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  1. I was waiting for someone to say this. Were they students of humanities ?
  2. Just shut JNU studies in humanities. We are producing morons doing research in gender studies for 20 years. They are unemployable and frustrated. This is just nuisance value at this point. It is shocking that this place dictated 60 years of India's policies.
  3. Absolutely. I don't see us involved in any of this. Iran is in fact an important ally in the region for India.
  4. Checked. And ? Do you want TN police also to check this article and arrest him ?
  5. I think you are completely ill informed on everything you mentioned. Don't know where to begin.
  6. I don't see why Indians should celebrate this. He was probably the biggest reason for decline of ISIS.
  7. Anyway. Ladka kar ke aaya.
  8. Hate begets hate. We are doing what we want to do. Thats all that matters. They are irrelevant.
  9. This is the truth. We are dealing with highly emotional volatile and borderline lunatic nation.
  10. This moment will be played many times over. I recommend everyone to watch the whole thing. It shows you why we have right man for the job.
  11. Thé case is actually quite shocking and blatant case of money laundering. Chidu mama is in trouble.
  12. The articles have literally zero content. Why would an economic slowdown impact parle G ? What’s the financial impact for them ? They say that the issue is high GST for them. I see all these opinions as a way to arm twist the govt.
  13. They did ask for haircut. They got their **** cut instead.
  14. Imran is quietly happy about this situation. One, he doesn’t have to worry about Kashmir. Moody the fascist is the villain there. He can actually focus on the economy. But **** has really hit the fan. Bangladesh has crossed Pakistan in 50 years in terms of GDP. To be honest, Bangladesh are doing better than India just at this moment.
  15. Must watch this. Most comprehensive legal historical explanation of the problem.
  16. Pût yourself in his poi’s it ion. You don’t control the establishment but you are head of establishment. You have screwed up economy. Your neighbour has stopped recognising you. You are heading brunch of hyper nationalist and emotional people. You have very limited cards to play at this stage. Franky, this is what you can do to wrest initiative. Hope that Kashmiri Muslims or Indian Muslims will be affected by these statements. I can see Amit Shah and Modi smiling though. These guy are slowly tightening the screw. Imran is just trying to keep his people and establishment with him. Ajit Doval’s policies have shifted the focus from Kashmir to PoK, Gilgit, Balochistan. These reactions are not abnormal once we see what sizeable strategic shift this was. The messiah complex is nothing new.
  17. I am pretty sure that this has played to India’s plans. Quite frankly, Modi would be more than happy to give these kind of moral victories. I am not denying that Pakistan has been able to push beyond its weight. But I think these actions were factored. India will go through this phase till maybe next 4-5 years. By which time, I hope the economy grows beyond 4 trillion sufficiently more than France and UK India has to fix its relations with US. You can’t be placing tariff on a country with whom you substantial trade surplus. In fact, this might be opportunity to attract American investments.
  18. Let’s be honest. This is statecraft. India is now actively engaged. They would have anticipated these moves and so far it is predictable. One, India should not be adversarial towards anybody, not even Pakistan. India should not align with anybody except the countries which bring business. Israel will be an important strategic ally. Every country at this point has clear weaknesses. China is battling trade war and Hong Kong. It is not interested in being engaged in petty squabbles. The world will try to keep us down. PM is emphasising on 5 trillion for a reason. With each trillion you get into a different plane of confidence and assertiveness. Look how US is trying to slow China down. It’s just how nations work. I would actively encourage everyone here who considers himself Indian to contribute in this endeavour. Try support people who want to start business, create jobs in India. It is economy stupid. It resolves many issues. Btw a shout out to Pandit Nehru ( peace be upon him ) for granting UNSC seat to China. We are really paying for this guy’s time in office 60 years after his death.
  19. Imran khan’s speech was nothing less than shocking. On PKistan’s Independence Day speech he is talking about RSS and Yogi Adityanath. This man is not cut out for this position.
  20. I don’t believe that and I don’t think RSS or Modi believe that. But now is not tte time for it.
  21. Because 3 defeats in one tournament shouldn’t decide your class. 4 years perfomance should and they are best team in world.
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