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  1. sarcastic

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Reminds all of us of the epic epic thread:
  2. sarcastic

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    I have lot of respect for OP in many ways as a very well informed and analytical writer on this forum but I think Hardik Pandya has given a big phainty to him and all detractors like him. Hardik Pandya, you seem to be the outlier that does not fit the OP's description of an allrounder who matures by 25!!!
  3. sarcastic

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    Time to admit that Pandya is proving his critics wrong even in the longer format and with ball!!! This Trentbridge test match will go down the memory lane of Indian Cricket Fans as Hardik Pandya's test match!!!
  4. I don't understand why ICFers n some other Indian fans bay for Pandya's blood. Look he uprooted Root first ball and brought India into the game big time! Dare I say, it is not far that a thread titled "Bow infront of Pandya" will come out on this forum.
  5. True that! But experts say that he is technically pretty good and naturally gifted. Off course there was a lot of talk about him as the next wk batsman until MSD happened to Indian Cricket. But for the latter, the former would have ruled the roost in all formats in the last decade or so. In a way we could say that, MSD happened to rescue Indian cricket from a captaincy/wk batsman void for team India in the 2005-2015 era.
  6. sarcastic

    At Edgbaston

    Do you really not understand what he is referring to. He is talking about Hardik Pandya!!! who in fact is pretty good allrounder in LOIs IMO.
  7. With Risabh Pant scoring a run more than Karthik ( in all four innings combined ), the pertinent question will Karthik need to be considered ever again even as a backup option in test cricket. It is not long since the toast of the nation innings ( vs BD in Nidahas final ) that Dinesh Karthik reignited hopes among Indian cricket fans for a second wind of his career. I think the wind has already subsided as far as test cricket is concerned. I do not see any point of persisting with Dinesh anymore. It is Saha and Pant with the former handing over the gloves to the latter permanently in 2-3 seasons.
  8. Not really, since the next two test matches could go as 2-0 for a team. It is not necessary that the result of test 2 and 3 will be like 1-1. So, if planning is done for 4th test match after 1st match draw, then the 4th match can still be a dead-rubber. What you are saying is idealistically good but from the posts of @Trichromatic and others, I gather it is practically infeasible. The solution is to conduct only 3 or 4 match series as much as possible. 5 test match series is a bit too long. I wonder how many times such a series goes into the 5th match with something to decide regarding the series.
  9. sarcastic

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day everyone! :-)
  10. sarcastic

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    That is more likely to happen ( may not be in 2019 but surely sometime later ) than India winning this series.
  11. sarcastic

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Also, I think in the picture he is out of a workout or something. He is not ready like how one can for a formal event or so. In that case, he might look much much better than most men of his age (even with their makeup etc.).
  12. https://sports.ndtv.com/england-vs-india-2018/india-vs-england-ishant-sharma-holds-the-key-to-indias-test-series-win-in-england-says-ashish-nehra-1898890 I know Ishant Sharma is good as test bowler ( mostly in supporting role ) and had done well at Edbaston to bring team India into the game but Ashish Nehra must be smoking some really potent stuff to make statements like these. These stmts will make cringeworthy statements nothing... BCCI should keep ppl like Ashish Nehra as far as possible from the team!!!!
  13. sarcastic

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Ishant is one of the least problems with team India. Remember, he picked up a 5-fer just the other match and gave Indian batsmen a fair chance to start the England tour with a win. If only the other bowlers and batsmen contributed, we would at least been 1-1!!!
  14. sarcastic

    All is not lost .

    I say that team India will win a test match in this series. They may loose one more but they will win ONE and may be able to draw another. So, it is a series loss looming but even that can be prevented if India can win two more matches.
  15. sarcastic

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    Looks tough now... Team India have to pull up their socks and do really really well to salvage a draw in this series.....

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