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  1. sarcastic

    Equations for qualification

    Yes. Now they need a big win vs CSK and they have been traditional bashing bags for CSK! Where has the world come to.... Almost there and out of there!!!!
  2. sarcastic

    China continues state abuse of muslims in xinjiang

    If SC Bose's INA has reached New Delhi and the British Indian army surrendered before 1945, India could very well be such a state like PRC, dictated by military might. For good or bad, it was not the case.
  3. sarcastic

    China continues state abuse of muslims in xinjiang

    Because they do not heed to individual community's but encourages people to think rationally and not follow any dogma taught by anyone. Most of the world governments seem to bend their heads on "we should respect someone's sentiments" and so on. I am not saying specifically about any particular community. Sethusamudram project is also another example where the Govt has bent (for the so called public demand).
  4. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Not true. If RCB wins tomm they are certainly in playoffs. If MI wins vs DD, they are mostly too (it is a question of NRR then). KKR has to win against Sunrisers in their last game, that too in Hyderabad (which is bowler friendly). Only then they are certain. If they loose that match, they will be perhaps be ousted by both MI and RCB because of their poor NRR.
  5. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    This is not fluke..... Bumrah was simply outstanding!!!!!! Credit where deserving. Punjab do not have good middle order/lower order batsman and that's a fact that caused them this misery in this IPL.
  6. sarcastic

    Has Yuvi given a phainty to all his detractors

    Time for UV to give the real phainty in IPL. If he can knock MI out of the tournament, me thinks Kohli will bring him to international cricket yet again. EDIT: Looks like UV is truly and completely done as far as internationals is concerned. I m not saying this based on today's innings but looks like something he used to have is no longer with him. Sad but true....
  7. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Time for UV to show that he still has it with him!!!
  8. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    So, the match seems almost over. Bad luck, MI... Try it next year!!!
  9. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Yes! and unless the MI bowlers are in good form, it will be hard to stop runs at Whankede!
  10. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Mark my words, even if they both fail today MI will not easily put KXIP below the target.
  11. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Let the others also score and give a stiff challenge to KXIP of over 210 and then we will wait for Gayle storm or Rahul's good innings. Let us wait and watch. That will be more entertaining than a low score chase by KXIP.
  12. sarcastic

    China continues state abuse of muslims in xinjiang

    Well, I am not supporting everything they do. But do not be afraid of any community and that is good thing to learn for all countries.
  13. sarcastic

    China continues state abuse of muslims in xinjiang

    Well done, PRC! You rock... hope rest of the world will follow your lead!
  14. sarcastic

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    At the end of the day, BJP is also a party (like a private enterprise) and they need their profits. They want to win the elections in 2019.
  15. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    So, is it curtains for MI for this season!!! Unfortunate to go out with still 1 match in hand!
  16. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Has Ishan Kishan done a mistake!?
  17. sarcastic

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    Mohit Sharma steaming in......
  18. Irfan was on his way to be the next Kapil Dev indeed. He was that good during his initial days both with ball and bat. He was an early wicket-taker with the ball with his banana swing and a solid bat who could do well in test matches.
  19. sarcastic

    Watch out for Robin uthappa in remaining matches.

    "When someone hits it, it stays hit. That someone is Uthappa". Remember this quote from a commentator years ago. Looks like reality is far from it. Uthappa is not pressing his re-selection for national squad with his performances. Need many more compelling ones like Rayudu to press the selectors to give him one last flourish at international level!!!
  20. That's awsome news for the other teams as RR may find it difficult to win the last match. The table will get interesting if RR wins this match and looses the last and KKR can upset SRH in the last match. Both RR and KKR will end up with 14 points. Let MI and RCB also win their last two matches and we have four teams tied on the same points. If KXIP wins over one of MI/RCB, they will be there in place of MI/RCB (whoever they won over). That will be a great points table.
  21. sarcastic

    Karnataka election results

    The people of south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh are dead against BJP since they believe BJP has backstabbed them by backing on several promises, the most important being, according special status to it. Looks like BJP will definitely face the heat at least in that state.
  22. sarcastic

    Rayudu...is he good enough to play intl cricket?

    We have Pandy and Karthik for number 4 spot. But, Rayudu will make a good case in his current form! He might as well retire after the 2019 WC.
  23. sarcastic

    Is it the beginning of Kohliconda

    So, finally a good job done by Kohli & co. Had SRH dismissed within 20 overs for a paltry score of 146. SRH has a tough task of defending this despite their defence heroics. Good job Kohli. You started picking and backing the right bowlers in your team. Southee should have played since he was available. Moeen is a canny and cunning bowler too. Looks like RCB is getting their zigshaw in place. They have done well in defending with MI too.
  24. sarcastic

    Bye bye punjab !!!

    If KXIP looses at least one game, they can come to only 14 points and with a negative run rate (unless they win other match with great run rate) and hence difficult to qualify. RCB and MI ( atleast one of them) may come to 14 points with a better NRR.

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