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  1. Match Result- IND v ENG | 2nd T20

    well looks like I will be needing the 100k as loan from someone
  2. Match Result- IND v ENG | 2nd T20

    100k on India
  3. The Never Ending Thread

    pk!! howzaaa
  4. The Never Ending Thread

    haha yep! what's up?? looks like things have changed here quite a bit. also cricketics was talking about some staff room, can you get me there?
  5. The Never Ending Thread

    whats up folks? long time!
  6. ICF through its 10 Years

    interesting stuff. good to have been a part of this for a while now.
  7. I understand everyone has his/her perspective but we do not really possess many talented options such as Harsha Bhogle imo. And not letting him be is one of the saddest stories of recent times!
  8. Favourite International Team

    new zealand and this has been the choice for quite a while. Sure england poses some good players these days and is always talked a lot about, either with a lot of love or hatred. aussies have ruled for long before others started competing and getting the better of them proteas kept choking while producing some gem of players kiwis, always seemed to be the calm amidst the chaos (ok, ignore chris cairns and his recent debacles). You look at their players, their grounds and their overall sportsmanship as such, feels so calm!
  9. The Tamil Nadu Premier League Thread

    Oh man, did not even know this tournament was going on! seems very interesting
  10. Site Feedback

    hoping to. what was/were your previous username(s)? I don't remember a Nova previously
  11. Site Feedback

    Visiting the site after a few months, I see that the entire new look has come up. Interesting stuff, when did this happen? Also, where are all my icf $ gone?
  12. perfectly said. Happens as you have seen a generation of cricketers retire and new ones take up the mantle.

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