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  1. Pant hits too many sixes and hit them very hard and can seriously injure people in the stadium. Thats why as a responsible nation we have selected Manish pandey over him. Well done selectors.
  2. Stay tuned folks and pass in your seat belts. Rayudu vs Vinay kumar coming up. Battle for the ages.
  3. Still can't understand how kaul always ends up with wickets most of the times. Even if he fails for few matches, SRH will then try Sandeep sharma. Very unlikely that we will see Khalil or thampi getting a consistent run in the side.☹☹
  4. Siddhart kaul, unadkat, kulkarni. Trioka of indian pace sensations.
  5. Hell Raiser

    Pandey should not be playing for india

    He looks like a gully mohalla type of batsman with those ugly shots.
  6. Lol. Pakistanis taking solace in their flukish 2-1 win in 2013. SA got bored of whooping their candy ass through out the year. SA beat Pak 9 times and lost only 5 matches that year. Sa defeated Pak 3-2 in SA in march 2013, then beat them in Champions trophy 2013 in England. Infact in the very same month of November that Pak won their 2-1 series in SA, they lost to SA 4-1 in Uae. So in nine months alone Pak lost 9 matches out of 14 even after including their 2-1 win.
  7. Yes. We need a good, consistent fast bowler. Yadav blows hot and cold, with Shami you never know which side of the bed he would woke up, Ishant is being Ishant. Bhuvi is not in the friend list so can be dropped anytime.
  8. Scoring hundreds and taking catches doesn't matter. It won't take him anywhere. The thing he should work hard on is Lunges. Can he do it better than Lunge Singh Dhoni.
  9. Poor start from Shami again. No intensity at all. His body language suggests he is about to get injured or is injured everytime i see him bowl.
  10. Good diving take by Saha. That would have been a boundary if monster were keeping.
  11. Most of the time i see shami, his body language suggets that as if he is carrying an injury.
  12. Very excited to see Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah bowl here. Imo this is the best attack we have atm. Good on team management to go ahead with it.

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