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  1. coffee_rules

    Tired of posting 11

    true that, @zen. I have given up too. Even CI is praising Dhoni for having picked Jhadav, no point in even discussing why are we picking even Dhoni.
  2. Yes, the myth is western economic policies is the only way to personal wealth growth, when the global western economy came down crashing in 2008, other countries started to feel, aping the west is not the best way to go about. p.s: You included the wrong person, I didn't quote that.
  3. Ok, guruji. It is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, it is incorrectly referenced to mean a pacifist world family by Modi/Nehru and the idiots from the left. In the original panchatantra story, it hass the opposite meaning. When the deer was trying to make friends with the fox, the intelligent bird says a "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" shloka/hithopadesha and warns the deer not to think that the whole world world is your family, else the fox will kill you. India was much richer in the Gupta empire/Vijayanagara Empire, and it has been reduced to 1/3 it's original land. If we don't protect our heritage/traditions, we will become part of museums in the west , like what they have done to some "pagan" communities.
  4. After today's dead rubber, the top 4 will play each all over again like a super 4 format. http://www.espncricinfo.com/scores/series/8532/season/2018 Bakwaas tournament.
  5. coffee_rules

    Rahul Gandhi-isms....

  6. Just like India played well, but just wasn't winning because of you.
  7. Because individuals are incapable while the government with western influenced documented rules (constitution) will do everything.
  8. Yes, when meditation/mind exercises were practiced by rishi-munis 5000 years ago while others were killing each other for wealth/food in other parts of the world, is evidence enough that Indian civilization was advanced. Sanskrit was the first language to be built for 'rasa', Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are Maha Kavyas full of 'rasa'. Just because it is not relevant anymore, you can go about claiming modern day kids are better than Valmiki/Vyas! Your history is influenced with western thought and those of victors only, so it is not credible anymore. Become Decolonized first . What is this logic , present day kids >>> Innovators of medieval period. They know more because of continuous advancement of knowledge they had pioneered. If old days innovators had such education and training, they would be the present day stephen hawkings and pioneers of today.
  9. But you do see replies. Not good. It should work like Twitter blocks where you can't even see the replied.
  10. Mind-science is not about Psychology/Psychiatry. Basic 101. Read about how western mind-scientists learnt the craft from yogis in India in the 60s and have digested it with their invented nomenclature. Search for Vipassana and how it is appropriated into what they call as Mindfulness etc. with some mumbo-jumbo modern words. I don't have the time to spare for you to cut and paste. These were thought about more than 2000 years ago. This is like arguing present day high school students know more than Galileo or Newton. BS. It is called learning what is already known, while we are talking about who pioneered the knowledge. Thinking was initiated by Indian civilization. Go figure!
  11. You are incorrigible. You don't know anything about mind-sciences and talk through your rear most of the time. Waste of time.
  12. coffee_rules

    Common Sense [ Level = Indian ]

    ^^ exactly, beheadings etc we know. I don't want to see normal people die and suffer and call the mishaps as natural selection.
  13. They were thinking about how we came about to exist and the meaning of time, your scholars are busy involved in kiki, tide pod and ice-bucket challenge.
  14. 2-161 (AT Rayudu, 29.2 ov), 3-240 (S Dhawan, 40.4 ov) Last 20 overs 124 runs (6 RPO) Last 10 overs (45 runs( (4.5 RPO) Last 5 overs (29/2) - 6 RPO) Wah Re Mere Cheeteh!
  15. ^^I will reply on individual points, but Judiciary given supreme powers will lead to a banana republic. It is not civics 101. Judiciary is individuals and if it's left to people like you then society will turn to anarchy and artistcratic communities. There is no idealism in society, there is a practical balance that results in peace in the region. I think we are digressing, we should debate in DM.
  16. Democracy works by laws from Legislature from people's reps, Executive from the Government and Judiciary which is supposed to implement and safeguard the laws. This committee is part of what? Judiciary? With enough people pressure any Judicial committee decisions can be impeached. So, who has authority in a simple democratic process? This #377 WAS ALLOWED TO BE PASSED BECAUSE THERE WAS NO LEGISLATIVE OPPOSITION. As in the case of Shah Bano, Judicial activism can be thwarted by legislative mandate.
  17. I was commenting on the Christian core belief of a Virgin birth of Jesus. If it was not for birth from a Virgin mother, Jesus would not be born out of sin like all of us and hence he can't deliver us out of our born sin. This is the core belief. Scientifically, the only way a mother can give birth and still be a virgin is if Mary was a hermaphrodite. Forcing such beliefs would be blasphemous as well as unconstitutional. May I know who are the two deities that I offended with virgin birth remark? Ganesha ?
  18. Who is to decide that? An authoritarian liberal.
  19. Hinduism believes in Ishtadevta, it is respected and celbrated as well. The argument is how libs are turning this into gender issue while it is not. Ayyappan is not a vedic god, but a tantric one. It is about a spiritual energy in a sthala and the energy of belief in a sthala mahime. It is a private place, where a public place discrimination laws don't apply. Feminists and libs have a single dolution for all diverse issues such as these and want to kill tradition.
  20. No, just pointing to your ignorance, you mandooka are entitled to your koopa. In Hindu belief, once a prana prathishtapana is performed on the idol, it is believed to be living, and hence as a person it is entitled for constitutional rights. It is his abode, his story and his rules. Devotees believe that and follow the rules. This is as per our scriptures and hence constitution allows it because of it as a right to freedom and belief. There are beliefs in quran and bible (scriptures) that cannot be challenged in a court of law. Asking space for belief and not denigrating or snatching others' beliefs is what thos is about. It is in Bhutanatha purana where Ayyapan has taken a vow of naisthika brahmacharya, making him not be anywhere near women who are capable of progeny. This menstruating thing is added by feminazis to denigrate the belief. right to freedom of religion is so vast, all beliefs are protected under it. So, go figure out how to quash it. And yes, Matter over
  21. This shows your lack of swadeshi or indigenous history and blind faith in your wesyern colonial masters' version. No, it does not. If they are allowed, the deity's right to beief is violated. Why not? Isn't that what a secular goverent should do, treat all religions equally? It is not man made, it is in scriptures and puranas. Lets see if bible can be changed by gender equality police. Unnatural sex act had made it criminal , only it has been decriminalized, It is far from recognizing gay rights for property, children etc.as it is in the west. If constitution says right to freedom of religion, it can do Ghanta for belief system, otherwise they have to change the basic fundamental right and let's see what chimps of FOE will do then.
  22. No , not in a democratic goverment has no say in the religion's core tenets or beiefs. Otherwise they are called fascists or communists.
  23. Goverent has a say over individual rights...but has No control whatsoover on the faith and belief system of a religion or tradition. The government has no say in what a person should believe or not believe. It is the fundamental right of a person They cant ban a belief of a sect that believes in virgin birth altho scientifically it is impossible. The deity and his followers believe in the type of brahmacharya followed by the deity where women of a certain age is not allowed to interact. If the devotee doesn't believe she stops being a devotee and hence has no rights.
  24. He is better than Jhaduv and Biryani and DK in OdIs. He should be given a propa run. He is a gun fielder second to Kohli in Yoyo test. Pant will play only when Dhoni quits.

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