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  1. Tridibans_16

    Legends of Prithvi Sahw-legend in making.

    So true. Just the Colosseum like grand stadiums (MCG, Gabba) make the perfect place to watch cricket. Grown up in the 1990s watching the Australian tri-series every Jan-Feb (in Chilling winter mornings)... Ah the memories! For me, winning a test series in Australia would be a bigger achievement than winning another World Cup (we already have 3).
  2. Tridibans_16

    Home/away kits in cricket

    I for one miss the charm of the 1990's and early 2000s where there were different colour kits for different tournaments. Our jersey has been same since 2012-13 (with a few touch ups here and there). England, SA and even Australia play around with their kits a lot.
  3. Actually you are wrong. BD and for that matter Islamic fundamentalism has been same fpr the past 1500 years. I guess you do know about 1971 Hindu genocide in Bd right? Not to mention thousands of bone chilling horror stories of anti-hindu riots in BD in the last 40 years.
  4. Tridibans_16

    And the loser is India.

  5. I was shocked to read the BD fans reactions against Liton and Soumya, blaming them for slow rr and eventual loss. No way to explain the hate apart from being religious bigotry
  6. Don't know whether to feel sad or happy..... utter awful batting
  7. This isn't funny at all...... because it is true
  8. Brainfart by Jadeja.................. Should lose his spot in the side. What the hell was that
  9. WTH are they doing. If anything more than 8 runs in the last over, we are fckd
  10. Now needs to calm down get singles
  11. Bhuvi has regressed massively as a batter. Saw that in England as well.
  12. Kedar should have tried to atleast hit out instead of retiring hurt.

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