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  1. That's a big blow not because bhuvi is great bowler it's just that we don't have anyone else with bumrah to bowl in last 10 over . Also now you can't bring in bumrah to bring in middle over to bowl few.
  2. raki05

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    I am not talking about his batting ability. I am talking about his over friendly attitude with Pakistanis. As you or someone mentioned earlier he passed an smile to waha and he ignored him and walked off.
  3. raki05

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    Actually he is grade one fattu. He doesn't want to get trolled by Pakistan players and social media.
  4. Wi is going to kick some asses real bad. Get ready teams calypso are in the house.
  5. raki05

    WC 2019 England batting - cracks appearing

    Stokes is fake alleounder , most of the time in pressure match he choked. Also his batting against spin and fast bowlers are mediocre. Only butler and opners if they survive are gun and can change the complexion of match. Toot can only play support inning. But butler is super batsmen , good thing is he doesn't click against us.
  6. I still feel rahul needs to cut on some risky shots. Bank more on singles during middle overs and don't play too late as ganguly pointed out yday.
  7. raki05

    Warm up Game - WI vs NZ - WC 2019 - Bristol

    India batted brilliantly after being 100-4 after 22 overs. Next 28 overs we made 259 awesome isn't it.
  8. raki05

    India vs Boult

    Frankly speaking indian and assian batters make him looks great or else he is not that devastating bowler. Swing or no swing it all depends on ones shear determination and playing against all odds and our batsmens are complete fissaddi in that.
  9. But he is dud in field and doesn't even know how to hold bat. Both spinners are mentally fragile. If any batsmen goes after them ,they don't have plans B.It happened in SA, eng and last home series in Aus. Where Klaseen, phelukwayo , root and Maxwell has milked them.
  10. Where is my favorite cricketer majid khan. Though he never played with left hand, had he played these no name cricketers in your list would have ashamed of their achievement.
  11. Yuvraj is much more explosive than maulana anwar
  12. This guy is already famous on insta and twitter for flirting : https://circleofcricket.com/category/Latest_news/29181/yuzvendra-chahal-caught-messaging-a-random-girl-on-instagram-says-it-was-my-friend

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