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  1. Jimmy Cliff

    Predict the outcome of India vs New Zealand ODI series

    Yeah. We have barely toured NZ in the last 15 years (just twice). Once in early 2009 and then in early 2014. Neither of the tours were followed by the WC. Unless you're counting the 2014 World T20.
  2. Jimmy Cliff

    Predict the outcome of India vs New Zealand ODI series

    Literally hasn't happened since 2002-03 .
  3. Jimmy Cliff

    Nation wants to know !!!

    I wonder if there were any suspicious betting patterns observed during that over . Just thinking out loud. Thoughts @velu ?
  4. We can if we get Pandya back. He is a luxury in the Test side but essential in the ODI XI. Agree on the other points.
  5. Jimmy Cliff

    Dhoni at #4

    Remove .4 from the title and it starts making much more sense.
  6. First bilateral series win in 71 years. Shudder to think how the tour would have gone by without our best Test players Pujara and Dhoni .
  7. Jimmy Cliff

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Interesting. Somehow LoTR is very unappealing to me visually so I have stayed away from the trilogy as well as the series.
  8. Jimmy Cliff

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Me neither. Haven't seen any of the Star Wars, Transformers crap either.
  9. Jimmy Cliff

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Never bothered with GoT as it basically looks like LoTR with nudity.
  10. RIP Pant's career if Edulji aunty finds out about this
  11. Jimmy Cliff

    We need to talk about SENA

    This ain't about one off tours or performances. But more about career stats being grouped based on SENA by not only the fans but increasingly by the media where quite a few subcontinent players with extra-ordinary overall records get under-rated based on their modest record in SENA while while relatively poor performances by SENA players in Asia don't seem to attract the same level of criticism. Not to mention how it under-values performances by subcontinent players in non-SENA countries. A classic example being Sehwag called an HTB even though he averages around 45 away from home against non-minnows.
  12. Jimmy Cliff

    We need to talk about SENA

    A timely piece on the on-going SENA obsession...
  13. Jimmy Cliff

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Except for Nehra's career-best moment here

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