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  1. Even Dhoni's parents realise how useless their son has become and wants him to retire.
  2. Washington Sundar isn't average. He has talent to succeed at the top but for that he has to work hard and get regular opportunities. He is far better hitter than Axar who can't seem to even clear the in field. Moreover an offie and a leggie in the team would have made more sense.
  3. What does selectors see in Axar patel that he is always in reckoning for Indian team or playing these A games. They have left Washington Sundar today to accomodate him.
  4. Hell Raiser

    Fortune favours the brave Kohli is a timid captain

    Kohli just doesn't know his best playing eleven. He doesn't have the ability to judge talent or match winning ability in the players. How on earth can you leave your one the most wicket taking bowler from the team just because of one bad match. Shami could have been the difference maker here. He just acts aggressive through his gestures and try to act like a lion while in reality he is just scared little pussy cat.
  5. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    Yes top order should be blamed. But just for one moment forget about top order collapse and just think about last 10 overs. Who was trying to win the match? I saw only Jadeja trying to do that as on the other hand we were going through some "process" which only the great thala can explain. Even a bit more of urgency shown by Dhoni and abit more agression we could have been going to London. Jadeja had to go for everything beacuse he didn't quite get the support that was required for that situation as Thala wanted to take it very deep. He deserves the criticism for leaving it too late. I wouldn't have blamed him had he got out trying to play with more intent but this loss is on Dhoni when we could have won the match.
  6. Hell Raiser

    Gutted !

    * man.Still not able to believe that we are out of it. Feeling so so disappointed ryt now. All that series wins in SA, Aus and NZ feels nothing now.
  7. Hell Raiser

    We should still be proud

    Nothing to be proud off. Such a large group of players to chose fron, richest board, only team game that whole of india cares about. Moreover we lost to a team that isn't very strong. Nothing much to feel proud off. We are not minnows who lost to a better team and should feel great just because we reached SF. Disappointed should be word not proud.
  8. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    What scare?? if it wasn't for Jadeja's innings we would have lost by big margin. Jadeja is the man who made a match of it where as it should have been the other way around and Dhoni should have played Jadeja kind of innings. If not for Jadeja dhoni would have had a 70 ball 30 kind of not out innings and his fans would be claming that their masterbatsman ran out partners otherwise he would have won the match.
  9. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    In 2011 when India were 110 for 3 Dhoni came to crease to tackle the so called threat of Murali ahead of a player like Yuvraj who had a dream run in that worldcup. But today india loses early wickets and this man came to bat at number 7. Whats the fooking use of your experience if you are going to hide behind others when the going gets tough. Pathetic and whats more pathetic is some people still supporting this man. How blind one can be.
  10. Hell Raiser


    Oh bhai tu apna rona ro le. Dhoni ne us din bhi harwaya tha aaj bhi harwa diya. Kya karma?? isme karma kya hai?
  11. It didn't hurt this much when we lost it in 2015 SF against Aus as Aus were the better team but this match hurts as our team looked alot better. But credit to NZ they showed the character and applied themselves better than our IPL heroes.
  12. Hell Raiser

    Take a bow Sir Jadeja

    Great innings by Jadeja.Thought it was a bad decision at first when India selected him in the playing eleven but he almost won it for India with the bat but that rakshas Mahindrasur Dhongi had other ideas and led to his downfall.
  13. Kohli should lose captaincy just for not playing Shami. Early wickets and the score of 240 could have been 200 or even less.
  14. Has Kohli ever scored in knock out matches in ICC ODI tournament? oh well WI series is coming up he can score alot of those runs that he was saving it for that series.

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