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  1. Jimmy Cliff

    The Official Kaanspiracy Theory Thread

    Not even a kaanspiracy.
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Highest Strike rate of ODI Batsmen since 2016

    Subtle Hinthi imposition .
  3. Loving this Dharmendra avatar of @Muloghonto Bhai .
  4. Jimmy Cliff

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Shami ahead of Cooldeep is a must for this game.
  5. Ravaanon ke saath share kiya points. Bongo bandhu ke saath muqabla baaki hai .
  6. Jimmy Cliff

    The Official Kaanspiracy Theory Thread

  7. Jimmy Cliff

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    If he's actually ruled out of the WC, I predict Rayudu will crawl back in.
  8. Some are saying he's ruled out for 3 weeks.
  9. Jimmy Cliff

    Yuvi videos

  10. Jimmy Cliff

    Yuvi videos

    One of his forgotten gems - 121 vs Australia in 2007 when India were 13/3 after 5 overs. Watch from the 9:54 mark... 98* vs a very good SL attack in 2001. Came in with India at 38/4.
  11. It's not a specialist XI until you pick a pure/specialist keeper .
  12. Jimmy Cliff

    World cup Tweets

    This is magnificent . Hope it continues throughout the WC.
  13. You're talking as if he scored 1(13) while chasing 320+ in a Knockout game .
  14. They've lost just a single WC KO game post the 1996 Final .
  15. Jimmy Cliff

    Is Shakib a more valuable ODI player than Sanath Jayasuriya?

    Bashed Padosis a lot too.

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