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  1. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    So, from middle order to opener ( under MSD ) and now from opener to middle order ( under Virat ). Good swinging there by Rahane.... He is a very good floater for team India.
  2. I am waiting for Rahane to give you a phainty! He does well against Saffies and I hope he will do that this time too....
  3. LMAO.....Havent seen such match fixing before

    This has been extensively discussed here in this forum.
  4. Future schedule between now and England tour

    Off course the most important "Nidhahas trophy" in SL.
  5. Should we get some additional subscription on top of Willow.
  6. Where are you watching this match live? On WillowTV. I don't find any link for the same.
  7. MAVI teaching us cricket fast bowling without luck 101

    Ticsji, I hope now you understand the wisdom of this article (http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22233969/ishant-sharma-india-lifeline). It is about two strikers going for the goal but one always passes the ball and the other scores the goal. The striker who scores the goal will have tremendous statistics to boast of unlike the one who passes the ball. But in reality both are equally valuable for team's victory.
  8. Arshad Iqbal running through Indian lineup.
  9. Evin Lewis !!!

    True predictions has never been given this accurately!
  10. I think our dear poster @WC2011INDIA will stop posting after seeing today's performance ( I mean on Rahane or Hahane). India is now on the verge of setting a good target to South Africa to make a fist of it and hopefully win the match!!!
  11. A big egg on the face of WC2011INDIA

    The thread (partially) achieved its purpose with the following post from @WC2011INDIA. Good job bro for conceding the facts and making the promise.
  12. Ishant Sharma, India's lifeline

    Great article. It perfectly exemplifies what people (on ICF for e.g.) supporting Ishant Sharma's inclusion see in him. We observe only the peripheral numbers and judge people. It is about one of those silent hard workers who do almost everything in the background and help create memorable moments that leave you forever enthralled, is what author is articulating about. Ishant Sharma's value cannot be measured on his numbers alone. I know there are many members in this forum who still want to make fun of "unlucky Ishant", but it won't be long they too realize and recognize what Ishant has been bringing to the table for team India.
  13. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/darwins-theory-scientifically-wrong-union-min-satyapal-singh/articleshow/62581675.cms This is worrying!!! The ignorant among common people might as well think this guy is correct and we will start regressing sooner than later. I am not sure where this kind of right-wingers will take this country to. What does a politician/police man know about Science and how can he utter such non-sense being an elected representative of people.
  14. Thumbs up for Indian batsmen for showing guts

    The Indian players were all charged up for the republic day!!! They gave it all for the republic of India! They showed the nitty gritty spirit of India
  15. Test 3 - Day 3 Predictions

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm closer than mine!!!!!!!
  16. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22220875/wanderers-track We might as well be very frustrated about the match result being a draw (if no play resumes tomorrow) instead of a memorable Indian victory but there have been reports about this pitch even before the Elgar's incident happened. For those who can access the video can see it on Cricinfo. Also, it is probably dangerous and we will not want a Phil Hughes kind of incident repeat again too!!!!!!!
  17. A big egg on the face of WC2011INDIA

    He has done his job and set it for team India for a win!!!
  18. Bhuvi as bowling allrounder at #8 and Pandya as batting allrounder at #6/7 is the best combination we can have. Have 8 batsmen in the team and 5 bowlers..>> We need a batting as well as a bowling all rounder to have a go at world domination.
  19. Test 3 Day 2 -Predictions

    So, for you 320 == 194...> A difference of almost 130 runs which is all required from winning to loosing by a big margin!
  20. Time to make Shami an ODI only bowler

    Are you sure of that. Ishant was far more impressive than Shami in this test match even though the wickets column look the same. Shami was leaking a boundary every over almost and Ishant has created a chance with ABDV too which could have been given had India referred the decision. And you being from Delhi and having such a low regard for Ishant really surprises me....
  21. What is a safe target for India?

    I will feel pretty safe if the target is over 250 and in the range of 275ish. Less than 200 may be (may be) sufficient but until the last wicket falls, I will not hing too much hope. Between 200 and 275, every run means more and more guarantee and then it becomes unchaseable I would think. But getting 230 runs tomorrow with the remaining wickets is a real real challenge. Not sure we can achieve that.
  22. Test 3 Day 2 -Predictions

    You are an eternal pessimist and this time very far from the actual result!!!
  23. Test 3 - Day 3 Predictions

    India 300 All out. SA 20/1
  24. It is more of a fielders/captains wicket than a bowlers wicket. That is, the bowler had little role in plucking that one unlike a bowled/lbw/keeper or slip or close fielder catch. And also, look at the number of runs he is leaking..... He has been quite expensive for what returns he has given....

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