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  1. Siraj!!! But he will get his chances only when we are done with Ishant! Ishu has been doing well in Ranjis this time and he deserves another run in test cricket. Granted if he fails in the next season or two, that is curtains for his international career.
  2. Chahal is winning it for team India with his tidy overs!!!
  3. Ishant Sharma had a successful campaign so far in the Ranji with him being a captain. It is interesting how the OP can make such blanket remark as Ishant is out!!! Ishant will roar back into the test squad. To that extent (i.e. test cricket), he is good enough for team India. Agreed he should be no where near the LoI teams.
  4. Who are the big match players in indian team?

    Your post was very very good until you made this last remark. That video where Boycott said "rubbish", GG was indeed rubbish. It was a very fair comment made even before GG played his first ball. And the way GG played the first ball and got out, he just vindicated the statement made by Boycott in the comm box (which off course GG would not have heard until he is back to pavilion n watched the replays/comm etc). Boycott was praising Vijay just a second before calling GG rubbish. There is no two words that GG did a lot to team India than many (or perhaps any) other batsmen as far as WC and WT20 success is concerned but he was playing like "rubbish" at the time of that England series.
  5. What do we mean by IT corridor for muslims..> So all the companies there will employ only muslims.... how is that even possible in this day and age.... You need software developers and the like and not some religious bigots to work and run a software company lest none of your customers will give you a cent to get a project done....
  6. He should have been a batting all rounder in ranjis and then he would have been considered for that spot in tests. He should have identified it himself and focussed on batting more when he was even younger.
  7. But chief selector MSK Prasad bats for "really doing well" Rahane as opener and "specialist no. 4 batsman" Karthik. Unfortunately, despite the great potential of KL Rahul, there is no spot for him.
  8. Dinesh Karthick vs Manish Pandey

    India has an open position, i.e. no 4 in ODIs to be filled and right now two people are vying for that. This is in the hands of Dinesh Karthick and Manish Pandey one of whom will surely play in WC 19 if they could cement their place. There are two good articles each in a different website supporting Pandey and Karthik respectively. Pandey's chance to end India's hunt for a No. 4 and No. 4 a great position for me to bat: Dinesh Karthik Who deserves the opportunity among these two>>> Whom should team India back? Discuss...
  9. Dinesh Karthick vs Manish Pandey

    I think Karthick has proved himself as able enough to take the Number 4 spot in Indian ODI setup. I am sure MSK prasad will claim that Karthick has been doing very well and hence Manish Pandey is no longer in the plans of Indian ODI setup.
  10. +1 Rahul returned with the figures of 4, 7 and 17 in three matches vs SL where he is in early middle order (3-5). May be one more series need to be given before saying "this experiment has failed". But it is very outrageous to say "Rahane has done very well"> and we will continue with him with his 70 S/R... Well he did alright.. nothing more or less. May be just holding on to the backup opener position for now!!!
  11. http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/12024/ishant-sharma-remembers-his-dream-spell-against-ricky-ponting This is a very latest video where he reminisces of his dream spell. He must be feeling happy that he is included in the test squad vs SriLanka as he can make his case for a strong comeback. Here is a short highlight of that spell in the Perth test.
  12. You mean this: OR this: OR Ishant did produce many good spells... Problem is he is not that consistent....
  13. For all we know, Rohit could play a knock in challenging conditions in one session but he is way too consistent. He may get chances now but if he fails here, it is THE END of it. If he does well, he will go to SA to prove himself further. Let us see how it all unfolds!!!
  14. If Hardik is to play as an all rounder, there is only one spot left in the team for pure batsman!!! :-) Rohit it is going to be...> But that will be the last straw of chances given to him before he is removed from test team forever!!!
  15. So, Kohli is Bhallaldeva and Dhoni is Bahubali!!!
  16. K Gowtham for senior team

    Batsmen are not the problem with team India... bowlers are.... It is bowlers who can bat (with high S/R) that are very valuable for team India. The proper batsmen who can bow a bit can be considered but not that useful given our enormous batting talent.
  17. So, no series decider!!!
  18. And add to that, Akbar also patronized great saints of his time. He ensured that the songs of Sur das are collated together and announced prize money for people who collect those songs. That's how we have "Sur Sagar", the collection of all songs of Sur das ji. He even offered Tulasi das ji the position of one the ratna's (jewels which is like a top poet in his court) which Tulasidas declined. Without many such harmonizing efforts of Akbar, Mughal empire could not have survived and thrived that strongly for so long after his reign. If his descendants were at least similar to him, the East India company could have never been able to capture the subcontinent like they did. The intolerance and cruelty of Aurangazeb eventually gave rise to the rise of Marathas and weakening of empire every where else and this gave ample opportunity for the rise of British EIC and eventually establishment of British Raj.
  19. Looking at the attitude of Kedar, you have got to give it to him that this is the dude that deserves the T20 spot in the first XI.... He is standing tall in a big collapse and seemingly scoring runs very easily. This innings will test him and either establish him either as the utility T20 player or prove that he is just an ordinary IPL/domenstic bully....
  20. excessive handshaking

    Actually, I think that makes a good question in JEE or some such entrance exam in the area of "Permutations & Combinations".
  21. Rabada vs Amir

    And for the record for those who are not following Ranji trophy, Ishant returned with the figures 20-7-38-5 in his first Innings as captain...
  22. Rabada vs Amir

    People on this forum are just short of tirades for Ishant Sharma but they just don't understand it is not easy to stay fit and play for so long for team India. He was not that productive in terms of wickets but he was quite useful for the captains for his workhorse attitude and "hit the deck" type of fast bowling.
  23. Fair enough and I personally do not mind. But many people claim that there are more deserving members who need a chance instead of Rahane...
  24. how does that matter.... Do you want Rahanae to be given as many chances to discard him...? Rohit got so many chances also because of chance.... That is he was an irregular player due to the constant breaks that SRT used to take from ODIs in his final years (2009-11). Only after SRT retired and Sehwag declined did Rohit started getting continuous opportunities....
  25. Rangana Herath joins 400 wickets club

    Pragyan Ojha should be groomed so that he can emulate the success of Herath>>> Left arm orthodox spinners are very good for tests in sub-continent conditions. Jadeja has done well but we should still explore.

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