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  1. Because 3 defeats in one tournament shouldn’t decide your class. 4 years perfomance should and they are best team in world.
  2. I know England will be champion. And well deserved one.
  3. ravishingravi

    Why not play Mayank Agarwal ?

    This guy could potentially stabilise your middle order with Rahul at 4. Or i hope they get DK / Pant to open. Otherwise we have Kohli and Rohit shivering with prospects to come. I can’t think of a single major tournament where India lost purely because of selection brainfarts. This will be first one. It’s unbelievable how a potentially great team with top bowling line up has been screwed up selection of frenetic non proper batsmen.
  4. Geheri Dosti Khatrey mein ?
  5. ravishingravi

    Mayank to replace Vijay Shankar

  6. ravishingravi

    Mayank to replace Vijay Shankar

    Absolutely. I was super impressed by his temperament. I was more impressed in the test we lost in last innings. The way he played with Kohli and kept the fast bowlers at bay in last innings was remarkable. I also think that we can now formally accept that we are cut from same cloth as padosis. Such pathetic management. To go into a tournament with only two great batsmen. To not select the first choice Karthik and choose the guy who was not in squad but should have been there. To have Jadhav in the team who is doing absolutely nothing to pull his Weight. Just remarkably bad planning and ad hoc way of running things.
  7. ravishingravi

    Mayank to replace Vijay Shankar

    Great choice for two reason. 1. Mayank is technically as sound as it gets in India right now. He also has strong power game as he showed again Lyon in Australia. 2. He seems to be mentally very strong. Again what we saw in Australia.
  8. ravishingravi

    Mayank to replace Vijay Shankar

    Can this be done during the WC ?
  9. ravishingravi

    India has no choice but break up the top 3

    I think this Indian team looks so strangled. The batsmen are constantly worried about next batsmen while playing. Dhawan for freewheeling character. In his absence I think Pant can play that role. We need Kaluwithana at this point.
  10. No he shouldn’t. He won’t. We are in middle freaking WC. Maybe after the campaign. Anyhow. Don’t think he can be blamed too much. Kohli and Shastri kept backing him.
  11. Take today’s game for instance. Pant at No 3 with field restrictions might have been very useful. Even quickfire 40 would have wrested the initiative. Rohit Rahul ( Regrettably ) Pant Kohli Karthik Pandya Dhoni Maybe Pant can open. That’s the only possibility I see. But with the hitting abilities in such serious doubt India has no choice but to go back to traditional pinch hitting mode.
  12. ravishingravi

    Unpopular Opinion: I enjoyed this performance

    This is a world cup winning team with all bases covered.This ground and pitch negated spinners but final is at lord's and semifinal against NZ . Maybe T20 WC team. Have never seen team winning the WC without middle order.
  13. ravishingravi

    Dhoni gives up

    I am no fan of Dhoni. He is however an India legend. No point belittling him. His skills and reflex were obvious to be seen two years back. I have always believed his mind is that of poker players. Always computing probability. And today he did the math and based on his skills figured let’s just get as close as possible and not lose on NRR. The blame lies lies fairly and squarely on bevada and Kohli. They took a big call by picking him than allowing Pant or Karthik to grow into his role. Now they are effectively playing with 2 batsmen and rest half batsmen.
  14. ravishingravi

    Unpopular Opinion: I enjoyed this performance

    I have to agree. I also think this is not WC winning team. More like a SF team. So, they will achieve their goal. And, they have also learnt of their weaknesses. Plus, made things difficult for Pakistan.
  15. ravishingravi

    We must throw the match against England

    Job done :)

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