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  1. sarcastic

    The Tashkent Files

    Did anybody watch the movie... Please tell us what you think of the movie. Is it worth watching???
  2. sarcastic

    CSK - Only Undefeated team so far !!!

    Why is CSK so unstoppable.. But for MI, CSK could defeat every other team even from unfathomable situations.... What is the solution to stop this juggernaut from CSK. There is no doubt that they will be in top 2 qualifiers... Can they be stopped from getting 4th title...
  3. sarcastic

    Alzarri Joseph

    Very bad post bro!!!!!!!!!!! It is not at all funny!
  4. It is not about the best figures of 6 for 12 in an IPL match, nor about the fact that he is only 22 but most of the wickets seem to have come from bowled/keeper catch or close catches. His action, gait and confidence is very reminiscent of the great WI bowlers of the past such as Ambrose, Walsh etc. It will be great to see that kind of WI bowlers back frightening the opposition batsmen. Can we expect him to lead that kind of attacks in the coming future.
  5. Is that a complement or a belittlement?
  6. BTW< Inzi actually has a very high average in test matches won..> Much higher than the other legends from sub-continent at least and he is particularly good in 4th innings which most of our best batsmen cannot say. Remember, we could not chase 120 vs WI with a very good batting lineup but Inzi saved Pakistan with a 138* in the great escape vs Bangladesh.... It is the inspirational leadership of Imran Khan that Inzi first flowered. If we are honest with ourselves, it is hard to get one player to contribute so much for his national team as Imran Khan did for Pakistan. Having said all this, none of the above means I will pick him above a SRT or Dravid in a test XI.
  7. Is posting on Facebook no good like it was few years ago? @mishra and @Gollum, why do you think so/
  8. sarcastic

    How is Harbhajan not getting called for chucking?

    No, I had believed the "moon landing hoax" conspiracy theorists for a long while before knowing what could be really true. All this cold war era show off and USSR is way ahead of US in cold war and the reasons given in "Did we land on moon" looked good for me during my adolescence. But the reality is, if the moon landing were fake, the soviets could have easily found it. In fact, they traced the Americans going all the way upto moon and hence could not put up any statement against it (they would not have NEVER missed an opportunity to say a statement against in that era). Also, we have real moon soil/rock available in many research labs (brought by the astronauts) that is older than earth's crust and cannot be available anywhere here. If you are genuinely interested in knowing whether this is fake or not, there are many good resources available and this wiki page is not a bad start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_landing_conspiracy_theories. It explains all the conspiracies and the rebuttals for the conspiracies too.
  9. sarcastic

    How is Harbhajan not getting called for chucking?

    Off topic but What do you intend to say here... That they just landed in a studio in Arkansas... If you think so, pls do not make it a fact and mix that with your analogies of tamasha premier league... and spoil your otherwise witty comment.
  10. When everyone including King Kohli and the great ABDV could not show up past single digits, Parthiv Patel stood up and had given RCB a respectable score. @Gollum, this is the value that Parthiv Patel can add. With adequate support, he is a good test kind of batsman. If only if he was not that bad with his keeping....
  11. sarcastic

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    I have observed that Willow is good only for TV viewers and and not that good otherwise. Discontinued my Willow subscription. Hotstar is pretty good (although gives login problems sometimes)!
  12. I would not worry at at all for Dhawan's form in ICC tournaments. No matter what his prior form is, he IS A BEAST in ICC tournaments.
  13. sarcastic

    2nd T20. Ind vs Aus at B'luru

    Is Sidharth Kaul the hero for India!!!
  14. sarcastic

    Say sorry to Maahi!!!!!!

    I think Dhoni disproved all his critics and proved that he is as good as his old version... He has not just supported Kohli but dominated for short bursts of time. I know it is time Dhoni has to retire but he seems to have a final flourish before he leaves. ICF has been very critical on Dhoni in the last past few months/years. It is high team he gets the credit he deserves.... Let us start that by apologizing him...
  15. sarcastic

    2nd T20. Ind vs Aus at B'luru

    DHONI... DHONI... DHONI.... Boss is back!

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