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  1. Sabudana would be the national staple diet. Sabudana khichdi, Sabudana Kheer.
  2. Pugs are the ugliest dogs !!!

    French pit bulls are the ugliest.
  3. The Never Ending Thread

    Tauheen. Tauba Tauba! This one is more crass, Madhuri was classier.
  4. Favourite TV shows

    Binge watched Billions on ST. Both seasons are v good, Paul Giamatti is the best dramatic actor, he stands out in every movie or TV role he plays. Season 3 starts this Sunday. Comes 2nd to Homeland, which is going through last season, I think. Quite a busy Sunday night.
  5. Surprising how good he has written in English! He can't speak decent quality Kannada, he talks like a street vendor.
  6. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    Dhoni will play WC2019, that is given , how he is being persisted. Not bad, if that is what the captain wants.
  7. WC Qualifiers

    Fun to follow caribbean cricket forum. They call their cricket forum - The Rum Shop! It look like the African Gods intervene methodic3/21/18 10:17:42 AM they continue to bestow mercy upon us. Praise be to them. methodic3/21/18 10:22:36 AM believe it or not, I prefer to watch the rain rather than watch West Indies
  8. WC Qualifiers

    Tough Luck Scotland! WI doing the rain dance helping them... philinZim: "its 4:23 local time, and it will be dark by 6:30, and locally we don't have storms that lasts more than 30 minutes. My bet is that by 5:00pm , the rains would have stopped. I am 2 minutes aways from the cricket grounds, and the rains are pounding, getting heavier by the minute, tough luck scotland, this is as freaking storm as they come, no one could have predicted this" 4.20pm Liam Brickhill, our correspondent at the ground, says: "The rain is getting much heavier now, and where we had patches of blue we now have only grey. There are also big puddles forming on the covers." He adds: Local knowledge suggests that if the rain comes from the Golf Course End, it could be the sort that sets in. That's the side that this storm came from." Jess: "@karl, the ball wouldnt have gone on to hit a second set of stumps. Absolute shocker which has ultimately decided the outcome of the game. No excuses for decisions like that." Karl Rocks: "In Fairness to the ump it's a mistake, a bad one but human error none the less, we've seen them before we'll see them again, the issue is the lack of DRS how can there be no DRS in a comp of this importance?"
  9. Cheating and lying is not always lack of integrity, but also lack of self-confidence to face consequences or lack of self-belief to face or call out the partner's high and unreasonable expectation. It takes two for one to start lying to another. Not all men are dogs or hunters and don't always go around looking for a chance to score with anybody and not all women nest and look to settle. She has incredible evidence against him, in this case. She is also not cleansed in milk (to borrow a phrase) and he is trying to damage her credibility, causing all the commotion on SM/MSM inadvertently.
  10. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/india-sri-lanka-bangladesh-tri-series/not-helping-vijay-shankar-on-sympathy-for-off-day/articleshow/63394849.cms Poor guy, he has been taken to the cleaners on SM, 4 dotballs in 18th over is haunting to get over, I hope he recovers and comes out in flying colors. Too harsh on him, but he is 27 already!
  11. Cambridge Analytica.....

    http://www.deccanherald.com/content/665664/bjp-questions-congress-links-cambridge.html BJP has raised it now. I think post 2014 Congress has realized the potential of SM in election fighting. Congress has accused BJP of employing bhakt gangs to fight their battles in SM. BJP has used WA groups and have been passing propaganda material against all others. Everyday , I receive messages from family groups, friends promoting religious intolerance, BJP, anti-congress. These will keep the flame burning to keep voters egging them to vote. Some of it is justified as well. Latest being Sidda's divide and rule of Hindus. MSM is hailing the caste/religion politics of Yadavs, Sidda etc as a masterstroke to win against BJP. In this environment, anything is possible. Scary. If literate populace like USA can be swayed to vote for trump, India has triple the number of uninformed people. Scary.
  12. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    That Gora is completely covered by local players,
  13. Who deserves the benefit of doubt of all the rookies

    You didn't see his expression when he got wickets in the penultimate over. Fearsome ! Feels like he just bowled a 150 kmph snorter.
  14. Cambridge Analytica.....

    On Project Veritas. https://gizmodo.com/how-conservative-activists-catfished-twitter-1823533394 How Conservative Activists Catfished Twitter

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