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  1. raki05

    Sending Lullu batsman when a big hitter is needed

    I thought we are talking abt t20
  2. raki05

    Sending Lullu batsman when a big hitter is needed

    And he is grooming him for past 10 yrs....
  3. Unadkat is on fire.... once again producing the magical spell.
  4. raki05

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    Ha ha ha... This is awesome.
  5. raki05

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Also the amount of time it took for third umpire to present the ball tracking.
  6. raki05

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    What an illogical comparison, does Sachin played ipl this year. And how he is bigger match winner than Sachin, sachin has 63 MOM out of 463 odi and dadu has 21 out of 318. There is no comparision in test, other than captaincy which other leagues he is ahead of Dhoni. And Dhoni has lead the greatest ever team which india played in 11 wc. IPL dekh k itna excite mat ho. Even now Sachin is more popular anywhere outside india than dadu.
  7. Absolutely it's not Dhoni whom people hate. People may criticize dhoni for bad games, and to be honest he played considerably well this year also lead very well to his team . Give Same team or any other team to Kohli he would have screwed it badly. But the problem is even when dhoni don't play any part to victory or play a **** inning or match loosing inning, chamchas gives credit to him. And most of the icfers hate that they hate chamchagiri.
  8. Leave it man they are debating as if he won a t20 wc ...
  9. ...... bahi tu raheney de. Let Ankit handle it.
  10. And this guy is going to provide thrust to our lower middle order during eng t20 series.
  11. Pandey ji giving gurudakshina performance and pathan is playing for getting admission secure to the old age home (CSK) for next year.
  12. Cricinfo comment : Dhoni dives to his right (yes, he dives) snaps it up

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