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  1. I m really really concerned with that thing though.... Lots n lots of them in GTA these days... and keeping on increasing!!!!!
  2. Happy Holi!

    Happy Holi everyone!!! ( Hope everyone enjoyed the same).
  3. I am not sure if he will succeed even against this opposition in these conditions!!!
  4. Come on. Even if it was state vs state, he made many consistent scores against all other domestic ( or state ) teams and such performances should be rewarded. Not every player need to come through India A. He however deserves a straight place in playing XI for India A in List A matches. He is currently in the queue for Indian national team and not yet selected in the squad.
  5. You must be very very uninformed about Indian domestic cricket if you asked that question. He scored a record 2150 runs in the domestic season, i.e. since November which is a tremendous record.
  6. We all know why Pant had to be benched even when selected in the squad... Don't we!
  7. He deservingly leads the team India being the second/third best ODI batsman for the last few years when Kohli needed rest. I simply do not understand what you have to say.... Mayank deserves his chances based on his performances but he will not get a slot in the top order as of now...RGS and Dhawan are pretty good to be dislodged.
  8. He actually did not go public with that news. He quietly requested BCCI to distribute the extra he got to other support staff. Then BCCI accepted it and God knows how it got into public. Dravid may not have wanted publicity but only do that under the impression of helping the support staff.
  9. Long term ONLY India will dominate cricket

    It would have been amazing thing if Cricket was a widely popular sport if not like soccer but something like that with 30-40 pretty competent teams. (May be field hockey has that popularity I am talking about) Then the domination of India would have been tremendous thing to boost up India in the world scene. But cricket hardly has 10-12 competent teams and some of even these are on the wane. It is like I am great among some non-interested colleagues. Ok, so what? My colleague (an African national and a huge soccer fan) laughs when I talk about cricket world cup. Is Cricket played by that many countries that its "global" tournament is called a world cup.
  10. True but there is RGS and importantly "moonch" Shikar Dhawan!!!
  11. Also, people are failing to notice Karthick did his job today. His little cameo which added valuable runs to team INdian total has been vital. Rahul would not have done much better!!! Rahul is valuable in test cricket and should be the first choice opener along with Vijay. In ODIs and T20s, we have to look for a middle order slot.
  12. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

  13. Dinesh Karthik looks not bad for T20s though like the way he is batting. He did his job today!!!
  14. DOES ROGET BINNY really does have a point; I really hope that Pandya's non performance in this series is an outlier and not a representative of his potential!!!
  15. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    Is it this spell from this man that lost it for team India....
  16. Time to get Jadeja back in the ODI mix

    Even I would have voted the OP as a troll until I see that mysteriously good average of Jadeja against England and the sample space is not small too. Probably worth looking into for the upcoming Eng series!
  17. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    So, it is 4-0-64-0 today and is similar to the one before. Let us wait for the result before calling him "Match ka Mujrim".
  18. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    I am not a Dhoni fan like some bhakts here but I could not stop myself from opening this thread. 52 off 28 balls is simply superb performance when you were 23(19) at one stage. I think MSD has rediscoverd himself like SRT has done post WC 2007. This is simply simply superb acceleration from him. The one of the kind we have seen in his early days and the kind of player we all (i.e. Indian Cricket fans) loved Dhoni for (during his long hairy days). http://laughingcolours.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/main-qimg-f3a16f17e4766450b250ab1572a33397-c.jpg In short Sunnyji's words during commentary, "All those doubters of finishing abilities of MSD have got their answers today".
  19. I think Manish Pandey has given a big phainty for all his detractors including the OP!!!!!! Manish Pandey is true servant of Indian Cricket.
  20. How to watch Indian domestic cricket uk

    Is Willow cricket something different from https://www.willow.tv/ ? I got the 30-day subscription for 8.99 CAD and I can watch India matches like the one going to happen today. But I cannot watch all domestics but few that they put on. The QF3 and SF1 are going to be streamed live. So, I don't think Willow is only in USA but if you tell me there is more coverage in USA, I do not know about that.
  21. Sure, I agree that Rahul deserves his spot in ODI/T20Is but probably in the middle order ( n not in top 3). Rohit's inclusion over Rahane in the first test vs SA is simply shocking!!!!!
  22. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    That's not Chinese but Cantonese AFAIK. A lot of Hong Kongians have come and settled in Vancouver out of fear of communism in the mid-late 90's. A good part of downtown Vancouver is owned by these people. Until then Vancouver was essentially only a tourist destination. Canadian sympathies sometimes seem to extend too much in favor of minorities to very worrying levels but this is probably not the worst one.
  23. What would be the consequence of BCCI going away from ICC? Who will team India play with then? Only bilateral series with other cricket board teams... and no CT and WC hereafter.
  24. Common.... pls Don't tell me that Rohit and Dhawan are playing this format because of Kohli's friendship. And I have not seen Ishant anywhere near India team for at least 3 weeks now....
  25. How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    I want to see what @Gollum wants to contribute to this thread. I will be very interested given his immense knowledge of sports (in general) and across various eras that a lot have not seen.

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