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  1. coffee_rules

    Business names in your city or elsewhere that are funny

    DO you get this?
  2. coffee_rules

    Business names in your city or elsewhere that are funny

    Cat not impressed.
  3. coffee_rules

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    I am sick of this bong screamer. Over exposure. He has to cut down his outpour.
  4. coffee_rules

    India semi final opponents

    Long way to go.. let them fix batting conundrum before Semis.
  5. coffee_rules

    Is this the weakest Indian batting team to feature in a WC?

    Need Pant and/or DK to replace Vijay Shankar for the next practice game against WI.
  6. Ok, this is a wrist slitters' thread. Dhawan out, Rohit is on/off and Rahul is tentative Kohli is fine, no drop in form MO - Shankar, Dhoni, Jadhav - Not enough exposure and very slow if there is no platform set Late MO - KarKeAaaya is in great form, used as pinch hitter in two matches and delivered, Tail batting - Very Very bad compared to other teams Bowling: No worries so far, Bhuvi to Shami was seamless. Spinners are great. Fielding: Jadhav is the weakest link. Need Jadeja to field in every match. I saw KulCha fielding improved leaps and bounds. Kul saved couple of boundaries and Cha took a great catch One off match, all that could go wrong went wrong, with the batting. SUch an effort in KOs/SFs/Fs will be very disappointing.
  7. coffee_rules

    End of road for Shoaib Malik?

    PSL, CSL, Big bang, BPL ... he will mercenary in these tonty-tonty leagues.
  8. coffee_rules

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Paneer probably comes from Poo/Poovu (flower) , Neer is water.
  9. coffee_rules

    Hardik Pandya Celebrations

    Better than a le panga thigh clap.
  10. Too bad for Afg, played India on Sat and BD on Mon.
  11. coffee_rules

    Worst selection for CWC2019

    Damaad is winning the pholl
  12. coffee_rules

    Worst selection for CWC2019

    Sorry, fixed now, was trying to be funny.
  13. coffee_rules

    Worst selection for CWC2019

    Forgot to add Markram, he does deserve a well honored mention in that list.
  14. coffee_rules

    Worst selection for CWC2019


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