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  1. I can't believe not just some moron cricketers there are fans as well desperate to bring Briyani.
  2. raki05

    Blast from the Past

    Pakistani speaks English as if they know it. Their body language do more talking than their words.
  3. raki05

    KL Rahul trying to copy Dhonis batting !!!

    As if dhongi has different approach. Dhongi has done mastery in playing slow and loosing matches.
  4. raki05

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    I was about to mention this .... Not just him any chutiya khatik type bowler who get bashed like eternity and suddenly after taking wkt mostly due to Batsmen meherbani scream and sought as if they have delivered a baby. Yday Nadeem guy did the same.
  5. + Anointing meek character like Rahane as captain. Problem is this meek players will bring another crap players to make themselves look better.
  6. He has become a talker now.... First step you are getting bad at anything, when you start defending yourself.
  7. bc briyani ki dhamki se dar gaya...? Pant was good enough for standby why to take Rayadu. Pant and Saini are good stand by
  8. raki05

    Rejects XI

  9. His batting style is more closure to dhongi. Both looks ugly with bat in hand ,difference is Rayadu looks ugly even without Bat.
  10. raki05

    Last 10 overs

    Chahal shouldn't be in playing xi... if he is in better form than kuldeep than he should make the cut and kuldeep should sit out. No way we should be playing kulcha in xi.
  11. raki05

    Rejects XI

    Ghor Bayijati... @velu
  12. Ya it's very similar to chennai condition where chahar looks like hadlee. Anyway isn't after last ipl he traveled to eng and Scotland during t20 where he has been thrashed like no tomorrow.
  13. raki05

    Is Kaptan Kohli India's biggest weakness?

    Ya those super phaast juggernaut right. Tendulkar might have thought on those fast , bouncy abroad pitches they would be life threatening so din't unleash them.

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