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  1. Not really, since the next two test matches could go as 2-0 for a team. It is not necessary that the result of test 2 and 3 will be like 1-1. So, if planning is done for 4th test match after 1st match draw, then the 4th match can still be a dead-rubber. What you are saying is idealistically good but from the posts of @Trichromatic and others, I gather it is practically infeasible. The solution is to conduct only 3 or 4 match series as much as possible. 5 test match series is a bit too long. I wonder how many times such a series goes into the 5th match with something to decide regarding the series.
  2. sarcastic

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day everyone! :-)
  3. sarcastic

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    That is more likely to happen ( may not be in 2019 but surely sometime later ) than India winning this series.
  4. sarcastic

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Also, I think in the picture he is out of a workout or something. He is not ready like how one can for a formal event or so. In that case, he might look much much better than most men of his age (even with their makeup etc.).
  5. https://sports.ndtv.com/england-vs-india-2018/india-vs-england-ishant-sharma-holds-the-key-to-indias-test-series-win-in-england-says-ashish-nehra-1898890 I know Ishant Sharma is good as test bowler ( mostly in supporting role ) and had done well at Edbaston to bring team India into the game but Ashish Nehra must be smoking some really potent stuff to make statements like these. These stmts will make cringeworthy statements nothing... BCCI should keep ppl like Ashish Nehra as far as possible from the team!!!!
  6. sarcastic

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Ishant is one of the least problems with team India. Remember, he picked up a 5-fer just the other match and gave Indian batsmen a fair chance to start the England tour with a win. If only the other bowlers and batsmen contributed, we would at least been 1-1!!!
  7. sarcastic

    All is not lost .

    I say that team India will win a test match in this series. They may loose one more but they will win ONE and may be able to draw another. So, it is a series loss looming but even that can be prevented if India can win two more matches.
  8. sarcastic

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    Looks tough now... Team India have to pull up their socks and do really really well to salvage a draw in this series.....
  9. sarcastic

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    I think the OP @Gollum is shooting the gun too early! Yes, there are worrying signs but I will wait until I give a full series to KL Rahul before making a judgement. Remember, even if he takes the mantle of "worst series ever by a visiting batsman to England", I will not loose hope but will want him to make a case in Australia. But if he fails in Australia 4 test series too in a similar way, then there will be alarm bells on KL Rahul's international career and I will want him to go back to domestics/IndiaA in the longer format and hone his skills/temperament and make a comeback based on his performances.
  10. India are desperate to get wickets here and they need to get England all out before end of 3rd day with England having a maximum lead of 180. That is at most 50 more runs and no more. Then Indian batsmen including Rahul, Pujara, Kohli and Rahane have to bat out of their skins to get a good score like 300-350 runs in second innings. If England are made to chase 150+ in their fourth innings, they will go for it and will NOT settle for a draw. It will be a box-office if above scenario works out and Indian bowlers may get the English men out for a paltry 100+ and win this test match.
  11. sarcastic

    Rohit's latest twitter activity

    Well said. People underestimate the natural ability he pocess... Granted he has been a lazy ass who did not work on his technique and fitness all these years ( at least not expected of an international material) and granted he did not put even the minimal expected price for his wicket when given so many opportunities ( many examples here, one being coming down the track in the last over before lunch... can anyone be THAT stupid!!! ). But as @sandeep says in above posts and once upon a time @maniac used to over exaggerate, he is gifted by miles in terms of physical abilities but his mind is FAR FAR from matured as expected from an international star. Knowledgeable posters such as @Gollum put a lot of encomiums/adulation for KL Rahul's abillties on this forum but I could relate to all those words being relevant for Rohit, especially during that 2008 era when he is right out of CB Series. Alas, he proved to be something else....
  12. sarcastic

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    I think the OP was referring to H Pandya overall as a test allrounder in longer term and not about this series. In this series, Pandya deserves his chances to prove himself as we have Bhuvi injured and no proper number 6 option too ( yes there is Nair but do you want him ahead of Pandya is a question of its own).
  13. sarcastic

    Karunandhi health status...

    RIP Karunanidhi aka Kalaignar!!! Your love for Tamil language/poetry/literature is commendable and everyone can take leaf out of it. I will also admire you for your efforts to remove differences in the society and being open minded. There may be flaws in your character, but you will be definitely be admired for many good things than otherwise.
  14. sarcastic

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    @The Outsider, it is really awesome to see you posting on the forum. Miss those days of fights between you and @BossBhai.
  15. sarcastic

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    Symonds type of batsman is only good for interim period and not a long term prospect for test cricket. Symonds type of allrounder is very good for ODIs and T20Is without a doubt but in test cricket, such a guy is just OK in tests but I would like to replace him in the long run with either a proper batsman or bowling allrounder. I really wished that it was as assured as Kohli's. If he would have taken us through the finish line, I don't think anyone on ICF would have disagreed with your line there. I know it is just one innings and a batsman can get out any time, still I did not feel that he had it in him to take us there when the eventual dismissal happened. I wished that he did it and his image and our trust in him would be at a different level.
  16. sarcastic

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    Pandya is showing what his role is in this series. To bat responsibly with the tail and score valuable runs... IF not for him, we would have already lost this match!
  17. Ishant Sharma, India's slim Atlas A gem from Gollapudi!
  18. sarcastic

    Ishant Sharma, India's slim Atlas

    http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?bowling_pacespin=1;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;orderby=wickets;size=200;spanmin1=01+jan+2014;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling The table is about performances of Indian pacers since Jan 1, 2014. Ishant, Shami, Bhuvi and Bumrah are all good with the latter just rising whereas the former are more established. I don't think anyone will doubt the utility of Ishant Sharma in the recent past.
  19. sarcastic

    Congrats Indian bowlers

    You seem to be underestimating Ishant Sharma everytime you refer to the 5-fer. If India wins this test match, he is right behind Virat and on par with Ashwin as the men who won India the match. To clarify your question, look at this scorecard:http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/11691/scorecard/667713/england-vs-india-2nd-investec-test-india-tour-of-england-2014/ India scored nearly 650 in both the innings combined and Ishant shone through the match with his wickets. It is not always the case that if Ishant takes wickets, the conditions are bad for batting. When he gets wickets, he gets them in buckets.
  20. sarcastic

    Whether KL Rahul is the next Rohit Sharma ?

    I know you rate Vijay as a test batsman n opener very very highly.... few failures and you are showing him the door... What happened, Mr. @Gollum?
  21. Is he that good or simply plain lucky that they are taking chances against him after the main bowlers were being seen off. To top it off, he can bat too. He seems to be playing only his 2nd test and he is doing well. I think this is what we want Hardik Pandya to be... to be more than just a part timer with the ball and also contribute with the bat at the lower order.
  22. Batting allrounders (i.e. Batsman first by trade types ) are not as desirable as Bowling allrounders in test cricket. IMO, a batting allrounder really deserves a place in playing XI if and only if he can enter purely as a batsman (i.e. even if they do not bowl one over, they are still useful for the team). Whereas for the bowling allrounders, even with occasional bursts of success like Curran had and good batting support lower down, they can be very useful for team's success. Examples being how Bhhuvi and Ashwin (when he was contributing well with bat until recently) were contributing. Also, I don't think the bits and pieces allrounders are good at test level (for e.g.) unless they can enter in to playing XI by one trade alone. Pandya is the best option we have to groom and I hope he will succeed. But unless he improves his test bowling, his place in playing XI will always be under scanner (unless offcourse his batting prowess grows on par with test specialists).
  23. sarcastic

    Say sorry to Saha

    Please have patience with KDK. He is not as bad as Pappu Patel. Don't elevate the latter by comparing with the former. Let us give time for KDK. He is currently in a second wind ( or late wind ) of his career. Let him do his best and let us get the maximum out of that.
  24. sarcastic

    Whether KL Rahul is the next Rohit Sharma ?

    He should play the entire series and not just the next test. And let us see his performances before holding the gun.
  25. sarcastic

    I know what to expect in England: Ashwin

    Ashwin walking the talk!

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