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  1. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    I am afraid guys, our eco system is not cut out to groom them. They will be hounded by the media, ad world and of course IPL after this tournament. Epilogues and opeds will be written why he will be the best so and so. Have seen even many talent bowlers get lost in the oblivion. It is tough. I am imagine myself as a 19 year old tear away. Would I be able to focus on my cricket and resist all the distraction ? Perhaps not.
  2. Guha’s Poignant piece on Kohli

    http://www.espn.in/cricket/story/_/id/22157239/virat-kohli-arrogance-helps-game-not-team When he is not writing about politics, he makes a lot of sense.
  3. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    Yes. They have been excellent. Batting has let us down.
  4. We are winning this!!!!!!!! Yes we are!!!!

    I am scared to watch this. After a very long time, I think I care. I genuinely do believe that this team should be 1-1 with SA esp without Steyn. I was exasperated with our batting in first innings. Don’t think I will be able to take it in the second. I hope the boys apply themselves. There is nothing in the pitch.
  5. Too much soft cricket

    What I meant by soft cricket. By SA standards, this is as flat as it gets. I think it will be very difficult to dislodge Indian batsmen on this pitch. But when you keep playing poor teams like SL home and away as prep for tough tour, you are not battle hardened enough to apply yourself. Two crucial wickets just thrown when a 450 is absolutely gettable. Based on the series so far,I firmly believe India had the team to win but didn’t have the intent. And that shows in preparation.
  6. Tolerance limit with Kohli.

    Wow. The die hard supporters who thought he was better than Smith, now have turned on him.
  7. Kumar Vishwas

    Don't know how fluent you guys are in hindi. I am average. But just listening to this man and his sense of humour is something. He is quick wit. Speaks with his heart.
  8. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    Opportunity is as good as your readiness to take it. Our preparation was not there. Stupid home ODI series against NZand SL could have completely done away with. Like I said earlier, priorities are misplaced. Indian cricket will suffer for it. There is no doubting the talent of the side.
  9. Feminists !!!

    Dont get digressed to your political points. I am not for any kind of fundamentalism in ideology. I am for fundamental rights. Yes, those two can be independent. There is no question of double standard.
  10. Feminists !!!

    That’s pretty presumptuous. Have you done some survey or study on the same. I am all for gender equality and female rights but not on board with the feminist movement. I don’t know why there cannot be a large contingent of people like me.
  11. Feminists !!!

    I didn’t get this. If someone doesn’t like feminists, why do they need better education ?
  12. If memory serves right, when India won the WC, I posted here, the time is right to dominate world cricket. Then two things happened in next week which shocked me and convinced me we are going downhill. One, all the players played the IPL just 7 days after WC win. Two, Sachin did not retire. Nor showed any intentions to. Rest as they say is history. A golden goose was systematically killed.
  13. SA bowling attack

    I would have to agree with this. I believe they will get better and leave more outside off stump.
  14. SA bowling attack

    I must say if Steyn is fit, the Australia series next month will be crackerjack. Just watching the Aussie team now, they will be rearing for revenge for their home defeat. Steyn, Morkel, Philander, Rabada. Vs. Cummins, Starc, Hazelwood.
  15. Humble pies accepted....Hardik Pandya is a superstar

    He certainly brings an X factor which can work with SA. Generally they don’t have a plan B. If disrupted they can panic. I always felt india is better off attacking or even going aerial than defending. Pandya has proven me wrong too. His free spirit is great to see. But he can expect some short bowling from hereon.

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