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  1. Saeed Anwar

  2. Saeed Anwar

    How did Ganguly come into this ? Does insecurity always cause this rage to prove that mine is bigger than yours ?
  3. Is apparently symbolism of militant hindutva. While gun carrying militants have no religion. https://thewire.in/communalism/noidas-thriving-militant-hinduism-and-the-resurrection-of-hanuman
  4. Chinese men thrash policeman in Pakistan

    Admire your acceptance. Nobody likes slavery but Pakistan can be a good slave state.
  5. Saeed Anwar

    Btw this thread again shows why it is difficult to choose between stupidity of Pakistani fans and fanboyism of Indian fans.
  6. Saeed Anwar

    Don’t make a fool out of yourself as usual. At least don’t make it so easy for us. Recall “dead rubber”. But let me give me you some homework. Show us innings of Ganguly scoring hundreds against attack of McGrath or Warne in Australia or India. You can also try to check for his 100 against Donald, Pollock and De Villiers in SA or Ind. He did play in the same era, right ?
  7. Chinese men thrash policeman in Pakistan

  8. Chinese men thrash policeman in Pakistan

    Chinese workers thrash policemen in Khanewal https://www.dawn.com/news/1399531 Side Effects of slavery.
  9. Saeed Anwar

    Seems like anything to do with Afridi brings an inbuilt retard quotient.
  10. Saeed Anwar

    This made me chuckle.
  11. Saeed Anwar

  12. Saeed Anwar

    I would go so far as to say that in terms of talent, he was not far from Lara. Maybe more inconsistent. But boy, he was good. Just watching some of his old innings reminds of his greatness. His ability to manoeuver the ball. He could play all over the pitch. He was also Avery decent guy. A quiet honest cricketer.
  13. Wild Wild Country on Netflix

    The series definitely shows one thing. The power of an unhinged focused human mind. It has no barriers.
  14. Tim Payne

    Is it just me or this guy really seems have a calm head on his shoulders ? Tough time to take over. I wish him luck. https://youtu.be/DULKwaim5oQ
  15. Steve Smith Press Conference

    Keyboard warriors who have never played any game at any level commenting the loss of one year for a professional cricketer at the peak of his game.

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