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  1. Jimmy Cliff

    Openers in ICC and World Events (Stats)

    I wonder why we are looking at these numbers from 1983?
  2. Bhai log why blame these guys when the PM himself hasn't named Pakistan in any of his tweets .
  3. Whoever you eliminate will be made into an icon. And God help you if there is any minority angle to be exploited.
  4. Jimmy Cliff

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    A point to ponder. This guy is followed by Modi.
  5. Jimmy Cliff

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Counting match-winning scores of 50+ against the Top 7 i.e. SENA/PAK/SL/WI, Out of 54 scores of 50+ in a match-winning cause, 28 of them are against WI/SL for Kohli i.e. 51%. Rohit has 16 out of 36, i.e. 44%. Dhawan has 12 out of 28, i.e. 42%. Dhoni has 17 out of 41 i.e. 41%.
  6. Jimmy Cliff

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    When Rohit scores 50+, India win 36 out of 53 games against non-minnows, a success rate of 67%. For Kohli, it is 54 wins out of 78 at 69%. For Dhoni, it is 41 wins out of 68 at 60%. For Dhawan, it is 28 wins out of 35 at 80%. If we don't count WI and SL (which is sort of unfair to Dhoni since he played stronger SL sides in the mid-noughties but still), when these guys score 50+, For Rohit, it is 20 wins out of 31 at 64%. For Kohli, it is 26 wins out of 44 at 59%. For Dhoni, it is 24 wins out of 42 at 57%. For Dhawan, it is 16 wins of 20 at 80%. Make of it what you will. PS: Not counting ties/NR etc
  7. She has already been exposed once. She ran away from Twitter with her tail between her legs. But later shamelessly came back as if nothing had happened.
  8. Congress mouthpiece is calling him a Dhoni fan FFS .
  9. LOL they can't even keep a nobody like this Son Papri in jail for 24 hrs. Sheila etc toh door ki baat hai. These vermin will continue to spew venom 24*7 from all their holes.
  10. Yep. Shehla aunty, Jignesh Mawali etc dhandhe pe lag gaye hain. Bloody scumbags.
  11. Jimmy Cliff

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Thanks @velu and @The Dark Horse .
  12. Jimmy Cliff

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    @velu bhai, please translate .
  13. Jimmy Cliff

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Doesn't matter. Will be remembered for much longer than all masala T20 league finals put together .
  14. Jimmy Cliff

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Manohar .
  15. Jimmy Cliff

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    Watch around the 11 min. mark...

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