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  1. daryl1985

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Quality player. If it wasn’t for his knee injuries, I think he could have become one of India’s best ever. incredible that Kohli tried to get rid of him on a couple of occasions. if he played in the 1st test if the England series I think India would have had a good chance of winning that test. Even when he does not score many and gets stuck, he sticks around, wears down opposition bowlers and makes it easier for those who come in after.
  2. daryl1985

    Lessons from the first test

    Tail end have to improve or at least learn to fight it out and stick around. 5th bowler is needed due to lack of part-time bowling options. One for many on the forum, remain positive. Too many were negative early on and thought Australia would win/avoid defeat. India were always in the driving seat.
  3. daryl1985

    Isa Guha

    Absolute bollocks.
  4. His final figures in England did not do justice to how well he bowled. In one test Atherton made a point of emphasising how unlucky he was, beating the edge more than 10 times in 1 spell. Agree he is inconsistent and does warrant some criticism for this.
  5. daryl1985

    Your fav top-5 Aussie cricketers?

    Hussey Cummins Khawaja Stuart Clark Coulter-Nile
  6. daryl1985

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Amazing thread.

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