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  1. Jimmy Cliff

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    Btw this was a gigantic six by Uthappa in the IPL
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    112m back in 2012.
  3. Jimmy Cliff

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    Dhoni's Adelaide six off McKay. @velu keeps adding 8-10 meters to that every year. Next year it will be 170 meters.
  4. Not while playing T20Is for India .
  5. 2nd match-winning 50+ score for Pant in this IPL. That's as many as Dhoni and Karthik put together .
  6. Thank God April 15 ke pehle aisa innings nahin khela .
  7. Jimmy Cliff

    Ryan Parag is the next big thing

    Obligatory post about how he's a good prospect for the 2031 WC .
  8. Came from the horse's mouth brah. Saala brat .
  9. Looks like Kohli told Moeen how to pick Kuldeep's googly .
  10. I would pay top dollar for the "technology" that recommended picking Karthik and Jadeja in the squad .

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