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  1. Why don't you go and check for yourself also check how many times they got an opportunities to chase anything between 150 to 250.... Like this team got around 4-5 times within anbyear overseas.
  2. Did I talk about chasing 250.... How about chasing 200 twise in SA some 214 in eng and 165 against sl of alll teams....bloody fab 4 doesn't have bowling supply like this team has.
  3. And still there are lunatics who believes it is the best team in past 10-15 years.
  4. This team can't score more than 100 to win in 4th winning..... It's an everlasting issue since senior retired. You can't win test with 2 quality batters and 9 tailenders.
  5. raki05

    Match is over

    King of first inning. Can't play lyonn to save his life. And there are other 10 chomu as well. As soon as they see anything above 100 they shits in their pants no matter it's lyonn, Moon Bhai or Rashid or Herrat.Get rid of vijay, send Rahul to domestic , Get in Shaw and any other spin basher opner who can take attack from spinners.
  6. How could this team better than the one which drew in SA , won in eng and NZ also were very close to winning in aus if not for bad umpiring. What are you smoking dude.
  7. What gambhir has done none of the great has done not even kohli. Scored all important finals (07 WC and 11 WC)which India won. Shastri is not fit to tie gambhir's servant shoeless.
  8. raki05

    Batsmen who scored century outside asia !!!

    The most overrated legend,as someone said not even in practice matches....
  9. raki05

    Bharat Arun

    So do you give credit to bangar and Shastri for regression in our top order batting barring kohli and pujara. Same Rahul, rahane were scoring well against Australia in home condition where kohli did zilch. Also khaleel who was bowling fast in intially few matches even in Asia cup he was fastest and clocked 145 suddenly became trundler. Umesh became more shitty than ever. Giving chance to bowlers like chahar, Kaul etc above siraj, saini etc. How abt that.
  10. raki05

    Bharat Arun

  11. He is no different than kohli...They both should be ashamed of their act. I m not against sportsman spirit but this is ridiculous..
  12. That shows how deeply bootlicking has inculcated within us. First to Englishmen and now to richman....
  13. What he is God. It was all evident how serious he was in final match. First played 2 reckless shot in 2 balls and evenbmore disappointing was the way he did mujra in front of whole nation after loosing the match. What's wrong to doubt what you see.

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