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  1. If bhuvi and bumrah doesn't get fit for last two matches, would like to see Rajpoot and Siraj playing along with Shami.
  2. Hell Raiser

    England name squad for second Test match

    Yes. Let me give you a more Lol worthy fact. Land of phaasht bowlers were whitewashed at their fortress by SL and lost test to Wi in Uae and then again in WI. And these teams were demolished by the Indian team. Now you can Lol on that.
  3. Hell Raiser

    England name squad for second Test match

    By not loosing test matches to West Indies and Sri lanka at their own fortress for a start.
  4. Hell Raiser

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    Same to you. But just watch the highlights alone, i am sure you don't want to get caught drooling and fapping at the same time.
  5. Hell Raiser

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    Absolutely, its quite humid and hot here in north India. How's your cave holding up?
  6. Hell Raiser

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    Awwww.... pakistani's and their chotti chotti khushiyan.
  7. Hell Raiser

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    Enjoy your day. Go and Celebrate India's loss. Go and have a BLAST. Well don't take the last line literally. It means have fun, not exactly a blast.
  8. Hell Raiser

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    It just takes few failures of young upcoming pacers for some people to predict that they will be worse than Vinay kumar. Talking about young bowlers is not hyping. Avesh and Mavi may or may not succeed but no one can deny their potential and ability. Its the potential of bowlers like them that get us to discuss about them otherwise there is no point of this forum if anyone can't talk about young bowlers.
  9. Hell Raiser

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    If he becomes PM, in his 5 years of reign don't think we will see any development in first four years, he will take it to the final over... oops i mean final year to register any development.
  10. I would select Shami over Bhuvi as Shami is a genuine wicket taker who can strike early in the initial overs even if he goes for few extra runs. Genuine wicket taker over a economical bowler everytime for me. Bhuvi would be in the playing eleven if conditions are in bowlers favour. Agreed on Rajpoot. Looking at indian squads for A series seems like Rajpoot is only being considered as test specialist and not for LOI's but Ankit Rajpoot's chances are existent if were a selector as the thread title suggests.
  11. Rahul Dhawan Kohli Dk Pant H.Pandya Shreyas Gopal/krunal Kuldeep Ankit Rajpoot Shami Bumrah Krunal/Gopal Bhuvi Rohit Siraj
  12. Brilliant thread @express bowling. Always good to read your posts. Carry on the good work. One bowler who I had thought to be a real talent is Nathu Singh. That guy has everything. He can move the ball at a good pace. But he is injured now and seems like a lazy types who doesn't work much on his fitness. Hope he proves me wrong and make a strong comeback and doesn't go the way of Munaf Patel. He can be one of our all format bowler.
  13. No avesh khan in any of these teams. Pathetic. No washington Sundar as well. Seems like he will take a bit more time to get fit.
  14. Good to have two A teams. I hope we select from the following pool of bowlers and not trundlers like Kaul and Chahal. Rajpoot Siraj Avesh Khalil Saini Mavi Nagarkoti Prasidh Its good to know that Shardul would be on bench in England otherwise one spot would have been wasted on him.
  15. Hell Raiser

    Akash Chopra Tweet runs against Zimbabwe

    Although I don"t agree with his opinion but just loving the reaction of the parosees. Akash has trolled them and they are triggered.

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