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  1. What is a safe target for India?

    I will feel pretty safe if the target is over 250 and in the range of 275ish. Less than 200 may be (may be) sufficient but until the last wicket falls, I will not hing too much hope. Between 200 and 275, every run means more and more guarantee and then it becomes unchaseable I would think. But getting 230 runs tomorrow with the remaining wickets is a real real challenge. Not sure we can achieve that.
  2. Test 3 Day 2 -Predictions

    You are an eternal pessimist and this time very far from the actual result!!!
  3. Test 3 - Day 3 Predictions

    India 300 All out. SA 20/1
  4. It is more of a fielders/captains wicket than a bowlers wicket. That is, the bowler had little role in plucking that one unlike a bowled/lbw/keeper or slip or close fielder catch. And also, look at the number of runs he is leaking..... He has been quite expensive for what returns he has given....
  5. Shashi Tharoor offers a perspective. I know there are threads related to this in the past on ICF. But Shashi Tharoor's points do make sense. Let us discuss on this very important factor related to Indian identity/unity which is its national language.
  6. I am not supporting Pappu at all. But he did perform with the bat in the past to make selectors get him again. His selection was made because of lack of viable wk alternative as those such as Pant, Samson etc. have not been able to play enough matches in limited over internationals since Dhoni won't vacate that spot. I am sure Papu will be removed the moment we find better alternatives but let us see when it happens. Ishant, yes I support his inclusion only in test team and that's it. But looks like we are having better alternatives than him in the recent times with the emergence of Shami, Bhuvi and Bumrah.
  7. @BeautifulGame, I agree with your point that PP did not show up with the bat. But there is no doubt that he is quite good with the bat in hard and bouncy conditions like in SA. Parthiv has demonstrated his potential in his earlier stints with team India and he has been doing really well in domestics. Thus he earned his call-back to the test team in this tour. If Pant had to come, he should be experimented first with the limited overs team first. That cannot happen since your and a lot of ppl's favorite MSD will not vacate his spot even on a trivial tour such as home tour of SL.
  8. Can Pujara get a century

    Looks like Vijay is already done more or less and going to be out if he continues like this. I do not see the grittiness, temperament and patience that was his ornament until recently.....
  9. Rohit scored about 40 odd runs by that time. And it is unfair on Hashim to call it a drop..>> It would have been a stunner had he taken it. It was hit hard and well above Hash but if only he could have palmed it and taken it...
  10. How has he proved today that he is "leagues ahead"..... of Rohit.... I have not seen that in this match.
  11. Can Pujara get a century

    I see that this thread was made 3 hours ago and the live score of Pujara is still in 40's. I wonder OP definitely has a point. How long will it take for Pujara to get to 100.
  12. Rahane or Rohit?

    Rohit is a bit daring with standing out where a lion can just clutch with one of its claws. Rahane is safely inside!!! Really not sure who to pick.>>> But Rahane is surely enjoying a free holiday.... If he does not play 3rd test, he got all the money and free trip for no work almost.
  13. Lol Cameron White is still playing in 2018

    Sorry, I just searched and got the BB match where he is the captain of Melbourne on 22nd Jan and misunderstood what you have to say. Shocking for sure..>>> out of nowhere.....he got into ODIs....
  14. Lol Cameron White is still playing in 2018

    He is playing in Big Bash and not in team Australia, right! DK, UV may still have something to offer in IPL... just not for team India.
  15. This is probably a better indicator. Just set the min innings to 10 and here we go. @Gollum made such an accurate observation even by random guessing. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax1=4;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;host=1;orderby=batting_average;orderbyad=reverse;qualmin1=10;qualval1=innings;template=results;type=batting;view=series
  16. Chalo, "der se aaye durust aaye". All the best, Shastri in your next overseas assignment!
  17. I understand your point about Sanga, Mccullum, Bouch or De Kock are good ODI players but Dhoni is too good an ODI player at his peak and unlike for T20Is, Dhoni has been a consistently good performer in ODIs for a long time. As Harsha Bhogle puts it succinctly, "He is tailor made and born to play ODIs".
  18. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    That would be very hard to implement. It will meet tremendous resistance from local population. Unless there is a great factor that motivates a secession, no body will want to be in a situation where there is going to be conscription and compulsory training/services.
  19. Common. You can't be serious. Ishant has 231 test wickets in 80 matches and he is just about to surpass Javagal Srinath in total test wickets. Are you seriously asking him to be replaced by a debutant bowler.
  20. I will be interested in seeing them. Cannot find them on Cricinfo. Can somebody post it here.
  21. Why are you not happy with it. It is a good knock by Rohit Sharma. It was not his fault if other batsmen give their wickets away for nothing. He did his best to keep the scoreboard ticking. Had the target been smaller, we would have even won.
  22. It is up to the two experienced players with impeccable domestic record who are in charge of taking team India to a winning position. It is their partnership that matters. Then after another wicket of RGS, team India will have the services of a young dynamite from Gujarat who can score some unconventional runs. Two hundred and fifty two runs stand ahead of team India to make a memorable test match. Can the triplet of P's do it for team India for once. I will change my siggy to something like "Gujarat is the best state of India for producing real winners" for a week .
  23. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    Is it curtains for Rohit Sharma's test career now? Will he still continue to find a spot in the team?
  24. I think people are being too harsh on Pujara here... Granted he is a poor runner between wickets and it is a shame to be runout twice in a match, but let us be honest, he is far more valuable than say someone like Rohit Sharma in the middle order. He has that ability of an Akash Chopra to preserve his wicket on one end and let an aggressor take over on the other side.

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