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  1. Are you really 100% sure, Jaddu did this... If so, and
  2. Rohit said that Amir is an ordinary bowler

    Exactly..>> It was a time when the entire commentrators and journalists are going gaga over him after his return from ban... (and he did nothing great until then.) More like a reaction against it....
  3. Ramnath Kovind : 14th President of India

    I did that and checked his wiki and his profile looked no better than an average lawyer who probably fought for Dalit rights taking up some positions and that's all. I felt his stature does not look good enough to be a President of 1.3 billion country. I could have missed out on something and hence looking for some enlightenment here. Or as someone says above, is this a "prathiba patil" moment from BJP???
  4. Ramnath Kovind : 14th President of India

    Can someone please list the achievements of Ram Nath Kovind? How should Indian citizens consider him the first citizen.
  5. Rohit said that Amir is an ordinary bowler

    That was long back when Amir just came back from ban and was doing ordinarily then. There was so much of hype on his return that when a journalist asked him, Rohit replied in that way. Having said this, Amir is certainly good in swinging conditions.... in opening spells...> if opposition can get through that carefully, he may not threaten much later on..
  6. Predict Team India's results in 2017

    Great prediction. Spot on at that time and you even got a negative vote then....
  7. I cannot believe how Indian fans actually thought that India can get away after taunting Amir as if there is no other way to taunt him. Amir will be forever remembered in the history of cricket for his match-winning spell today..... in London the place where he was jailed for 3 months against the team whose fans taunted him in a very disparaging way...
  8. Kaidi number 5 has crucifixed India for a long time

    NEVER EVER REPEAT this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never rile up your opposition.....................
  9. Don't give up !

    Did you mean "Pandya" and "Jadeja"
  10. Dhawan.... Seriously.... He is one of the best performers in ICC tournaments and he contributed a lot to CT 2013 victory.
  11. It is a party time for you guys.... Enjoy your time....
  12. Not Rohit and Bumrah....definitely as anyone can have a failure once in a while. Rohit and Bumrah were very good in ODIs and they are no way going to go out. Yes, Ashwin should not play in ODIs any more as his selection is what started this great slide!!!
  13. Don't give up !

    There is still hope... Let us not give up!!!!!! yet
  14. He is still quality but age seems to be catching up with him!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ashwin is a fattu

    He went for 7 runs per over when he did not bowl any slog overs.... He bowled those overs when we expect the opposition is going quietly. His bowling is very very costly for a team batting second.
  16. Ashwin is a fattu

    They perhaps don't have 40 overs of pace. But we could have had them and put a lid over Pakistan's score.
  17. My god my god my god..... I can't believe what I am seeing.... He still went to Ashwin who got tonked for a six the very first ball... I cannot believe KOhli is doing all this..... KKKKKKKKKOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIII..... what happened to you today...
  18. where is Kedhar Jadhav....... kohli...... where is he yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to give another 10 overs through that Ashiwn....
  19. Ashwin is a fattu

    I don't see any reason as why he is picked ahead of a fast bowler. If if Kohli wants to go with "same winning combination", why not play the match-winner in the last match vs Pakistan Umesh!!!! why????
  20. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    It all boils down to this thread!!!!!!!!!
  21. Why do we have Ashwin and Jadeja, both in our team.>>> Why on earth....
  22. Rohit showed he can win games chasing

    You are riling up lot of nerves with that comment of yours...as it is an obvious reference to you know who??
  23. Kuldeep, Pant selected for WI tour

    Guess he did not completely recover after surgery and needs rest. He is a proven performer vs WI and someone like Pant can be tested. But why the heck on the world they still want to stick with Rahane...........
  24. Kuldeep, Pant selected for WI tour

    Rohit and Bumrah are given rest I suppose. Pant in Rahane still in.

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