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  1. singhprakash72

    So without Dhoni....we cant win?

    You still lose with Dhoni...unless Kohli plays anchor role, no one in this team can win a match chasing against decent sides. You can get 1 in 20 match winning innings from Dhoni, Rohit or Jadhav but overall pretty brittle batting line up. Last 4 contribution can be pegged at 20 runs and opening is Russian roulette, remaining middle order we all know
  2. singhprakash72

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    what a sad display by our overrated cricketers ....no 6 & 7 toying with this attack. Our no 6 & 7 will be lucky to make double digit chasing 350 plus score. Pant thanks for proving your skill as a keeper...joining the long list of IPL stalwarts
  3. singhprakash72

    Congratulations Sri Lanka

    Phenomenal win for SL...they were facing lot of turmoil before the start of the series and were given no chance. Great show of character by both bowlers and batsmen.
  4. No way ICC will remove Pak from WC...let us be realistic. If we truly want to protest then we should be ready to skip the tournament. Doing half ass stuff of not playing in league but in SF or knockout makes no sense.
  5. singhprakash72

    US ICF-ers - Willow TV vs Hotstar

    World cup is always pay per view...something like $199 package last time in 2015 when I had Willow TV. I always had Willow tv for last 15 yrs ....never tried Hotstar but may be its time to do that now
  6. SA fast bowling attack is probably the best but beyond SENA they would struggle...even in SA the Aussie attack over performed until last years tour. India on other hand have an attack that can challenge in SENA and totally dominate in SC conditions including Windies. SA needs good spin twin (Warne/Gill like combination to be world beater)
  7. singhprakash72

    Rofl Choke job by Pakistan

    Babar played exceptionally well with good cricketing shots..the rest didn't step up in the end. More than choke they haven't good finishers in middle order. I really don't give 2 hoots about T20 format as with little luck even a weaker team can win against an appreciably stronger team. It is hard to do that in ODI and almost impossible in Test.
  8. singhprakash72

    Predict the outcome of India vs New Zealand ODI series

    India definitely bowled much better ...I expected it to much closer contest (3-2 which is still possible). The batting has not been tested. No pressure in the first 3 games but looks good so far.
  9. singhprakash72

    Rayudu booked #4 slot as his own for the WC !!!

    Despite this knock he will add to a middle order that will be tested in a chase (>300) with not the best rotation skill or saand hitters (except for Pandya) needed in those situations. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.
  10. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25862243/the-enduring-fire-fuels-west-indies-england-come-play Interesting article on why WI despite having mediocre side more than last decade, have still a good record at home against English
  11. Great win for Windies....Hope for a strong WI side in future, that will make cricketing world so exciting. Totally demolished a strong English side. Team selection was strange but on paper it looked they had 8 batsman, 3 keepers, 7 bowlers and 4 allrounders but in reality it turned out to be a nightmare outing for English.
  12. singhprakash72

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    MSK Prasad ( though a keeper) also opened in one of the games in Aus tour of 1999/00. You should have watched him actually bat in one of those innings ....he was literally closing his eyes and playing forward defense...it was mind boggling to watch a international cricketer (not a tailender) with such a pathetic technique.
  13. In Punjabi that would be mean Aimless d**k
  14. singhprakash72

    3rd ODI (D/N) - Pakistan VS South Africa at Centurion

    I think so too but they should have won the 2nd ODI easily instead of leading 2-1 they are now losing 2-1
  15. singhprakash72

    India has no chance of scoring 350 plus

    I don't see a way out...this is going to be our World Cup line up. Khuda na Khasta if the top order fails it will struggle to go past 250 forget 350. The saving grace will be our bowling...in today's game if we had 2014 bowling line up we would have lost. Still I think India will make it to knock out SF but Rayudu's and Dhoni's are too big a baggage to carry if they want to win the Cup.

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