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  1. May be the opposition underestimated them and were not as tight as they could have been vs a stronger team like India!
  2. What about Rohit> You seem to be silent on him.
  3. sarcastic

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    BUMP and added a poll to this thread. Hardik Pandya has proven himself to be very valuable to team India. His quickfire 45 and an early wicket adding to Shami's blows has eased up the match for team India.
  4. sarcastic

    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    Tendulkar had brought India as close as he could. India needed 16 runs to win when he got out. "The tail should have got those runs and finished the match for India" says many experts including Anantha Narayanan from CI. Fair point I will say, a mearge 16 runs....
  5. sarcastic

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    BUMP. No better moment than this to say "Jahapana, Tujhi great ho... Toofa kabool karo" to Pujara by all the doubter like in this scene.
  6. Koffee With Karan 6: KL Rahul confesses his crush for Malaika Arora on Karan Johar’s show First time in six seasons of Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar will be hosting Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. (Source: Karan Johar/Instagram) On Koffee With Karan season 6, Karan Johar is all set to host cricketers KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya in the upcoming episode of the talk show. This is for the first time when the Karan Johar’s show will host cricketers. From embarrassing dressing moments to Bollywood crushes, the duo revealed it all on the coveted couch. KL Rahul reveals his most embarrassing moment from the dressing room KL Rahul was asked about the most embarrassing thing done in the locker room, to which he replied, “It was difficult to see half – naked cricketers roaming around in the dressing room.” He further revealed that in Karnataka, the dressing room etiquettes are diligently followed. “Coming from the team of Karnataka, from the south of India, we don’t do that,” Rahul quipped. KL Rahul doesn’t want everyone to know his real self. KL Rahul’s friends revealed a new side of the cricketer. He has a totally different image and that is of a ‘good boy’. His friends revealed that he was very good in class but once he left the class he was the most notorious, “KL jaisa dikhta hai shant, ekdum gambhir but he is not the same off the field (KL looks calm and serious on the filed, off the field he’s not the same)”. Later, Rahul pitched that he takes time with people and opens up once he know the people really well. He also said that he doesn’t waste time and energy on everyone, “I don’t want everybody to know the real me”. KL Rahul confesses his crush for Malaika Arora. During the show, Karan Johar asked the two cricketers about their crushes. In response to KJo’s question, KL Rahul confessed his crush for Malaika Arora.
  7. I would say, he is easily top 20 ( or probably top 15 ) of all time to play for team India in terms of pure talent. Saying "Mumbai Indians" is an understatement or inaccurate IMHO.
  8. sarcastic

    Dhawan is A+

    If Pujara deserves A+, probably Rohit and to an extent Dhawan do too... I am not claiming that either of them deserve by themselves, but if a player is considered valuable based on absolute performance in one format (like Pujara in tests), the other two can also stake claim!
  9. sarcastic

    South Africa the only unconquered fortress

    @Gollum what are your comments about this>>> Should we be a proud nation now only SA remains unconquered or what team India has achieved is no big deal!
  10. Rohit Sharma is not that bad in some kind of pitches. His LOI exploits will always put him in contention for a test spot.
  11. sarcastic

    RIP Ramakant Achrekar

  12. sarcastic

    Will Aus bounce back at Sydney?

    Whether Australia will bounce back in Sydney is not much of a matter. India has already done very good job and registered two wins... That's tremendous achievement. They cannot loose this series and retain the Border Gavaskar trophy. This in itself is sufficient to hearten the Indian fans hungry for success in SENA. 3-1 will be unbelievable but 2-1 is also good enough for most!
  13. sarcastic

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    I think all the detractors here have been silenced and they all now acknowledge value of Cheteshwar. It is high time he deserves respect like the likes of all time great test batsmen coming from India.
  14. "The four overs actually keeps you at your best, you are bowling the yorkers, bowling the variation and playing under pressure. " © BCCI MS Dhoni has been there, done that. The 37-year-old had captained the Indian side to the 2007 World T20 and 2011 World Cup triumphs among various other significant wins. With such vast experience of leading the side in big-ticket events, the former India captain will certainly be Virat Kohli's strongest ally when the 2019 World Cup kicks off in England in May next year. While the World Cup is still five months away and India will have 13 ODIs to prepare themselves for the event, Dhoni on Friday prescribed how Kohli's boys should approach the games mentally. "What will be crucial for us is to play the World Cup like a bilateral event. We shouldn't think of it as the World Cup," Dhoni said during a Star Sports chat show on the sidelines of a book launch here on Friday evening. The other panelists on the chat show included former India captains Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble along with N Srinivasan. The wicketkeeper-batsman also charted the roadmap for the training programme of the bowlers and batsmen. He feels that it will be important to keep the bowlers injury-free. "Keeping our bowlers injury free is important. If you rest them, the first thing commentators say is they are rusty, and if you make them play, then is he not too fresh. So we have to find that fine balance even though it might be a bit difficult to manage," said Dhoni. Former India coach Anil Kumble feels that fast bowlers should consider skipping the IPL, which is scheduled to get under way in March next year. "One of the most important parts of preparation will be keeping yourself (players) fresh as there is a lot of cricket coming up from now till the start of the World Cup. "Maybe resting some of the top bowlers in a few of the IPL games is an option. Even though franchises might not like that or want to rest them, it has to be considered for India's sake," Kumble said. Dhoni, though, differed with Kumble. In fact, he feels IPL could be an ideal platform for bowlers to get in shape. "Bowling four overs won't make you tired. The four overs actually keeps you at your best, you are bowling the yorkers, bowling the variation and playing under pressure. I feel the bowlers can still play the whole of the IPL but what they need to manage is what they eat, when they sleep and wake up. "I would like them to be at their best when it comes to the skill factor. I always felt IPL was the best time to get in shape because I had a lot of time. I was playing only three and a half hours every third day and it gave me time to spend in the gym," Dhoni said. A major concern for India is the form of middle-order batsmen. In fact, the Indian middle order also has an unsettled look. Dhoni said that India need to find a way to test their middle order batsmen. "Our top order has done very well in limited overs since 2015 and not many chances were given to middle order. So one of the crucial things will be what we can do so that our middle order also gets a chance to bat. You want the entire team to perform well," said Dhoni.

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