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  1. Usually yhe insult is 12th or 9th fail. When is pass bad..so elitist. He may be a BJP agent helping Modi garn sympathy votes.
  2. https://www.dnaindia.com/india/photo-gallery-don-t-repeat-the-mistake-of-making-class-12-pass-pm-in-2019-kejriwal-s-classist-remarks-against-prime-minister-modi-2719897/amp?__twitter_impression=true Chewt.
  3. coffee_rules


    Who is supposed to be the char that says.. Tum jaante ho ki mai tumse pyaar kyon karta hoon? .. I'd say Divya Spandana/Ramya.
  4. coffee_rules

    Your favorite national anthems?

    I don't get the subject. The National Anthem is not like a song comparison, it should evoke a sense of pride and patriotism in the citizen and I think every Anthem dpes it for its citizen. I like our Anthem and I dont think it can give the same satisfaction to say I like some other. Robindra Sangeet is very soothing, so much that Sri Lanka government requested its proponents to compose their National Anthem. It turned a bit lengthy although.
  5. coffee_rules

    Mulayam Singh Yadav wishes Modi to be PM again

    She looks clueless, not understanding a word he is saying.
  6. coffee_rules

    Your guilty pleasure Movies/Songs/Shows/Books etc

    Ozzy man reviews.
  7. Ok, thanks for pointung it out. But it seeems hypocritical for taking along only the one with a face to a Hollywood event.
  8. Freedom of choice.. Apologize for not fact-checking. Thanks for correcting@The Dark Horse @Pollack
  9. coffee_rules

    The Never Ending Thread

    WB, Here's Johnny!
  10. coffee_rules

    Priyanka Gandhi enters active politics

    Vote dena, vikas ke liye nahin. Listen HMV. RaGa has met his match.
  11. coffee_rules

    Your favorite national anthems?

    But, but, UNESCO has already chosen the best anthem of all. My mamaji has delivered the news on the family news channel already.
  12. 40 people meeting in a mall. Great initiative. https://www.deccanherald.com/city/antinatalists-gather-city-717766.html
  13. coffee_rules

    Priyanka Gandhi enters active politics

    Congress welcoming Priyanka in Lucknow..
  14. So is the belief. Her story is very tragic, but a herouc tale. Feminists looking for inspired examples largely have ignored her.
  15. coffee_rules


    How does it matter who makes it? Any movie maker worth his salt makes a movie showing the positive side of Indian army is seen favorably by Indian audience. Esp URI, because it was seen as a unique act by an Indian govt, gettng so much negative reaction from so called Indian intellectuals and politicians like khujliwal asking for proof. Its success is a slap in the face of such individuals.

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