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  1. IPL 2018 Points Table

    Did we observe again that after 25th April, 2018 match, all teams played 6 matches each and the flipped W/L ratio still remains in effect. Every team has a pair team with flipped W/L ration. Amazing again!!!
  2. You are wrong... He won three IPL titles so far. and this year is not star studded either... I mean people like Pollard have waned away, Lewis is hit or miss and I don't know if HP and KP are stars in the real sense. HP thinks he is one but he is not. And I don't know what stars you are thinking about.... Ashwin is good but we have yet to see real success to give him that.... In any case, Rohit is not hurting his team. He is still MVP for the team MI. It is just the batting around him needs more solidity and that is hurting them badly....
  3. Happy 45th birthday to Sachin Tendulkar !!!

    Happy birthday, Sachin!!!!!!!!
  4. Remember, he did pick some wickets in SA. We should not give up on him just based on IPL performance. It is too early. Everyone fails but then his selection should not be automatic. He needs to feel a bit insecured about his place so that he gives it all and not chillax like with MI! As ppl are point out, he is going in the way of Sreesanth but let us prevent it from there!
  5. This thread is in stark contrast to the one I opened few months ago. I am very angry on HP for his shabby, utterly disgraceful performance today ( almost fixing type ) but since this is just an IPL game, I will reserve my judgement until the end of Eng tour. After that tour, his real value and his place in the Pantheons of Indian cricketers will be appropriately evaluated.
  6. Good match so far. RRR is less than 6. MI should try to get it as soon as they can after setting a small base of 40-50 runs on board.
  7. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    If there was a boundary in Bran's 19th over (instead of one of the dots), the required runs will be 14, and Mujeeb would have still bowled the 20th over as nobody else has overs left. Any other part timer would be more risky than Mujeeb as no parttimer would have bowled phaast! Simply speaking, he was lucky today with the 20th over but then congrats for winning it!
  8. I think he is a mallu from Karnataka. At least, he is playing for Karnataka since his Ranji debut. I believe, Rahul and Nair probably speak to each other in Kannada and not in English/some other language. They switched to English in the video after a short while so it can be shown to the entire Indian/global audience.
  9. This is the best IPL season so far!

    Yeah, perhaps. But wish MI did not have so many close matches going in the wrong way in the end.... Not good to digest the same pill again and again and again!
  10. That's true. We cannot put past them to pick UV for WC 2019. But I am looking at the heavy defeat for team India in that series like WC 1999 or WC 2007. UV n company would have to hang their boots right after that. There is no choice of "I will make a call on my retirement after WC 2019". It is the final chance he may be given if at all!
  11. Do you really think that Rahul is better than Rohit and Ajinkya. As overall package, perhaps. But in terms of pure ability, I don't think so...
  12. He is talking with a fellow Kannadiga and hence made a Kannada remark that the cup is theirs this year! It is not a dig at RCB!
  13. with dangerous Klassen in, its still Rajasthan's to loose.
  14. I feel that MI are probably not making it to the playoffs!!! They look like loosing this after a great great start from the youngsters.
  15. It is not long since we have seen the emotional retirement of Morne Morkel and the emotional video of that is still trending on Willow tv. People with willow premium account can access it here: https://www.willow.tv/videos/d5-morkel-farewell-sa-vs-aus-streaming-online-4th-test-australia-tour-of-south-africa And the recent video of Ishant where he took a wicket for Sussex in his very first spell is trending as well. The tale of Ishant Sharma looks similar. They both are fast medium bowlers and both have always been considered only as support bowlers. Morne Morkel was playing second fiddle to Steyn at the beginning of his career and Rabada/Philanderer towards the end. Ishant was supporting Zaheer Khan (and even Nehra/Sreesanth) in his initial days and now supporting Shami/Bhuvi/Bumrah. If we look at the stats of Morne Morkel and Ishant, here are the stats. Ishant's stats: Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10 Tests 81 144 15600 8411 234 7/74 10/108 35.94 3.23 66.6 8 7 1 Morne's stats: Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10 Tests 86 160 16498 8550 309 6/23 9/110 27.66 3.10 53.3 18 8 0 While Morne's average and strike rate very better, it is worth noting that their Economy rates are not that different. Also, Ishant has almost same number of five wicket hauls in much lesser innings. We should not forget that while Morne is a second bowler of his side, Ishant is 3rd supporting bowler for team India. After looking at the galore of trundlers such as Unadkat, Kejroliya, Vinny kumar etc. and even good fast bowlers such as Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron being very occasionally wayward and expensive, we are fortunate to have Ishant Sharma in team India as a good supporting bowler. His value will be felt only when he finally hangs up his boots in test cricket.
  16. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Fully agreed with the bolded sentences. For a person with faith on certain God(s) will believe the books to be truth and as far as the person is concerned, the God(s) are real and the holy book is sacred and truth. There are indeed people from all professions who do believe in God. In my opinion, nobody has the right to say to such people what should or should not believe or what they should or should not consider something as real. Rest is not immaterial from a commonsense point of view. A lot of Christians might believe that Jesus Christ has resurrected himself after three days after his crucifixion and came alive and talked to his disciples. But from a commonsense point of view, there is no conclusive evidence that such an event has happened. Ilayaraja made such a comment and it was deemed controversial. But I will completely attest his statement because there is indeed no conclusive evidence that it has happened. We are not ruling out that such a thing DID NOT take place. But there is no way we can ascertain that it DID take place. For believing Christians, it is real and so be it (as far as they are concerned). All I am saying is, from the OP @rkt.india's perspective, "Are Ramayan and Mahabharat real?" he is asking a simple commonsensical question. Did they happen like some other historical events... Did Mahabharat war happen just like the three batttles of Panipat happened. Then we cannot base our answer to that question from perspective of "Faith" or existence of God. Do we have evidence using similar means like we deduced Ashoka's Kalinga war or Panipat wars or several others. The answer that posters such as @Gollum and @Muloghonto are giving seems to be NO.
  17. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Yes, I realized it eventually. I fully respect and support your stance on Gandhiji with regard to his bad ways.
  18. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    I think we have to be careful with the bolded statement there. There is a difference between people's beliefs and actual facts. Saying Ramayan and Mahabharat stories happened does not automatically imply that Ram and Krishna are avatars of Lord Vishnu. The former is potential historical fact and the latter is a belief aspect of a religion. The analogous example is: the existence of a wise person called Jesus in ancient Judea vs the belief that God the creator's only begotten son is born to virgin Mary and one can enter heaven only through "son of God" Jesus Christ. The fact that Ramayan story happened and Mahabharat story happened will not automatically prove that Ram and Krishna are avatars. It proves that they are great heroes (even if born as human-beings) and achieved great feats and established Dharma to help the humanity. The fact that they are considered to be avatars of Lord Vishnu and hence "Gods" in human form could be later on interpolation of humanbeings just like how we made Shirdi Sai baba a God and in fact avatar of Lord Dattatreya. In summary, my point is we should not connect the question, "Did Ramayana/Mahabhart really happened?" to a religious belief or religious community. It is a question that need to be answered from a historical perspective and not a believing perspective. Since, I know you to be a very logically sharp and factually knowledgeable person, I believe you understand my point.
  19. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    I am not talking about the specific thing what Gandhiji was doing. I will be honest that I have not done any research into what Gandhiji really did and whether he is indeed guilty of something wrong or he is being framed for it. I am talking about your post which says that "even Gandhiji is right in what he is doing". I am supporting your point of view that Gandhiji MAY NOT doing something wrong. This is based on what you implied in your statement and not my assessment of what Gandhiji is doing. In summary, I am saying is just as Siddhart's action of going away from home are misinterpreted to be unethical actions, Gandhiji's actions are also framed to be wrong and sensationalized in the media in the recent times by people with vested interests. I certainly do not fully attest Sidharth but that was required. Regarding Gandhiji, I do not know. If you think it is ok, I am explaining the analogy. If you think what Gandhiji is wrong in doing what he did, then it probably is (I would assume you may have done a fair assessment after your reading about that). That does not mean that we have to put Sidhart's action in the same boat.
  20. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Could very well be the case that he is innocent and only experimenting. I think such sensationalization that Gandhi is guilty of something is only because of Gandhi's popularity in the popular media since independence. Media want to say something bad so that more people will react to it and increase their TRPs.
  21. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    That is only in "dharm shastr" and not in real life. Most of the kings lead very luxurious life and had lot of women. Some successful kings may have also had implemented good policies and wages wars to expand/defend boundaries but most kings did not unless they felt it is very safe and comfortable for them to do that. Most average people will not want to leave all that luxury in pursuit of truth... I know a few relatives who were born in wealthy family and they hardly worked hard to study/do something in life since everything is already set for them to lead a comfortable life in terms of money/luxuries. Average person does not want to work but just want everything free. And if you are getting something free as inheritance, who wants to risk loosing it. I will rather put that he might have escaped something but also sacrificed something much bigger which many average people will not risk loosing. You second point about Buddha not being a single person is debatable but there is ample evidence to assess that he indeed existed. In the case of Jesus, he was not that popular during his life time or even until many decades. Hence, even though the historicity is debated by scholars but some historical Jesus who taught to the Jews in Judea and eventually got crucified by the Roman government is accepted. In the case of Buddha, we have the pillar erected in Lumbini by Ashoka (king Piyadasi) in 3rd century BC where he stated that Buddha was born there two centuries ago. Since it is only 200 years since, it is unlikely that people of Ashoka's time will be misled of a non-historical figure.
  22. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    I don't disagree with your opinion or the imperfection of his action at that time but yes, it is more of in the area of "necessary evil". I believe that we all have to make hard decisions such as that where we fail in some roles to succeed in others. My point is taking such action is not an unethical action in an overall sense and really we all have to take such steps in our day to day life. I am not defending that action is right but then unless such action is taken, he could not achieve what he did. Same is the case with all of us.
  23. I am loving this....

    What an awesome nice drizzle of sixes by Christopher Henry Gayle...> The look on the face of Rashid Khan.... says it all... I am really really enjoying this Gayle storm.... Awesome.... entertainment.
  24. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    When Siddharth left home, his father and the kingdom were there to protect her and their child. Yes, it looks like escapism, but it is different from escaping from responsibilities. His wife and child Rahula are well take care of by the enormous wealth his family is born in. If you are telling me why he did marry, he did not know that he will be that disturbed by what he got to see (i.e. the suffering) and resolved to make a change, resolved to find a way to alleviate this suffering. And he succeeded too in his mission and helped the humanity to overcome suffering. If someone calls that "escapism", I don't agree with that. If you are giving example of what was considered wrong then and now are different, I agree with that point. Ethics change over a period of time.

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