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  1. Sending Shankar over DK

    Correct. But I believe you are talking about T20Is. For ODIs, we still consolidators like Pandey and perhaps Vijay Shankar (in top middle order or so). The fact that India's top order (i.e. top 3) has been very consistent and good that the middle order consolidation is usually not required. But the day the top3 all fail, we need a Pandey/Shankar than a Raina/Hardik.
  2. Sending Shankar over DK

    Vijay Shankar is a batsman who can bowl some overs to cover for main bowlers. His bowling is probably not useful for tests but can be handy in LOIs. As a batsman, he seems to be more of consolidating type and not hitting. So, I will put him in a top-order slot (if available) or a middle order slot in ODIs. He can be useful/handy player in ODIs and may be T20Is.
  3. ICFers you have met in real life

    I know Dexter Morgan personally (good online friend and ex-colleague at Infosys although never seen him during Infosys time) but did not know that he came to London. He works in Berlin I suppose. It is me who introduced him to ICF! He enjoyed it a lot in his initial days here!
  4. Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain India will never have.

    That point (bolded above) is not part of the discussion here. Yes, MI is a good side but it has been a good side since 2008 when SRT was the captain. It went to playoffs only twice in the first five years and lost the only final in 2010. The same MI team has won 3 out of 5 IPLs that he was captaining. Sunday was a mistake in the late sending of KDK but no body would have expected Shankar to play that bad..> ( Not hitting and getting out is acceptable but eating balls in 18th over of a chase.... is yaaack). Coming to your point, may be Raina could have been tried but you never know with BD batters. They can very easily play ordinary spinners such as Raina. I agree an over could have been given to him though.
  5. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    flop flop show by Shankar today!!! It is a shame he is being considered as a genuine allrounder...
  6. Do you think these buffooons are going to make a Nagin dance after the match with Rohit's Sena.
  7. Bangladesh create history.

    The entire fielding team is in the ground.... Like they won world cup or something!!!
  8. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    It will be tight if Mohammadullah gets out in 19th over.
  9. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    Easy peasy.... with three good batsmen still alive!
  10. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    No nagin today... But BD winning it easily!!!
  11. You did not seem to have ready my next post. I am saying that it is fair that he is allowed to play until proven guilty. But we are assuming that he is not guilty. That is alright until there is no evidence that can prove those allegations made by his wife. Let his career be not at stake assuming he is really innocent and it is only his crazy wife who wants to make all these allegations for popularity/alimony or whatever. My point is what if it is otherwise. In sometime if he is proven guilty, then that is serious. Let us know allow our love for Shami the bowler to cloud our judgement of the person if he is guilty of some serious crime. He just does not deserve to play in that case.
  12. Fair enough! Let him play until proven guilty. My only point is that him being potentially guilty is a serious thing. The fact of his bowling ability is irrelevant when that is the case. He just does not deserve to play if that is the case.
  13. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    41/5 it is in 8.1 overs!
  14. Are we sure if we can say that. What if the allegations are true... at least partially.... She might actually be a victim even if she is over exaggerating some stuff done to her. At the end of the day, however good bowler Shami is, if he is a bad person in his personal life ( i.e. a wife torturer), he does not deserve to represent India. Simple as that.

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