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  1. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    please go ahead AB and play Dhoni in your team and save us the torture of watching him play for India. please take him in your team whichever that is.
  2. Under Dhoni of 2008 there would be no Dhoni 2018. He would have kicked out and told the current Dhoni to * off in 2016 or at max after CT 17.
  3. Have some pity on other teams. If these two play there would be no competition, all will we have is one sided competition and domination in favour of India. That would be so boring. As per my friends uncle ABD retired early because of fear of these two. So looking at the well being of their batsmen other boards came crawling to BCCI and requested on humanitarian grounds not to play these bowlers. They said one Dhoni is enough to give nightmares to other teams so atleast don't unleash these beasts on them.
  4. Shardul BC. Fevikol ka majboot jod hai tootega nahi.
  5. Ya sure. Is already hogging up a place in India's team by blocking a youngster. Now do the same at state level. Brilliant idea.
  6. If bangladesh wins it, i predict a grand welcome for them in Dhaka along with open bus parade. Would be fun watching the reaction of their players and fans. All of a sudden Asia cup will get bigger than all the world cups be it cricket or even football past or future. Would be the most meaning full trophy ever.
  7. Dhoni should also be asked "run banayega ya batsman change kare"
  8. Mcgrath, Ponting, Hayden, Shane Bond(whenever he played)
  9. Hell Raiser

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Questions should be asked from the coach of why did they send a tail ender to bat at an important position of number 4. This is team India's international match not some yellow jersey match where a tom dick and harry can score.
  10. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Dhoniconda khud ko hi nigal gaya. Choked his own team. A fitting tribute to his 200th game as a captain.
  11. Hahaha. Captain dhoni couldn't even beat Afghanistan and his chamchas give him credit for every Indian win. Batting useless. Captaincy useless. Useless singh Dhoni.
  12. Dhoni should bat below Bumrah and Chahal. They would show more intent in their batting than lunge singh dhoni.
  13. Lord pandey goes as well. Trainned well by diamond cutter thala. Did well to play innings like diamond cutter thala.
  14. Thala did well. I expected around 4 runs at a srike rate of 30. He did well to prove me wrong and scored double the runs. A true legend. Thaila off to thala.
  15. Come on lad @sscomp32 Be a man. Tell me where was i trolling in that post. Or is it that you don't have anything usefull to add to this thread just like how useless your idol is for team India. Atleast try and take a lunge.

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