hideous. Worry about your demeanor and what are you giving back to the society and don't worry about what others are influencing doing. I don't how is Indian education system changed so much that fat-shaming is considered normal. Individual level is different. But to show it in a movie where all kinds of people go, is very demeaning to public. The director/writer should be shamed and let them show how they look in the mirror. Facking snobs.
  9. coffee_rules

    Is this the weakest Indian batting team to feature in a WC?

    Sorry I mean for experiment in a game, we can afford to lose.
  10. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Okay, there is a dialogue in the movie, make friends with fat chicks, they are loyal, fat shaming is normalized and accepted in the movie.
  11. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Saw Arjun Reddy on prime. Highly Misogynistic and reeking of south Indian toxic masculinity. As if girls are properties of boys, if he says you are my girl (na pilla ra), she would fall head over heels for him. They way she falls for him is total sexual exploitation/harassment Every scene has him smoking. Which sane surgeon (even if he is a topper) drinks and smokes like that. The makers have no idea what it takes to be a doctor. Ok, with emotional content, watching a train wreck, good in parts, but too much on emotion. Rest of the family is one dimensional, I haven't seen anybody behave like that. Not a family movie, but will influence young college goers to have misconceptions about future life. But, OTOH, people should not be hung up on caste and promote inter-caste marriages, that part I appreciate. According to the angry bong reviewer, doing drugs, drinking alcohol and performing surgery under influence, and having promiscuous sex with girls who are engaged, is bad-ass! What an ass!.
  12. coffee_rules

    Is this Aussie attack the best in the WC?

    All 4 main bowlers of India are wicket takers, no body is in for scrapping through. Pandya can deliver also, only the 6th bowler to be used if needed. India has the most variety.
  13. coffee_rules

    What gives you cheap thrills?

    Free food - temples, parties, sweets that colleagues get from India, Fri night parties, wake up on Sat knowing there are 2 full days to chill. .. Fill in the Master card ad ..punchline - Priceless.

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