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  1. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    He can take a place of 6th batsmen though ,and also provide an extra bowling option to provide rest to regular bowlers in test.... imagine a lower middle order lineup of shankar,ashwin,pandya,shaha,shami, umesh,ishant/or any 3rd fast bowler for overseas tour.
  2. According to some he is still grooming Virat and keep grooming till eternity
  3. +1Somehow it gives me a sense(may be wrong)that everyone considering him a threat for their position. Including kuptan saheb and even budhha gavaskar, i think he is the person who can compete with kohli in all fomat provided better grooming and oopurtunities.
  4. Absolutely.....otherwise what purpose ipl is serving other than providing monetery benifits to the individuals which is good. But just like domestic ranji,vijay and duleep series performance which is require for test and odi slection. Ipl performances should be given paramount importance for t20 selection.
  5. I think Gunathilka is their bestbplayer who won them their last t20 series in Aus.
  6. Why can't selector try all the youngsters and non regular in t20 rather than these overhyped bunch as other than wt20 who cares even if we loose few t20s while trying few new faces. In that way atleast we would be future ready and if history gives testimony for that as only time we won t20wc when the team was completly different from regular odi side.
  7. +Exactly by escaping he want to boost his average.he did it on few occasion before
  8. +1 yes even one leg Rains is better than Jadhav and Nehra in terms of fitness.they are bullshiting people how come one of the best fielder and much younger than other mentioned dignitary can't even pass the fitness test. The entire selection system is corrupt, how many times DK 'll get opportunities till finally dropped.
  9. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    That is the chronic problem with Indian cricket individual are prefer over team. Whether it's Ganguly, Sachin or Dhoni. Everyone does the same thing they don't realize when to say ok i have done enough. Dhoni has achieved every damn thing one of the most successful individual in entire Indian cricket history and i think has nothing to prove to anyone. They way he had taken decision so far i was expecting same from him. But now he is elongating it way too much which is not good for team combination. As far as Pant is concerned he is not competing with Rahul but he is striving for keeping position. However you rightly mentioned he needs to perform whatever chance he gets and especially in overseas condition that's the only way to break in to the team now and that's the only thing which he can control.
  10. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    In his last A series match he made 67 on 40, i undestand sa A series was not good enough but do u think well performance in sa A series would have brought him in place of Dhoni in current odi series, i hihjly doubt it.As i see this is the right time to put him in mix of thing at least against weaker opposition , he may have some good or bad matches but it doesnt mean we should ignore him. And kohli backing dhoni is not due to dhoni stellar performances rather his allegiance to him.
  11. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Common thats just one match and what about countless performance which he has given in domestic and A games. Besides even dhoni failed in few of his intial matches. So what is your point and he is just 20 yrs old.
  12. The no.4 conundrum

    I think we are on the same page. It's just that i feel its the best time to groom a youngster keeper whom we are looking as an future and this 2 year after ct17 is best time to do so. I don't see a reason why should dhoni be playing each and every meaningless series atleast against weaker opposition like sri snd wi we could have tried pant,as there is no better learning experience than plsying against international team, even Pandya turned in to different beast by being in the team for one year.
  13. The no.4 conundrum

    First of all don't get offended as I was also his fan. Now coming to the topic how can you blame youngster who are not yet sure of their position as we have to accommodate dhoni in between according to situation. Also contributing as captain should not be criteria of selection and as far as keeping is concerned that's his primary role and it is bau for him and least requirement .When we talk about 250 chases he is not winning them alone even last time when we chases 250 in crisis situation Bhuvi outscored him. So please don't give excuse as contributing in captaincy, we need just one captain and if Virar is not good enough he should be replaced with someone more suitable. But dont cry hypothetical stuff which is least require for winning. Also any youngsters need thorough chance to establish himself. What I can see he is hindering a potential talent pant who should have been groomed after ct 17.
  14. The no.4 conundrum

    Dhoni should not be in team anymore or else we will always have situation like wc 15, ct 17.He is doing the same mistake which he felt seniors like gambhir,Sehwag did obstructing a new comer progress. The biggest concern is not even that but we always have this confusion that who to send on what position because of Dhoni's complete loss finishing touch in more than 6 run rate chase, As other mentioned he is only good for less than 6 run chase and that too in only bilateral and against weaker opposition.He can still consolidate but he can't win u the matches on his own which is very imperative in modern day cricket for his crucial position. I know it's harsh for some of his hard-core fan and quite justifiable but realistically we shall be moving forward or else we should be ready to sacrifice some more crucial matches. Now it's up to selector whom they want to sacrifice individual glory or nation pride.
  15. They banned me thrice so now I stopped posting dere. Bloody they ridicule kohli for every century but hyping amir+Hasan to pair equivalent of wasim+waqar.

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