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  1. This is probably a better indicator. Just set the min innings to 10 and here we go. @Gollum made such an accurate observation even by random guessing. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=4;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;host=1;orderby=batting_average;orderbyad=reverse;qualmin1=10;qualval1=innings;template=results;type=batting;view=series
  2. Chalo, "der se aaye durust aaye". All the best, Shastri in your next overseas assignment!
  3. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/darwins-theory-scientifically-wrong-union-min-satyapal-singh/articleshow/62581675.cms This is worrying!!! The ignorant among common people might as well think this guy is correct and we will start regressing sooner than later. I am not sure where this kind of right-wingers will take this country to. What does a politician/police man know about Science and how can he utter such non-sense being an elected representative of people.
  4. Shashi Tharoor offers a perspective. I know there are threads related to this in the past on ICF. But Shashi Tharoor's points do make sense. Let us discuss on this very important factor related to Indian identity/unity which is its national language.
  5. I understand your point about Sanga, Mccullum, Bouch or De Kock are good ODI players but Dhoni is too good an ODI player at his peak and unlike for T20Is, Dhoni has been a consistently good performer in ODIs for a long time. As Harsha Bhogle puts it succinctly, "He is tailor made and born to play ODIs".
  6. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    That would be very hard to implement. It will meet tremendous resistance from local population. Unless there is a great factor that motivates a secession, no body will want to be in a situation where there is going to be conscription and compulsory training/services.
  7. Common. You can't be serious. Ishant has 231 test wickets in 80 matches and he is just about to surpass Javagal Srinath in total test wickets. Are you seriously asking him to be replaced by a debutant bowler.
  8. I will be interested in seeing them. Cannot find them on Cricinfo. Can somebody post it here.
  9. Why are you not happy with it. It is a good knock by Rohit Sharma. It was not his fault if other batsmen give their wickets away for nothing. He did his best to keep the scoreboard ticking. Had the target been smaller, we would have even won.
  10. It is up to the two experienced players with impeccable domestic record who are in charge of taking team India to a winning position. It is their partnership that matters. Then after another wicket of RGS, team India will have the services of a young dynamite from Gujarat who can score some unconventional runs. Two hundred and fifty two runs stand ahead of team India to make a memorable test match. Can the triplet of P's do it for team India for once. I will change my siggy to something like "Gujarat is the best state of India for producing real winners" for a week .
  11. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    Is it curtains for Rohit Sharma's test career now? Will he still continue to find a spot in the team?
  12. I think people are being too harsh on Pujara here... Granted he is a poor runner between wickets and it is a shame to be runout twice in a match, but let us be honest, he is far more valuable than say someone like Rohit Sharma in the middle order. He has that ability of an Akash Chopra to preserve his wicket on one end and let an aggressor take over on the other side.
  13. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo optimistic bro!!!!!!!!!!!! You will wake up and say, "That's it..... that's it for Rohit Sharma for test cricket for good................ I have supported him for long enough!!!!!!!".
  14. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    It is not just the bowling attack. The opposition batting is also not as strong as it used to be. Imagine an Austrlian batting lineup not able to chase 188 in subcontinent, that was very rare event. But it happened so often in the last couple of years. This SA batting line up may have big names such as Amla, ABDV and Duplessis but I will still say given their form etc. were inferior to the ones India had to bowl to in 90s and 2000's.
  15. Can P, P & P from Gujarat win it for team India?

    Why?????????? I was not bringing in regionalism... just being optimistic over the three Gujjus.... More of complementing them. and I will accept their non-performance like anybody else's.
  16. Karthik is not a bad option for test cricket but at least he is better than Pappu patel. Please remove that pappu guy from my sight....Goddam....
  17. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    I used to have lot of hope but I think he is just not cut for test cricket. He has too many problems with being a potential candidate for LBWs /bowledout/ caught behinds. Such a person can never become a good test batsman unless he makes drastic improvement in his batting technique. He may have been unlucky with missing out on 11 odd tests in India from late 2016 or so but no one can help think that the boat has already sailed for Rohit Sharma the test batsman. It is sad thing to say but I think he should probably let a Rahane or a youngster to take over his spot and focus on LOI cricket.
  18. The all important ABDV.
  19. That will be sad if he does. Bhuvi does not deserve to be dropped after that performance. Bumrah is still raw and wait for his opportunities and Ishant can and should play ahead of him.
  20. Yeah. But Ishant deserves his chances after his improved performance in SL tests. Moreover, Bumrah cleared conceded that the they have to pitch it short and not up like they did. Ishant is a very good "hit the deck" kinda bowler and he deserves his chances ahead of Bumrah.
  21. The title should have been "Ishant's illness enables Bumrah to make test debut".
  22. Rahane deserves to play even the first test let alone this one. I would have understood Rohit's selection if and only if Rahane did miserably in the first test continuing his poor form and not the other way around. That is, Rohit failed and hence we will get back Rahane!!
  23. I would not have even tried Bumrah in the place of Ishant even in first test. The change is due since then. Glad it is happening now.
  24. Retreat of Islamic Empire and China

    You are right, the real political islamic caliphate ended with the demise of Rashiduddhin Caliphate in 750 AD. But the Abbasid Caliphate ( although only titular ) still held most of the Islamic world together. It is the demise of this caliphate that led to the final extinction of an Islamic Caliph ( something similar to that of a pope ). The Muhammad of Ghazini as you say used to pay his lip service to Caliph although strong himself. Irrespective of political aspects, Islam was a good thing to come to this world for those few centuries when the knowledge from ancient Greece to medieval India/China is all consolidated in one place from which the Renaissance did take the spark from.
  25. Retreat of Islamic Empire and China

    Islamic empire was devastated after the Mongols ran through them by destroying the House_of_Wisdom and there was no real islamic empire after that. There are some powerful empires such as Ottomans, Saffavids and the Mughals after that which are powerful until 1700s but stagnated or disintegrated later on. Islam was progressive in those years from 750 AD until 1258 AD but regressed due to so many factors, the most important being close-mindedness and political usage of religion. There are some excellent answers as to what to wrong with Islam in modern times here. China was not regressing after the Kublai Khans. It is more of stagnation and they were never really colonized by anyone until modern times. I would not think there are lessons to learn from Chinese demise at least until now. They were doing bad only in the mid-20th century and recovered spectacularly well after that.

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