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  1. No, just pointing to your ignorance, you mandooka are entitled to your koopa. In Hindu belief, once a prana prathishtapana is performed on the idol, it is believed to be living, and hence as a person it is entitled for constitutional rights. It is his abode, his story and his rules. Devotees believe that and follow the rules. This is as per our scriptures and hence constitution allows it because of it as a right to freedom and belief. There are beliefs in quran and bible (scriptures) that cannot be challenged in a court of law. Asking space for belief and not denigrating or snatching others' beliefs is what thos is about. It is in Bhutanatha purana where Ayyapan has taken a vow of naisthika brahmacharya, making him not be anywhere near women who are capable of progeny. This menstruating thing is added by feminazis to denigrate the belief. right to freedom of religion is so vast, all beliefs are protected under it. So, go figure out how to quash it. And yes, Matter over
  2. This shows your lack of swadeshi or indigenous history and blind faith in your wesyern colonial masters' version. No, it does not. If they are allowed, the deity's right to beief is violated. Why not? Isn't that what a secular goverent should do, treat all religions equally? It is not man made, it is in scriptures and puranas. Lets see if bible can be changed by gender equality police. Unnatural sex act had made it criminal , only it has been decriminalized, It is far from recognizing gay rights for property, children etc.as it is in the west. If constitution says right to freedom of religion, it can do Ghanta for belief system, otherwise they have to change the basic fundamental right and let's see what chimps of FOE will do then.
  3. No , not in a democratic goverment has no say in the religion's core tenets or beiefs. Otherwise they are called fascists or communists.
  4. Goverent has a say over individual rights...but has No control whatsoover on the faith and belief system of a religion or tradition. The government has no say in what a person should believe or not believe. It is the fundamental right of a person They cant ban a belief of a sect that believes in virgin birth altho scientifically it is impossible. The deity and his followers believe in the type of brahmacharya followed by the deity where women of a certain age is not allowed to interact. If the devotee doesn't believe she stops being a devotee and hence has no rights.
  5. He is better than Jhaduv and Biryani and DK in OdIs. He should be given a propa run. He is a gun fielder second to Kohli in Yoyo test. Pant will play only when Dhoni quits.
  6. coffee_rules

    How Shameful is this??

    Shatdul is the modern version of Raju Kulkarni.
  7. One maiden wkt.. it is 7.5... They will Choke!
  8. Lets see if it works..... <Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya><Pandya>
  9. Spinners YC, KT, KJ .. 3.6, 3.6 , 3.2 ER Non-spinners - BY, KKA, ST . 5.8, 5.3, 9.3 ER They are waiting for trundlers to come back.
  10. RRR creeping up. From 5.5 at one stage is 6.65 now. So, hold your horses. They will go for a dash in the last 10 overs and wither away..................... ................. ........... ...or NOT
  11. Asking RR 5.5! 10 wickets in hand. India fighting hard to include HK into the OD International circuit.

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