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  1. nanda14792

    Your Favourite IPL Overseas Player

    Warner, Bravo and Lynn
  2. nanda14792

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    phod diyaaaaa! kabhi aao Kings XI ki haveli pr to btaate hn tumhe bhi
  3. nanda14792

    Match thread : IPL # 9 l RPS vs DD l Pune l April 11,2017

    delhi congrats, acha khel gye tum galti se!
  4. nanda14792

    Gujrat Lions bowling embarasses me as an IPL fan

    I think more than bowling, fielding hurt them and let them down. Consider last over sitters that were missed by Baz and Dwayne Smith off Dhawal Kulkarni's bowling. If they Wud have held on to it, the bowlers Wud have penetrated!
  5. nanda14792

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    But the point is Nair is not scoring. Last two test matches against Aussies and then yesterday's t20, where his only runs came off an edge! Iyer is out until next weekend, for sure. Anderson is a must and so is Tare, who is Mumbai domestic captain and has scored good number of runs this season.
  6. nanda14792

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    Drop Nair, Mishra and carlos. Get Jayant Yadav, Corey and Shami in. Bas that's it! Play the following order Tare Billings Pant Anderson Samson Morris Cummins Jayant Nadeem Zakk Shami
  7. nanda14792

    VIVOIPL 2017: Which team do you support?

    KXIP first Daredevils second
  8. Depends a lot on Sandeep and Maxwell!
  9. And u want to keep Nair in Xi??? Even After his recent failures. Woww! I Wud still prefer tare to nair
  10. Delhi should have fielded Corey Anderson and a Jayant Yadav :(
  11. Dhawal would play for sure! Their was no fault on his part(FYI there were three dropped sitters on his bowling : one each by Smith and Baz; certainly fielding is the problem and not Dhaval's bowling) . Rather I Wud try Andrew tye in place of Dwayne smith and see!
  12. I would love to see Lendl Simmons today since he fares well in Mumbai (world cup semifinals against India.... FYI) plus maybe plays spin tad bit better than butler but bambai selection panel m itta dimaag kidhar?!
  13. Kl k baad toh lag raha h.... Feels like singing Kr chale hum juda jaana tan saathi :sob: :sob:
  14. Viper hamaari team m h kya? :idontknow:
  15. Common guys Time has come to take chances, play well. Fir saari teams raakh ki trh neeche r Corporation dhuyen ki trh upar!

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