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  1. http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/97268/ishant-sharma-to-lead-delhi-in-upcoming-ranji-season Ishant Sharma receives a lot of flak here on ICF despite being most experience workhorse for team India for nearly a decade. Granted he regressed as a bowler in India off late, but he has improved a lot in overseas conditions. Let us hope that Ishant gets his due and makes a comeback to team India after an inspired performance in this Ranji season.
  2. India's Fertility rate state by state

    The total population of NE India (other than Assam) is very very less. The rates you see are from those and quite insignificant w.r.t. what they will add to whole of India. UP, Bihar and Jharkhand are of concern though.
  3. You are not wrong but blaming the batting unit when they have to chase 330 odd in an ICC knockout match, when the pressure is simply insurmountable, is probably unfair. I am aware that India has won more matches with batting rather than bowling. But in most cases, they have won either by batting first or by good middle order contributions. Do you really trust today's middle order to deliver goods??? I really don't think we have the fire power to do what Robin Singh in 1998 or Yuvi/Kaif in 2002 did for that requirement. Other than those two instances, I don't remember any heavy chases by team India in pressure situations.
  4. Are you nuts????? Which golts have been like this. Picking a wrong example to represent the sample and making a remark. VVS Laxman has been one of the softest person ever to play for Indian team.
  5. Yes..... if all test matches are played either in Dhaka or Chittagong. Can you please look at his stats outside B'desh (especially his bowling) and then we will talk.
  6. Onus is also on the new batsmen to take time and get set when there were sufficient balls to get to the target. This would have been understandable had it been the case that there were any balls left and they had no option but to slog. That is not the case yesterday. They all lined up like train bogies and batted like they were in a hurry to catch a plane. Having said all this, I fully agree that Rohit or any set batsman should do their best to finish the match themselves and not get OUT for a fairly harmless delivery.
  7. Chinese Propaganda??

    This is quite insulting and demeaning for god's sake..... Seven sins.... If you want to talk, "GET OUT" of my house..... Common... That's not good manners to talk to a guest! The dispute is whose house it is..>>> China's or Bhutan's.....
  8. Anybody Recall this match ?

    That palm Sunday innings that changed SRT the ODI cricketer and perhaps Indian LOI cricket forever and ever . For people wondering why I made the latter statement: it is the first time India has scored more than run a ball in an ODI innings at the end of a complete team innings. Since we were chasing, it was not 300+ by the end of play. (India had to wait for one more year for its first 300+.)
  9. Science is ****

    Did you mean "does" there? Because people do not seem to have issues as long as it does not contradict their pre-existing beliefs and assumptions. But when they do, they seem to do two things: 1) either take a fight saying science is wrong, i.e. evolution is a myth kind of BS OR 2) my holy book already contains the fact that "big bang" happened. So, Science has not given me any new knowledge. The former route is taken when the scientific fact is not too obvious to common folk and the later approach is taken for those things that seems to have a near universal agreement among the masses and hence cannot be negated openly.
  10. Kohli far too inconsistent in tests?

    Very very valid point made by you. People ignore the context of some runs and look at the average and just the overall performance. His 100+ is an easy pickings 100 runs he got in an innings where there is hardly any pressure of the situation and the opposition were simply bowling saying..... "Please declare as soon as you can and let this torture be over for us">.... They are not playing like picking his wicket any time.... Other than that innings all his innings in this series were "Meh...."
  11. I have known Mithali Raj for a long time when she was a young dynamic batsman in the late 90's and early 2000's but not been following much until recently when I heard she became captain of women's cricket team. Today we hear the news that she becomes the highest aggregate scorer in ODIs. Tremendous achievement. Congratulations to Mithali!!!
  12. You are happy that MI is called just a supporting hero and not the superDON of all teams.....
  13. who is this bald-headed man.... Oh wait....
  14. Who says Shastri has become a coach> There is not even one credible link to confirm the same!!!!! Please don't become April fools in July month please....
  15. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    Where are the genuine links to show this has happened? Do not talk based on some fake reports and rumours. Cricinfo or BCCI link please?
  16. Rohit returns for Sri Lanka Tests; Nair dropped

    Ishant Sharma has lot of experience and as someone says above has won us many "Test" series. Let us not confuse Ishant the LOI bowler with the test bowler. He surely got it what it takes to pick wickets in test matches.
  17. Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    If you meant "my comment", I was not "sarcastic". I know your country cannot produce such inspirational stars like our MSD , but that is a different story.
  18. Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    I don't disagree with you there. He is probably done and will probably retire soon too. Yes, I do not want to see him struggle and hobble out of his international career but bow out like a winner (that he is). Hopefully, he will not tarnish his legacy due to his pulling his career too much.
  19. Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    Happy Birthday MSD!!! You are an inspiration to many, particularly for middle-class people coming from small towns and yet aspiring for greater heights in life!!! :-)
  20. 49 matches, 91 wickets - Fastest to 100 wickets

    Ishant does have plans but he is not adaptable. That is he does not ask questions to the batsmen and set them up frequently enough to be successful enough at international level.
  21. FOUR out of FOUR. Yes, I know it is against hapless West Indies but Rahane has really demonstrated tremendous consistency and today's innings is really the "need of the hour" innings. Dinesh Karthik should have never played today and I would have liked to see Risabh Pant in his place. But Rahane on the other hand has been commendable and won the spot in the side. FOUR consecutive fifties is not a joke. When the great batsman captain himself is getting out very cheaply every other innings, it has been Rahane all the way who is the one rescuing the team.
  22. 5th odi, India Vs West Indies

    Karthik has the potential to keep the strike completely and deny Kohli of his record 100.... That way two things happen.... Kohli has to wait for his century for a more momentous occasion. Karthik will have to wait for a place in team India forever as Kohli will not like to have him in the team after this fiasco.
  23. Has Rahane deservingly sealed his backup spot in ODIs

    Well, our selectors may not think like the way you suggest. They will certainly be in "delusions" when they select team India squad for the next tour.
  24. Has Rahane deservingly sealed his backup spot in ODIs

    336 runs at an average of 67.2 and strike rate of 77.06 with three 4 50+ scores (that includes a century) and a 39. Pretty consistent figures for Rahane and he probably will put pressure on KL Rahul for the opening spot. What are your thoughts....
  25. 5th odi, India Vs West Indies

    Kuldeep Yadav has gone wicketless for the first time he bowled in a match. He should be wary of the fact that international career can have this kind of matches with low or no results.

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