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  1. What an absolute mood killer...

    I agree about his run out. But analyse our performance a little deeper. Atleast the bloke gave his all in the 1st matc and in the first inns here. His runout was a brainfart and he will learn surely. But look at Rohit Sharma. Does he have an iota of shame? The least you can do is atleast try to work your way to a gritty 30-35 . He lazily gets out in the same fashion for years after years. Since 2007, I don't even recall 1 instant where he contributed away from home. Today, what people like Parthiv and in the last match, Dhawan did is absolutely disgraceful. How can you perform like this in INTERNATIONAL CRICKET for fu@ks sake? Afterall, you are luckiest out of 1.2 billion to represent your nation and your perform like Dhawan(laughs when he gets out to the worst of shots) or Patel (can't even go for a catch hardly a meter away)
  2. What an absolute mood killer...

    Its either a victory or loss. In test cricket aka real cricket, moral victories count for sh!!t! IPL rockstars are nothing but glorified crap crickers (Except Kohli, Bumrah Pandya).
  3. too much time left for a draw! Patel and Sharma *ed us in this test! We should have had SA at 50/4 here, we let them score 50 more in the 1st inns as well thanks to Parthiv chewtiya. The lesser said about our batting the better. This team is eerily similar to the 1990'2 Indian team. One man batting with little brilliances here and there!
  4. I am really happy today. That **ing **nt as***le got out for 10. Kohli dropped Rahane for this idiot sh!t of a batsman!
  5. We scored more than SA in 2nd inns :)
  6. When you analyse more, you realise our batting has been so pathetic that our no. 7-8-9-10 have scored almost double of our top 6.
  7. He is an idiot. Who on earth would choose Rohit above Rahane in SA of all places?
  8. These two have batted better than all (except Kohli) in this innings.
  9. Lols! This is the highest partnership of our innings!
  10. Imagine if any one of our top 5 had added another 35 odd!
  11. Needed one of Kohli/ Pujara or Rohit still at the crease!
  12. Runs required less than 100! Good that atleast our bowlers gave everything they have.
  13. Atleast the proper batsmen are contributing. Our top order is just a glorified tail away from India. Kumar and Ashwin have already made more runs than Vijay, Sharma and Dhawan! Geez!

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