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  1. Thrre are much worse thing to worry abt than pandya bowling, atleast he is bowling well and getting improve thn someone so cool who is just shouting behined from stump to make his presence felt other thn the trademark lunging which he does during tight run chasr or slog overs.
  2. Azharudin would have surely considered your propisal. However even he might have dtopped him as he would have better bowler and fixer from pakistan like wasim, waqar et all.....
  3. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    Even Shastri was better than him as that was expected from him tht he ll play 120 ball 50 runs.
  4. He has lot of similarity like kohli . He plays percentage cricket till 50 runs and strike rate hover around 80-85, like to stay till end and goes berserk towards end of the inning. Today's inning was perfect example of that, he definetely can improve his striking abilty with experience, but this guy is perfectly suited to our shaky middle order.
  5. What do you mean by kohli and dhwan, they are the only 2 bankable player who is performing in SA. However rahane, dhoni and rohit ll have buffet there.
  6. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    Exactly, no 2 series haa gone after ct17 when we had someone consistently bat at no 4 or no 5. In every series new player has been tried. Main culprit are rahane in middle order and dhoni as finisher. We cant blame younsters until they have proper run on ceryain positio. Also as someone said we should try player with grit and determination like kohli in midfle order and not flash in the pan type.
  7. Also we should have bowled first after winning the toss when thunder storm was imminent.
  8. Ya some genious was saying how he help spiners to get wkt and win matches .....and not just one genious there are many on this forum like him.
  9. Not sure about others but dhoni fan would be like
  10. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Actually it seems like Kohli still consider him as senior brother or some god father who saved his career during his bad days ( Eng Series) hence showing allegiance to him. The current team is more like family and patidar team where everyone is taking care of each others and their family and dogs too. It doesn't look like like Indian cricket team more like a family and friend 11 and Dhoni is Tau Ji of the family no one has guts to raise their voice against him.
  11. Forget about 2011 bloody every other day you would see some idiot upload Dhoni blabbering behind the stumps on you tube and title would be "MS Dhoni's Bowling instructions, field placements, sarcastic quips!". It's getting really sick now.
  12. You are talking about yourself or Dhoni?
  13. Absolute rubbish "providing valuable input from behind the wicket".Where was his input when tullebaz Fakhar Zaman was basihng ash and jadeja. Or are you saying that Yuzi and Kuli would stop taking wkt once dhoni not around. Reality is for any victory which has been achieved through painstaking batting or bowling by some individual credit must go to dhoni according to PR agency of Dhoni.

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