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  1. coffee_rules

    No Confidence motion against goverment on friday 20th July

    Pappu hugs modi, who thought it was awkward and invading personal space and Congress is calling it BJPShakingInItsBoots. I hope Raga and Sonia lose in GE. That'll be the dream.
  2. coffee_rules

    Swami Agnivesh attacked by mob in Jharkhand, probe ordered

    Stage Managed to get Anti-modi sentiments up.
  3. coffee_rules


    Libtards trending this hashtag. Behuda ch*tiyapanthi! Is Hashtag se yaad aaya. How is it going? @Mariyam
  4. coffee_rules

    Urban Naxals

    Reading Vivek Agnihotri's book - Urban Naxals. He made a controversial movie about Naxal sympathizers among academia/media and now he has written a book on it. His first book, very easy to read as it is very conversational and unsophisticated. Some may not like to read it because of the writing style. A lot of insight on Bollywood, media. I got a signed book as he is on US tour selling his book. This interview from Anand Ranganathan is very good watch. He is calling out the JNU jholawallahs as the Front for Naxals. Not sure if they are so well organized, but definitely there is a nexus/underground understanding of the two.
  5. coffee_rules

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    May be. Agree she started it first and she loses the right to play victim card.
  6. coffee_rules

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    He could have shown her hypocrisy in a dignified manner instead of raising his hand like a road side mawaali. He kept egging her all through the show, she is one raising her voice against TT and he was defending it.
  7. Pandya is a ODI failure, he failed even in India. He is good for T20s. We need to go back to batsmen who can bowl a bit. Even Jadhav is valuable than Pandya. Go back to 7+4 as Dhoni is also useless. We need to drop Dhoni all together. Ask him to retire respectfully. Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Rahul, Iyer, Pant, Jadhav/Pandey, Bhuvi, Bumrah, KulCha Get Rohit to roll his arms.
  8. coffee_rules

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    This happened on Zee TV today. Maulana beating up a woman who has raised the TT issue.
  9. Eng tearing into Kuldeep. Saala bachche ko rula diye!
  10. coffee_rules

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    ATM, the only reason for Kohli seems to be is to make him feel bad and make him sulk in his room later in the evening and then take him on a date along with Anushka.
  11. coffee_rules

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

  12. coffee_rules

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    As KLR himself said, don't know.
  13. boobie does a dhoni..difficult to bat tout there. I think India will win by 50 runs...
  14. boobie upset with shardul for colliding

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