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  1. Probably the only Test player interested in non circus cricket...the last of the breed
  2. singhprakash72

    Khaleel Ahmed

    agree not many in recent years but definitely looks like age old problem...where are our great bowling coaches and support staff ? He was looking lifeless and listless. Also any news on Nagarkoti ? Hope he does end up in never ending trundler brigade.
  3. singhprakash72

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    Truth is that not many left in Indian team who can play spin effectively ....even our best Virat and Rohit don't sweep or cut on backfoot and would prefer pacer any day. Gambhir, Sachin, Sehwag, ganguly class players missing who could slaughter or milk the spin as needed. Present team can only hit of out situation like Rohit & Dhoni tried at end with lot of risk but cannot milk them in middle overs to keep up .
  4. singhprakash72

    Southafrica vs Pakistan 3rd Test: at Johanneburg. Jan 11-15,2019

    SA didn't exactly steamroll Pak ...without Olivier this would have been a closer series. Pak would have still lost but margin could be different. SA bowling attack is great for SENA but it will be tested in subcontinent due to lack of world class spinner. Styen is in last leg and Philander would follow soon. Batting remains vulnerable with loss of ABD, Kallis recently and Amala not in greatest form.
  5. singhprakash72

    Khaleel Ahmed

    Looks very ordinary ...don't know what happened to all the hype of his pace. Kanga league has better left arm bowlers. I still remember Wasim telling in an interview "when you are young & raw, go for pace the rest will automatically come as you season" in our case the first thing that happens to youngsters is that they drop pace...the list is endless munaf, abhey, Irfan etc and still manage to get injured.
  6. singhprakash72

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    You don't need to be genius to figure this out..like I said before, he still had few years of Test cricket (after retiring in 2014-15) left but an absolute misfit for T20 or ODI (ODI till 2016). I would even go with Karthik as keeper if no Pant and allow a decent batsman in his place like Mayank. The duo of VK and Shastri feels that he contributes to the think tank on field and experience he brings...which on paper may look good but when you are 3 down for nothing or need 100 runs in 60 or even 80 balls he is not the guy. His game has actually not changed much since 2008 (post his swashbuckling start 2004-2007) but he just doesn't have strokes to score singles at start of innings or hit big ones later or even convert back of length balls to 4 or 6.
  7. +1 Agarwal for Raydu and Pant for Dhoni....Vijay Sankar like mentioned is Joginder Sharma 2.0 or poor man's Hardik Pandya. This team could still beat Aus in Indian conditions but for SENA it is ill equipped. It may still win a match or two but that will on back individual performance from top 3.
  8. Seriously Vijay Shankar ? If they want warm bodies Vijay Shankar is fine otherwise why not try Deepak Chahar ?
  9. singhprakash72

    BCCI announced cash rewards for the Indian cricket team:

    Parthiv did his bit by growing the beard ....hopefully didn't give any free advice on Wkt keeping to pant.
  10. That was a transition period for WI as their bowling greats Charlie Griffith and Wes Hall had retired ...sobers was past his prime but Vanburn Holder was still decent. So if you want to compare with WI pace attack post 1975 to 1990 then it was probably Pop gun attack but by no means toothless.
  11. Pujara's knock remind me more of Amarnath than Dravid....Amarnath in test series with Pak and WI, the two toughest, in 1982-83 season was the probably the most phenomenal batting I ever saw (actually just saw vs Pak no Tv coverage at WI but it was probably the best pace attack ever)
  12. singhprakash72

    Indian captains

    If we just consider from 1980 on wards ( at least by my limited knowledge) Kohli definitely the most aggressive minus team selection & pitch reading, making the most of formidable pace attack. Kapil for me stands out pretty aggressive in a defensive era of 80s and probably the one of the best considering he won miracle 1983 WC, won 1986 Eng series and close to winning in Aus too ( he actually lost to WI at peak 2-0 away series when all ENA were blanked 5-0, 4-0). Ganguly, considering build a new team, at that time was probably the next most aggressive captain. Great test wins in Aus, Eng and going to final of WC'03. Gavaskar was most defensive (following trend of that era) followed by Dhoni and Dravid ...Dhoni even with trundlers post 2010 should have won 3-4 more tests in WI, NZ, Eng while Dravid great technically was guilty of not forcing more wins in WI (2006 series) and Eng (3rd test 2007).
  13. singhprakash72

    Pant 2 , MSD 0 - num of test centuries outside Asia

    If you remember my posts I am not a fan of Dhoni (infact I still want him out of ODI/T20) but facts are facts ...Dhoni to best of my knowledge rarely dropped sitters (at least in Test) he was ugly but did the job ..Saha was the best in terms of keeping skill. Dhoni's main weakness was he wouldn't go for catches in 1st slip but his keeping to spinner was exceptional. If you want to set low standards for keeping and have a keeper who can slog the tired bowlers on flat pitch then Pant is your guy and I am not saying drop him but he needs to know his keeping is still needs a lot of work. Please please don't put him in chana ke jhaad mein. He still has long way to go before he can be compared to Gilly Boucher Dhoni or even Bairstow
  14. singhprakash72

    Pant 2 , MSD 0 - num of test centuries outside Asia

    i hope to see similar reaction when he will miss some sitters in coming matches
  15. singhprakash72

    Indian captains

    To be fair he was in one of the toughest tours to Pak & WI when famous spin quartet was fading away.

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