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  1. Jimmy Cliff


    India's 'Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota' wins top award at Toronto film festival
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Afghans lost because they were vary of @velu creating another thread crediting their win to Dhoni.
  3. Btw another match-winning ODI 100 by the Indian Ahmad Shahzad. Thoughts @jusarrived?
  4. Jimmy Cliff


    He's averaging 58 in the series. We're truly lucky to have found a like-for-like replacement for Kohli .
  5. Yes but these "tactics" have mostly boomeranged on us in the last 3 years. Dhoniconda ends up biting it's own tail while batting .
  6. Agree. Thala needs to be promoted to 3 to address this problem ASAP.
  7. Jimmy Cliff


    I hadn't seen YRF's Powder on Sony nearly a decade ago but finally started it on Netflix. Pretty good police procedural set in Mumbai with echoes of The Wire. Pankaj Tripathi is in top form.
  8. Jimmy Cliff

    Rahul Dravid- The Dronacharya --Amazing interview

    Fine interview. The tragedy is if we have got a Dronacharya in Dravid we also have Duryodhan-Dhritarashtra in Kohli-Shastri .
  9. Jimmy Cliff

    Indian Middle Order vs Pak Middle Order(2011)

    His knock in the 2015 SF was a homage to Misbah's disasterclass against India in the 2011 WC SF.
  10. Jimmy Cliff

    msk prasad

    I used to be angry at him but it's pretty clear he has no genuine authority so what's the point.
  11. Jimmy Cliff

    Chennai Super Kings influencing national selections?

    This is the wrath of the great @UnknownGenius. Aur mazaak udaao winning mentality ka.

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