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  1. ravishingravi

    Pakistan collapse again, NZ win first test by 4 runs

    Think you are in denial. They were slogging under pressure. Ball didn’t do anything. Hasan Ali is pruckish player.
  2. At 3 am, bravo is batting on different kind of pitch.
  3. ravishingravi

    13 ODIs to WC

    I really want to know what I am missing in Pandey for last 6 years. And Dhoni ?
  4. ravishingravi

    13 ODIs to WC

    This team doesn’t look like it will even reach semi finals. All this IPL nautanki and not one set of 11 players who can seriously challenge for World Cup. And we don’t even know who those 11 players will be. Magar pyar bana rahey
  5. ravishingravi

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Absolutely spot on. Except the Co-opted. Buddhism was not CO-opted by Hinduism. There was no Hinduism in ancient India just as there is no Hinduism today. The observations of the Buddha who had a more scientific temper and approach overlap with the vedas.
  6. ravishingravi

    Guftagoo - RSTV

    I have always admired great interviewers. It is an underappreciated art to ask the right questions and provoke selectively when the interviewee is being defensive. Dick Cavett was the best I came across and to some extent David Frost. In recent time, Irfran Khan seems like the best interviewer I have seen. Just pure genius how he conducts himself and lets the subject reveal himself. His command on hindi and urdu is impeccable.
  7. What more does a nation need to go through to be considered failed state ? When a country has nuclear power but cant pay back it own loans and has to literally go begging and in some case devolve its own interest within its own country, seems like a perfect case of failed state. Wrong priorities. Wrong attitude. A nation based on anger and hate will find it difficult to bring any sustainable development.
  8. ravishingravi

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Yes. Good choices. Although Zoroastrianism doesn’t have very clear belief system. It is a little fluid. And offending Jainism. I think they punish themselves enough to be bothered by someone else’s offence.
  9. ravishingravi

    Ayodhya Verdict

  10. ravishingravi

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    I happen to come across this interview and I think this interview to a large extent explains where this so called"hinduphobia" is coming from. Watch from 20 min onwards. 1) Varun Grover is extremely talented 2) This is best interviewer in India by a proverbial mile. 3) It is guilt. Guilt of the so called "privileged" class.
  11. ravishingravi

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Especially with those who have nothing to offer but a lot of time to kill.
  12. ravishingravi

    Save Sabrimala

    Actually, it is being smart. Thats all. They know they will be next and you don't play with majority sentiments.
  13. ravishingravi

    Save Sabrimala

    It will backfire big time. I can see lot of hardcore political milking about to start.
  14. ravishingravi

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    This is indeed true. I am still waiting for the actual genesis or basis for the term "hinduism". But I think one of the joys of internet forum is ferocious to ability to type a lot of words without knowing much. We don't need to know stuff to form an opinion.

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