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  1. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27424717/six-batsmen-saha-pant-one-spinner-two Openers: KLR, Mayank or Vihari. Vihari was a stop-gap in Aus, but he is also a viable option given KLR Test cricket form. No.5: Vihari, Rohit or Rahane . Given Vihari's bowling, and to give him an extended run, it seems better for future. VC has a 2 year downturn , last 100 was 17 tests back. One more time Project Rohit in Test cricket. Spinners: Ashwin, Jadeja or Kuldeep WKt-Keeper: Pant or Saha Fast bowlers: Shami or Yadav My team: Agarwak, KLR, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Vihari, Pant, Kuldeep, Ishant, Shami, Bumrah Is the choice between Rahane or Jadeja.?
  2. Just saw the scorecards of Aus series. KLR is horrible. It is amazing he is getting so many chances. Played first two tests, He was dropped in 3rd test, still played 4th and failed when India put 600. If he plays here, he is very lucky. Decent WC spoilt him as well, he is not even considered for ODIs/T20Is now.
  3. Jokes aside, total Hinduphobia reeking from that pakistani dehati. Can't believe media talks like this in Pak!
  4. Pakde gaye. Knock knock. Who is it? Allah. Allah who? Allahhu Akbar.
  5. Hey, didn't know that. Mods, why is my DP , 'C' in green , then? Can you change it to Bhagwa?
  6. Ok, it has very little science, some of it downright laughable, like switch off comm systems and switch on to get out of hang mode, some buzz words thrown. A lot of sermons by vidya balan, eternal sermon mode, advises husband, son, daughter, akshay, all her collegues. Husband is as usual shown negatively. There us one eternal NRI putting Indians down. A lot secular fare, like a Hindu boy trying humourously to convert to Islam, because he is an ARR fan. Families such as theirs will be remotely interested in Hinduism let alone Islam in mainstream I ndia. Hard to believe.Traditional Indian women letting hair lose drinking beer and frolicking. Hard to believe. Making fun of Hindu beliefs like Astrology and pilgrimage, everything is laughable. Introduced a Muslim scientist while there was none in real life event of Mangalyaan. But she finds it difficult to get housing. There are enough apts in Bangalore north where Muslim owners rent out to Muslims only. Despite all that dramebaaz, it is a India success story, but Just that the proud moment deserves a better treatment than a lame Bollywood fare.
  7. Maybe not on paper, but ground realities says otherwise. Destruction of temples, atrocities on Hindus, killings of rationalists, wahabism, terrorism , ISIS presence shows it is heading towards the same path and is a Bengali Palistan
  8. It really works, Type Bhikari on google, and you will see images of Imran Khan as a beggar. https://www.firstpost.com/india/if-you-search-word-bhikhari-bhikari-on-google-you-will-see-photos-of-imran-khan-twitterati-troll-pakistan-pm-say-google-knows-7181141.html
  9. One should not confuse loyalty to identity. If there is a war between India and USA and if you as a US citizen are supporting India, then it is amounting to treason. That doesn't mean, you can't celebrate where you came from. US Expats do celebrate July 4th in whatever country they are in. Every ethnic group in US celebrate their country's identity and independence. We were in Punta Cana last yeat on July 4th and there was a big fireworks on July 4th and all of us US tourists participated and had fun.
  10. Exhibit Bengali Liberal with head buried in Bay of Bengal. They want to unify with Islamic Republic of Bangladesh!
  11. Promoting Rahane to opener doesn't make sense. Will he open with KLR? What is Mayank doing in the team then? Mumbai Mafia at work now they have a extended coach time
  12. He has no facking clue, does he? Just parroting what was told to him by libturd friends. He said Section 370. Idiot.
  13. Add Uri and Balakot where they got their asses handed in a platter for them to look at how bruised it was.
  14. Don't think so. It is repeated all over twitter. Seems like another psec movie. appeasing muslims with very little science involved. Bollywood is not matire enough to make an Interstellar.
  15. Today is NationalTellAJokeDay. Q: What did Abhinandan's act of bringing down F-16 with a MIG-21 result in? A: High Tea
  16. His cousin/wife working in ISPR told him that. Since 1949, ISPR has told Pakistanis that 1 Pak = 10 Indians and with that false notion, they have attacked 4 times and have been beaten back.
  17. Stop calling it a Blasphemy law. It is a ban on cow slaughter as defined by the Indian constitution that the state could choose to implement. It has become a law and order situation with Muslims insisting on slaughter cows which is sacred to Hindus. They can eat buffalo meat, why target cows alone, just to spite Hindus. There is nothing in Koran that they should eat beef.
  18. UK supported China's statement in UNSC . WIll go all out in support of Aussies in the Ashes now.
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