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  1. ravishingravi

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    Kaleje ko thankdak mili
  2. ravishingravi

    Just how were Australia so good?

    It requires years of planning. Annual salivating over IPL doesn’t get you there. Ofcourse, some very strong decisions.
  3. ravishingravi

    If you are Australian supporter

    I think the English summer and SA tour would give you great heart. In absence of Smith and Warner, it seemed liked India would bull doze them and register their first away series win down under. Now, there is a very real chance with this feeble batting line up to really pump some pressure. The way it seems now, if Kohli clicks, India can compete at best. If Kohli doesn’t, there will be no resistance. The Australian fast bowling attack and Lyon will be licking at the prospects of bowling to some of these Indian batsmen.
  4. ravishingravi

    Homosexuals in Family

    It is a complicated matter. Not the legal part. Law should have no say in this. But just understanding it.
  5. I would rather pick Dilip Vengsarkar
  6. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Yes, one of the first decades for India abroad in last two decades.
  7. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Let’s look at our side. Bumrah, Pant, Rahul. It has inexperienced players. Kohli has to bite the bullet. We need a batting coach. A good one. Not Sanjay Bangar.
  8. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Kya Afridi key fans bhi unke jitne hi akalmand hai kya ?
  9. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    He should be in squad. But I think wrap is called for after this test.
  10. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    There are actually positive depending how you lose. The team is young and at right age. Most teams are strong at home. Few are able to compete and challenge away. India and SA are the only two at the moment. So. No loss of face in losing. Just continue the get stronger abroad. In 3 years, they will be here again.
  11. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    I don’t know where the term “moral victory” was mentioned. I guess some are mind readers here.
  12. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Like I said. It is not about getting them out. Even Ashwin did well in first test. But they were not in this fight. That’s the point.
  13. ravishingravi

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Yes. I don’t feel totally dejected. I loved the fight our team showed. Kohli and Rahane battled like warriors. There are some clear passengers which we need to offload. But the base for a great team is there. With all the IPL practice, we are not producing great all round batsmen. So, we have no choice but persist with good ones. Rahul/ Shaw ———- Pujara Kohli Rahane Jadeja / Kuldeep Bhuvi Pant / Kartik Shami Bumrah Ishant Cosch :- Dravid Hardik and Ashwin need to go. It’s not a question of teaching them a lesson. But I think there was a basic application issue here. They were not in for a fight.
  14. It’s just one wicket. Chutiya Indian fans. Celebrating early as usual.
  15. I just love our short sighted ness.

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