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  1. Jimmy Cliff


    Archer is pretty crass IMO. Bojack is quality. I am not sure if you get Rick and Morty on Netflix at your end. But if you do then I would recommend it highly.
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Padosi Philander. In fact what he is done so far is all the more credible since he hasn't got the chance to cash in on the green mambas of RSA.
  3. Jimmy Cliff

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    Strike Rate ka Dushman .
  4. Haven't noticed anything in his walk(!) that resembles Lara but he certainly seems like a Tendulkar-Sehwag hybrid stylistically as a batsman. I thought so during the under 19 WC as well. So I agree with at least 2/3rd of what the bewda is saying.
  5. I don't think this is a casual, off the cuff remark by Sidhu. There has been concentrated effort by the usual suspects in politics as well as the media to fuel the North-South divide. We saw it at it's peak during the Kerala floods.
  6. Jimmy Cliff


    Saw Bojack Horseman Season 5. As solid as ever. The penultimate episode reminded me of Perfect Blue (1997).
  7. Jimmy Cliff

    #MeToo India 2.0

    So the Sukanya Devi rumors are true? Didn't he get a clean chit or something by the apex court.
  8. Jimmy Cliff

    Virat Kohli [ Test Batting Ranking ]

    You mean Babar who averages less than Jadeja/Ashwin in Tests?
  9. It's a little more complicated than that. His power game has improved out of sight which helped him become the best specialist bat in this year's IPL but he seems to have regressed defensively. I don't recall him being this susceptible to the incoming delivery 12-18 months ago.
  10. Tbh up until 2016 it was his injuries that were holding him back. Kohli and Shastri were stupid enough to drop him against SL in 2017 but have given him a decent run of 10 Tests this year. Anyway I hope he turns it around in Australia.
  11. In a dead rubber. His dropping last year for Dhawan was farcical but he's had a consistent run in the side since the 2nd Test in SA and has failed to score a 50 in any live Test this year (barring the one against minnows AFG). He's pretty much used up all the credit he had for his performance against Australia last year.
  12. What about KLR who has failed to score 50+ in a live Test* since November 2017? *Ignoring the AFG Test.
  13. Only saw the last session and Ashwin's middle-leg stump line was disgusting to watch.
  14. Runs ka, wickets ka, DRS ka, pet saaf hone ka, sabka credit lega re tera Dhoni.

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