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  1. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    faqar aur maqar ke liye kaafi bada hoga, bandhe pichle 2 hafte se chaar-paanch seekh kebab ke diet pe mar rahe hain, lack of carbs will hurt when they have to maar ball to bondry.
  2. Changes before the Final

    changes ka kya discuss karna hai, bas umeed yehi hai ki humare mard-e-momin bhaiyon apni underwear change kar liye, group stage waale match mein kaafi geelay ho gaye the. kal ka mausam bhi bada local jaisa hai, saale 50 degree ki heat mein bada phislega, thand rakhna hai boys
  3. Pathetic Cricket TV Drama's from either side

    yaar Moto G5 plus upgrade kar le, its a much better phone. camera wrist hila ke khul jaata hai
  4. Should Indian batsmen be careful against Hasan Ali?

    sir, aap anal pe dhyaan dijiye
  5. The Pakistani troll thread - trolls welcome!!

    yaar ek baat batao. tumhare logon ki jaisi shakal hai, but you keep calling yourselves the descendants of mughals. how does that make sense? aur aise cheezein bolne ki confidence kahan se aati hi?
  6. alright fellas, give us your best shot. so much whining by these guys on social media after shashi kapoor and sehwag's tweets, there has to be some that spills over onto this relatively irrelevant forum. i noticed a few attempts during the group game, some bradford bruv from the UK made a thread about amla being better than kohli, and some actual mard-e-momin from pakistan tried telling some people that they actually won the 1965 war. otherwise its been disappointing. with a few days to go, i'm hoping for some better trolling.
  7. Virender Sehwag Funny Tweets/Posts

    the average pakistani on twitter probably spends about 6 hours a day crying like a little bitch about sehwag's tweets..."so not funny"..."such cheap humor"...blah blah bah. i just have to ask: are there no celebrities in pakistan? make some celebrities of your own, then you wouldn't have to get offended by ours. sehwag posts a lot of nonsense, but these Pakistani spend all day and night obsessing over his and other indian celebrities' tweets.
  8. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    like this?
  9. CT final, the final frontier

    interesting signature, @Pakistan what are your thoughts on this: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/12/532632860/pakistan-sentences-man-to-death-for-blasphemy-on-social-media
  10. they have jazba...haan mera jazba...aisa jazba...aage se hat jaa...woh apni AAG dikhayenge !!!!...
  11. Pakistan can beat England if they pick 3 spinners

    3 spinners, tied them down, didn't let them play straight, and watched them choke like they always do. its like they read my post :) congratulations jazbatistan.
  12. Virat kohli now has highest batting average in Odis

    a nice table to look at for an indian fan. 1. kohli = best ODI batsman of his generation. comfortably ahead of anyone in his age group. not sure if he makes it to 400 games, but he'll get to 300 and set all the records along the way. 2. tendulkar = best opener ever. i mean, its not even close. the ones that come close to matching his average have limp dick strike rates under 80. kallis' strike rate is a puny 72, LOL. tendulkar's strike rate is the same as that of modern day greats like amla, williamson, root and smith, which is astonishing considering the eras he played in. i'd even say he is the best batsman ever. 3. dhoni is the best middle order batsman ever. he is tendulkar of the middle order. you can make an argument for de villiers but he never won south africa anything, so i'd rather have dhoni. honorable mention to viv richards, exceptional average and strike rate for his era, albeit in a time when ODI cricket was garbage.

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