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  1. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    Allahabad HC has overturned the CBI court verdict of this infamous case , a lot of discussions on ICF at that time.. After 9 years, nobody knows who killed Aurushi and the domestic help - Hemraj. There are couple of movies on this subject already - Talvar, Rahasya, Ugly https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/noida/aarushi-talwar-murder-case-timeline/articleshow/61051396.cms https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/so-who-killed-aarushi-theory-of-no-outsider-entry-collapses/articleshow/61059745.cms A lot of witness and police deaths on this controversial case - the parents are acquitted now and will be released on Friday. Now even the Mukerjeas have hope ...
  2. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    #PanasonicFreeIndia trending in India. Join the revolution!
  3. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    ^Claims seems to be dubious, they had 3 or 4 babies in captivity, taliban refutes these claims, the guy was married to the sister guantanamo bay detainee, now all of family seems to be muslim converts...refuse to board US plane...very fishy details.. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/mystery-freed-taliban-hostages-refuse-board-u-s-plane/
  4. Gordon Ramsey's Great Escape - India

    Great show , this is porn for culinary enthusiasts
  5. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    I had thought such mentality is limited to rural/semi-urban/small town conservative people. But, it is hard to believe it is among urban folk (Dentist couple!). It could be an accident (like an act of rage), the servant being a witness to crime was also taken care of. This whole case is similar to JonBenét Ramsey case.
  6. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Khilji and other sultanat's kaarname in the south, and we have liberal apologists for these barbarians. https://lakshmisharath.com/the-story-of-how-dwarasamudra-became-halebeedu-3/
  7. Arvind Kejriwal's Wagon R Gets Stolen

    Crazywal aur Pappu, comedy team for India. Kejri will catch the car thief with all CCTV cameras he has installed. Rahul wanred to check out some RSS women in their chaddis , can't blame him!
  8. If he is good as Usain Bolt, he will win every race against Bolt with the teeth as it will give a split ms advantage.
  9. Good job, Nehraji...If not for anything, he will be remembered for this welcome greeting he gave to Dhoni...
  10. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    Valmiki wrote Ramayana. Mahabharata is written by Maharshi Vyasa muni (The belief is that it was narrated by Vyasa and Lord Ganesha penned it)
  11. What are you eating now?

    Eating chicken can get Avian or bird flu. deadly. Beef can get you mad cow disease.
  12. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

    Sharia promises jihadis 72 women in Jannat, he thought since Kashmir is Earth's Jannat, he couldn't wait till then!
  13. Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.

    NGT has already recommended to stop open cremations on wood around Delhi, SC will act soon.
  14. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

  15. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    They have a chancenow, with someluck they will win the test and square the series. SL is pretty competant now after their abysmal performace against India. Good set up in India and will be a well fought series.
  16. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Nupur Nagar

    Alot of B stars also have had arranged marriages..Shahid Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, AB jnr, etc.
  17. Yes, he deplored the terrorist act, but failed to denounce the mastermind of the act - read the next question... What does he mean by "we need to find out"? Canadian court has given the verdict who planned and executed the act.
  18. What makes you happy?

    Beautiful morning ritual, nice long dump and a coffee!
  19. Babbar Khalsa movement started in 70s and in early 80s totally funded by Pak, killed a lot of people in the Indian Punjab region . Police crackdown on these terrorists made those to flee to Kaneda. Even Gurdwaras in Golden temple sheltered terrorists. Operation Blue* had to be done to wipe them out, which led to IG's assassination and 1984 anti-sikh riots as retribution for Babbar Khalsa's trrrorist actions. Agree, 1984 riots were state sponsored genocide and should be condemned. Why can't Kanedian Sikhs shame the terrorists who bombed Air India and killed 329 innocent people instead of celebrating their act? That is the gist of this argument. It is lahori logic to say who knows who bombed Kanishka to undermine th Kanedian court judgement. @PBN @Under_Score
  20. You won't want to read this - The ugly story of the Air India bombing inches towards publication
  21. http://montrealgazette.com/opinion/opinion-jagmeet-singh-owes-the-public-an-explanation God Save Kanedians if this guy gets to be a PM!
  22. QED - Sunny doesn't like tattooed players because somebody with tattoos snatched his lunch box.
  23. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Nupur Nagar

    Still not sharing straws are we!

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