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  1. Why is there so much love for Jayant Yadav, K Gowtham would have been a far better choice. And best part is Ajinkya Rahane who should be no where near any limited over matches is the captain.
  2. Siddhart kaul, Deepak Chahar and Shardul Thakur what a bowling attack. Pace like fiyaaa.... I hope England lions smash these trundlers around for fun. Joke of a selection.
  3. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni at #4

    How is it solved when the player who will play now at number 4 is in itself is a big problem.
  4. Hell Raiser

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Well played Jadhav, you not only were against 11 Australians but also against another selfish player at the non striker end. Odd were against Jadhav but he came out on top. Well done.
  5. Lucky mofo. Got dropped on zero then Aus missed a run out chance, got an edge but everyone missed it and finally dropped again.Tried his best to make Aus win the match not to mention he dropped a catch and missed stumpimg while keeping. Inspite of so many chances it took Jadhav to play a match winning knock. What a shameless guy.
  6. Exactly. He just doesn't have the ability anymore. His dependence on others to score quick runs is cringeworthy. He bats like tail ender whose job is just to stay there with the main batsman which in turn puts pressure on others to increase the run rate. If they get out trying to up the tempo then his shameless fans would say that he didn't had enough support to win it for India otherwise Thaile wala would have won it.
  7. Dhoni has to be the most hypocrite and selfish player in the history of the game. Guy just plays for his stats and depends on others to score quickly. Half of his total runs should be given to Raina and Yuvi just for his pure unadulterated selfishness.
  8. Dhoni tried his best to play a match winning innings for Australia but thank god Jadhav was there to take India home just like DK won the last match for India inspite of Dhoni.
  9. Good to see the name of Tushar Deshpande. He is a very good upcoming talent and needs to be groomed properly. Thank god they didn't pick Dhawal Kulkarni. Now hope Avesh and Deshapande makes it to India A team as well along with Nathu Singh. These three bowling together in a match will be a some sight.
  10. Hell Raiser

    Get Dhonified !!!

    OP had to wait for a long time to open this thread but Thaile wala didnn't gave him the opportunity to press the submit button. This thread must have been getting rotten in the drafts but half decent innings and his fans are dancing in the streets today.
  11. Hell Raiser

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Bhuvi bowled well today. More of this Bhuvi pls.
  12. Hell Raiser

    Get Dhonified !!!

    We won inspite of Dhoni not because of Dhoni. One average innings after a long time and his fans are having collective orgasm. Just like before he needs some one else to do the heavy lifting while he just plays for his stats, before Yuvi and Raina used to do it, today Kohli and Dk did it. But it doesn't matter to Dhoni fans they are fans of Dhoni not team India.
  13. Hell Raiser

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    please go ahead AB and play Dhoni in your team and save us the torture of watching him play for India. please take him in your team whichever that is.
  14. Under Dhoni of 2008 there would be no Dhoni 2018. He would have kicked out and told the current Dhoni to * off in 2016 or at max after CT 17.
  15. Have some pity on other teams. If these two play there would be no competition, all will we have is one sided competition and domination in favour of India. That would be so boring. As per my friends uncle ABD retired early because of fear of these two. So looking at the well being of their batsmen other boards came crawling to BCCI and requested on humanitarian grounds not to play these bowlers. They said one Dhoni is enough to give nightmares to other teams so atleast don't unleash these beasts on them.

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