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  1. Kevin pietersen calls it a day

    Loved watching him bat at his best. In terms of skill he's right up there with the best batsmen in the last 15-20 years. It's said about Viv that people enjoyed watching him even when he was giving a phainty to their own teams. I feel the same way about KP and ABDV in this era. Would never forget how he turned around the series in 2012 with his 186 in Mumbai. Or the way he wiped the floor with Steyn at Headingley while scoring 149. Strauss .
  2. Bangladesh winning moments and celebrations !!!

    Wouldn't be surprised if these guys started doing the "Suck it" gesture D Generation style if they win the tournament.
  3. Can we turn the commentators' mics down when Manju is commentating, please?
  4. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    6 batsmen + 4 Pacers + 1 AR (Pandya) + Dhoni + Karthik leaves room for just 2 spinners in the squad. Will be very hard for him to get in ahead of either of Kuldeep and Chahal.
  5. DK>Dhoni

    In other news, water is wet.
  6. Batsmen for whom you will pay to watch their batting

    I thought the couple of dots represented Dhoni. Masterful trolling by @velu there.
  7. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Speak for yourself brah. Sensible followers of the game know exactly where I am coming from. But yes for Statsguru Nazis it may come across as bells and whistles. Understandable. My dad ain't much of a cricket fan but I hope your dad doesn't like Sachin all that much. Otherwise you may end up calling him an idiotic Sachin fan being the jaahil that you are. What is hilarious though is that you seem to seem to think of yourself as some who is "above" the rabid Sachin fanboys who belittle every other batsman. When the fact is you happen to be just as rabid and partisan when it comes to Sachin just in a different way. Self awareness is truly in short supply these days.
  8. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    A common mistake by Statsguru noobs is that they think batsman A's stats in games involving bowler B depend entirely on A's ability to negotiate B. They are utterly blind to variables like form, sample size of games, strength of the rest of the sides, match/series context, point in their careers when A is playing B (for instance playing Waqar in the early 90s is an entirely different challenge than playing him in the early noughties, getting Sachin out in late 90s is much tougher than getting him out in 2012 and so on), the opportunities that a player gets during his peak etc etc. Anyone who actually saw SRT bat against full strength Australian attacks including McGrath in 1999 and 2001 would know that he cruised to 580+ runs in 12 innings without even close to being his best. In those series SRT top scored for India in 7 out of 12 innings including the all important series decider in Chennai 2001. So much for McGrath's dominance over Sachin in big games . At that point of time, no one even thought that McGrath had any sort of an edge over SRT. So when exactly did McGrath own SRT in Tests? 1. An inconsequential 4th innings of a one-off Test in Delhi 1996 when the game was dead and buried. Ironically back then it wasn't even considered a particularly good attack with Warne missing. 2. The Nagpur Test in 2004 when he was rushed back in the side for the 3rd Test without much match practice during the infamous tennis elbow phase. In the subsequent Test in Mumbai, SRT scored 55 on a minefield to help India win the Test. But because the sample size is on the lower side (just 9 Tests with McGrath missing out on playing in India in 1998 due to an injury when SRT was at his absolute peak), the odd failures in Delhi/Nagpur are enough to bring the overall average "against" McGrath down to 36+. The sensible followers of the game like us who saw these events would get the context and won't read too much into the one-off failures. The jaahils on the other hand would simply look at the raw stats on Statsguru as the Universal Truth and use this as proof that McGrath owned SRT in Tests. More power to them. I guess the jaahils must believe Tendulkar owned Saqlain even more than Warne. Why? Because statsguru said so And they also must believe that Ponting was utterly mediocre against the greatest pace bowling spearheads of his time i.e. Wasim/Ambrose/Donald/Steyn. Why? Because statsguru said so .
  9. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Come on, the 1996 WC was a small WC and the ICC KO game in Nairobi was just a run of the mill ODI. Similarly the series decider in the 2001 BG Trophy was another not so big game where where Sachin accumulated his way to a tuk tuk hundred and selfishly top scored in India's victory. Or may be the great McGrath didn't consider it a big enough game .
  10. 20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

    Kasper bowled superbly in Bangalore to help Australia win the dead rubber. And Damien Fleming was an elite ODI bowler full stop. IIRC in the 90s, he had a better avg/SR in ODIs than McGrath and Ambrose.

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