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  1. Deal with Pakistan later, first we need to handle these anti-national traitors inside. What the hell people, they eat, live and do sh!t here and then praise the killings of our armed forces Namak haraami ki bhi hudd hoti hai.
  2. For people blaming Modi and BJP for everything ill with our country, Just use your brain once. 60 years others (especially the grand old party) ruled this nation. It took us so long to abolish Triple Talaq, enforce GST, have digitization in most govt. services, have basic sanitation and electricity in our households. Why couldn't they achieve any of this? For haters, as if Indians were swimming in honey before 2014 and were wearing Gucci/ riding Porsche/ having autobahns all around. Since 2014, we are stuck with Sanghi, illeterate Hindu idiots.
  3. Tridibans_16

    Whether west bengal is the sick man of india ???

    I am domiciled in Bombay
  4. Tridibans_16

    Whether west bengal is the sick man of india ???

    Being a Bong myself, I feel sad and depressed watching my state go to the dogs. the Bengali 'Bhadralok' mentality with its ingrained 'communism' destroyed Bengal. Whatever was left, is now being flushed down the toilet by our Jihadi Didi. But the tide is turning. VINAAASH KAALE VIPRIT BUDDHI. Mamata miscalculated this move. It will come back to haunt her. My extended family (half communists half trinamool) are all but surely moving towards the right. Change is coming soon.
  5. For starters, England always get shellacked down under. That 2010 series was an exception with oldies in Aussie side and perhaps the greatest English side this millenium with Cook in Bradmanesque form. Also, the series they played in WI that year was no way in same intensity as that Ashes. England wanted to win in Australia so much so that it became an obsession. Soon after order got restored ad England has a record of 0-9 in Australia since .
  6. I think it hurts more losing to this English side than the earlier debacles. 1) For the first time in our history, our bowling was top knotch. Though Bumrah/ Shami missed matches, except Lords, we were in the game in almost all the other tests. 2) Kohli was the sole man standing in our batting. Pujara did well in that 4th test. But apart from these wo, our batsmen flopped. Dhawan/ Vijay and Rahul were atrocious. If only some of them scored atleast a 30-40, we would have won in Edgebaston. 3) Lastly, captain genius and Shastri missed a lot of tricks with team selection. Who the * plays a newbie wristspinner on a green Lords track? Also, Ashwin, being our premier spinner failed in that 4th test where he was the reason we ended up chasing 300 odd and not 170-180.
  7. Tridibans_16

    ODI WC 2019 - Ind's Schedule Group Games

    I hope we don't play Chahal and Kuldeep every game till WC. God forbids, if any one of them gets injured, with our middle order, we will be in big trouble come the knockout stage.
  8. Lol at the surveys. They are giving NDA 20 in Maharashtra my home state (though a Bengali ). No way BJP-SS -RPI(A)-BVA combine is getting anything less than 32. NDA will be around 270 in the worst case scenario. But yes, will probably lose 40 seats in UP.
  9. We need to lose with this team to have any chance in the wc
  10. Since rohit got out we scored 117 runs in 120 balls
  11. This is pathetic. Average first inns score here in 335
  12. Pathetic minnow level batting by our middle order.
  13. I badly want india to lose this.
  14. Tridibans_16

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    Pakistan's record in Australia is pathetic to say the least. They last won a test in 1995 (with Wasim, Waqar etc). Since then, 0-3 (1999) 0-3 (2004) 0-3 (2009) 0-3 (2016) They will be playing a 2 match series next year that too on the west coast as the Aussies deem them undeserving of the blockbuster boxing day/ new year tests (will be against New Zealand).
  15. Tridibans_16

    Match thread: Ind vs Aus - Final test, Sydney (3rd Jan to 7th Jan)

    This is pathetic. No rain still no play. Gloomy so what? Their are floodlights for his sake. Have watched so many matchess in light and weather worse than this.

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