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  1. Jimmy Cliff

    Your favorite YouTubers

    TVF/TheViralFever Kanan and Biswa Kalyan Rath Cricket Classics/Robelinda2/myjkyz87a/roaustin Every Frame A Painting Film Companion NerdWriter1 PatCondell Paul Joseph Watson Screen Junkies ScreenPrism The Satya Show Darren Farley Lessons From A Screenplay
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    I still have faith .
  3. Jimmy Cliff

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Not needed. We already have Indian ABD aka Karthik . Get Smith in for a one year loan deal while he's banned for Australia.
  4. Jimmy Cliff

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    We need foreign batsmen.
  5. LMAO even Dh0bi is not allowed. Yeh bik gayee hai gormint .
  6. The same way N0hit gets auto-corrected to Rohit. I wonder if Dhoni is allowed.
  7. Jimmy Cliff

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    In general, I'd agree. Ideally I would prefer to not exclude Zim during late 90s - early noughties and probably not exclude Bangladeshs while they're playing at home post 2015. I'd also be tempted to exclude Windies post 2009. But that isn't possible via Statsguru and it becomes too tedious to do all of that manually so for the sake of convenience I generally exclude Zim/Bang completely. I think what this confirms is that Waqar certainly did not have far better stats than Wasim at every point of their careers. It isn't all that arbitrary though. The first half of the 90s is where the sustained period of excellence ends for Waqar. Prior to '95, the only "bad" year he has statistically is his very first where he averages close to 40. Since '95, the bad years start piling up. And even in some of the years he does relatively well in terms of average/SR, the impact isn't quite there (like 1997 when his WPM is less than 3 or the near absence of 5-wicket hauls throughout the 8 year phase). Waqar in many ways is the more extreme version of Ponting who averaged 71+ during 2002-2006 but averaged less than 42 against non-minnows outside of this phase. Now this doesn't mean Ponting was a Ganguly level batsmen for more than half of his career but it does tell us that his good years outside of the 2002-2006 phase were interspersed with plenty of modest/bad years as well. If the argument is that Akram wasn't a great bowler in the 80s or that he took longer to start performing like an ATG bowler compared to Waqar then I don't disagree. Don't agree with the bolded part. The way I see it is that both were excellent in the first half of the 90s as we can see below. If Waqar was performing at 10/10, Wasim was at least 9/10 if not 9.5/10. Outside of this phase, Akram is comfortably ahead. If you ignore both of their numbers from 1990-1994, this is what we get Akram: 66 Matches, 113 Innings, 228 Wickets @ 26.32 with a SR of 60.73 with 10 5-fers and 2 10-fers. Waqar: 45 Matches, 78 Innings, 136 Wickets @ 31.94 with a SR of 57.29 with 1 5-fer and 1 10-fer. So while Waqar had the better peak, Akram was an asset for much longer ending up respectable stats even when he didn't have peak Waqar alongside him. He also has more poor years though (if we consider a year with an average > 35 as poor). Waqar has 5 (1989, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2003) bad years out of 15: 33% Akram has 3 (1991, 1998, 2001) bad years out of 17: 18%
  8. Jimmy Cliff

    India all time lefty XI for tests

    Ramesh Gambhir Wadekar Ganguly (c) Kambli Mankad Patel (w) Jadeja Ghavri Zaheer Bedi
  9. Jimmy Cliff

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    That's evidently not true. Waqar had an extraordinary peak from 1990-1994 but was pretty ordinary after that. Waqar during 1990-1994. Waqar from 1995-2003 His Avg/SR/WPM all take a huge hit post '95 and he has just 1 5-fer in 43 games against non-minnows. Akram fared much better in the same phase. In fact, in the 1995-2003 phase, only Dillon and Prasad have a worse average than Waqar amongst all seamers with 75+ wickets against non-minnows.
  10. Hard for him to do so on this tour as the T20I series preceded the ODIs/Tests. Anyhoo, I am still confident of not losing the Test series.
  11. Jimmy Cliff

    Gambhir on how hard working was Gary kirsten as coach

    Under Kirsten, we drew the Test Series against one of the strongest SA sides of all time. This year we failed to take the series to a decider (first time since 1997) against arguably the weakest SA side we have faced since their re-admission. That is all that matters. Couldn't care less about JAMODIs in 2018.
  12. Jimmy Cliff

    Gambhir on how hard working was Gary kirsten as coach

    Yeah right. As if we won/drew Test series in NZ/SA left right and center before or after Kirsten. Stick to Kohli Chalisa.
  13. Jimmy Cliff

    Gambhir on how hard working was Gary kirsten as coach

    Won in NZ, drew in SA .
  14. Jimmy Cliff

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    Seems so according to the great man himself. Rejoicing in the Twirlymen and the forgotten art of medium-paced spin

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