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  1. raki05

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    if you insist , dhoni.
  2. looks like he is having nice time in his extra curricular, and it reflects on his on field performance.
  3. raki05

    Rayudu needs a bigger bat !!!

    Kohli and Shastri are possesed by Dhoni inturn you have all these thakur,kaul,chara and rayadu keep recycling. Once Dhoni gone they will also gone forever.
  4. raki05

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Rayadu bas naam hi kafi hai.
  5. Nope.. as long as dhoni and his mediocre sena is there he will not get a sniff of the playing 11.
  6. Wow i din't know this. ABDV is also top 3-4 batters in odi. That's why i said if kohli continue like this and will win a wc on the back of his batting performance he will be retired as GOAT in odi. But ya i agree that recent era is the most easiest era in terms of scoring run as limited over pitches have gone flat everywhere and batsmen skilled have also increased considerably due to advent of t20, 2 balls field restriction and all that.
  7. Completely agreed. No matter what kind of bowler or pitch condition is maintaining an average more than 100 in entire year is something unheard of.
  8. Ya missed that abbas is in test. But they are more touchy about Azam according to them he is second only to kohli in odi.
  9. Neighbours would run riot no pakistanis in any of the squad. And greatest of all time Babar azam missing from odi linup.
  10. Yup there are numerous other as well. The number of matches he lost in past couple of year with his scintillating batting is unmatchable.
  11. Did you even read my post the centuries i mentioned was in test matches. BTW coming to odi wc he still have 3 centuries against good team he also have sevral 50s against good team, he was highest scorer from India in 92 wc as teenager , highest scorer in 96 and 2003 wc and also second/ third highest in terms of scoring in 99 and 2011 wc. Also according to you against kenya and namibia he should have got out first ball in wc according. And Kenya was good team at one point of time reached in wc sf also whipped india in odi on couple of occasion.
  12. What do you mean by your Rahul he is not my son. He has been rightly kicked out after non performance. Looks like you take it personal if someone say something to kohli . As i mentioned before by kohli is on the verge of becoming GOAT in odi and ATG in test by the time he retired he can be greatest ever in terms of stats from India. But the sheer hope/expectation and joy which sachin created among fans with mediocre indian team during 90s no one else can create.when we used to be whipping boys of most of the countries (even sl and zim used to kicked us occasionaly) By the time kohli came in to picture we were already well established team. BTW i was responding to a post who is talking as if Sachin is chadrakant pandit while compared to kohli.

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