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  1. ravishingravi

    Rishabh Pant - Generation shift

    Ganguly was a generational shift in the era of Azhar. Brazen, blunt and confident. Yuvraj, Dhoni, Sehwag and Raina were a generational shift in the era Ganguly. Talented and confident India. Kohli was a generational shift in the era of Dhoni. Brutal talent, ruthlessness and arrogance. Now Pant looks like a next generation. Never thought I will see a cricketer doing a back flip on cricket field. Talent, confidence, agility. India’s sporting culture is evolving fast since the turn of century.
  2. ravishingravi

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Hé doesn’t have to succeed in county cricket. Failure in tough conditions and cricket will teach more than success in pyjama cricket.
  3. ravishingravi

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Three words. County Cricket Domestic Cricket IPL Technically 5 words
  4. ravishingravi

    Shastri 1-0 ICF !!!

    Yes, beating a team without its two best batters makes Shastri right.
  5. ravishingravi

    Howler decisions this year

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25607107/india-biggest-selection-blunder-year Kohli and Shastri have cost us a great opportunity
  6. I am convinced. Kohli has to be moved out of captaincy. Shastri should be removed as coach. This is becoming farce.
  7. Should Shastri and Kohli combination be ended ? Should Kohli be removed as captain ? If not Kohli then who ? Granted he looks a mediocre test captain.
  8. ravishingravi

    Accountability for bad decisions

    I must say. As harsh as this sounds, it is true. Kohli is probably the beastly player in game. But as a captain, I am not sure.
  9. ravishingravi

    Match is over

    Match was over with the toss. This team has lot of fight in it but lacks clutch in vital moments. The selection had a huge impact on this game. And let us never forget to remind ourselves. Without Warner and Smith. Australia now have a template to win this series.
  10. ravishingravi

    Accountability for bad decisions

    At most times, evaluation of decisions made is a subjective process. In this case, the decision to play four fast bowlers was so conclusively wrong and awful that people will have a go at the choice to play any spinners. With the opposition spinner running through the side, this is clearly a decision that will be questioned and hopefully Kohli and Shastri will be responsible.
  11. What was our bowling and tully coach doing ?
  12. ravishingravi

    How much will India chase in the 4th innings

    India can chase 100 max. In reality, there might be in chase for India.
  13. ravishingravi

    Gambhir on front foot

    And all guns blazing.
  14. ravishingravi

    Match is over

    Getting to 300 will not win the match. Getting 500 maybe will
  15. ravishingravi

    Match is over

    You cant write anybody off. But you cant overlook variable bounce on Day 1 either. India has to attack. There is no chance of them surviving here. Maybe score at 5 plus ro and disturb the bowlers length.

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