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  1. sarcastic

    SRH vs DD 36th match IPL at Hyd, 05/05/2018

    KW is really lucky to get it right though. May be he observed it is pitched outside leg. However, since there are not many balls left, it was kinda obvious one to make because they would have lost if Yousuf is out at that time!
  2. sarcastic

    SRH vs DD 36th match IPL at Hyd, 05/05/2018

    There is nothing great about reviewing that. I don't know what @vvvslaxman is smoking to say that. In fact, I am wondering how did it say "pitched outside leg". It should be saying "Umpire's call".
  3. sarcastic

    Immigration crackdown in US

    Sure. But I think a lot of points make sense here and are in supportive of good telugu ppl like you. Because of those average ppl (who are in majority), someone like you do not get the respect/recognition as you deserve. Because ultimately, ppl back home only look at the final dollar amount and not the way they are made. You are well qualified, worked hard to get your degrees and job and made good investments and yet the total you save might appear to your parents than some relative of yours who is a fraud as described in this thread. Hope you understood the point!!!
  4. sarcastic

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Exactly, my point. I am not saying that the supernatural abilities is all just story but hinting that it could very well be the case. It may be real too, we can certainly not deny that. Since, we do not have the ability to time travel to that era, we can put it is "we know that we do not know". I am perfectly ok if someone tells me that it may have been real but we do not know either way. We cannot make 100% certain claims just because there is a set of people believing so. Regarding selectivity, I am selective for what makes sense as opposed to what does not. If there is a news that some person in a remote village is bringing dead people alive and there is a cult of people who are absolutely certain about that. That does not make it a fact. There is a chance that he is actually bringing dead people alive. In that case, I will want to see him bring a medically certified dead person alive in observable conditions. I will certainly believe that and will change my opinion on the fact that "bringing dead people alive" can be done. But until then, it is only a belief held by certain people and nothing else. Lot of Satya Sai Baba devotees believe in the miracles he perform, such as materializing ash or even materializing GOLD from thin air. I cannot accept it as a fact since it does not make sense that someone can make gold out of thin air. Satya Sai Baba has always declined examination under controlled conditions and the cult which believes in him still attribute them as miracles. Regarding different Buddhist sects having different beliefs, that is totally possible as they branched apart and have evolved differently. The Buddhist gurus who contributed to further descriptions could have had different accretions on the same Buddha.
  5. sarcastic

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Whatever you said about the supernatural things are only beliefs that the followers or Sanghas or other giants in the chain (like Nagarjuna) added to market Jainism/Buddhism to common people then (who are very believing) and got more recruits. All the metaphorical things added does not negate the fact that Mahavir or Buddha have actually existed. It only means that their physique, life events, powers etc. were exaggerated for other purposes. Their existence is more or less conclusive given the evidence and just the beliefs about them by the respective religions are not. Same thing can be said about the Jesus or Muhammd too. It is more or less obvious they existed but a lot of beliefs held by the followers such as Jesus walking on water, raising a dead person or eventually resurrecting himself could all be added embelishments to market, Jesus the messiah or the son of God. We can still study today about historical Jesus without those magical additions and have a rough idea about what could have happened as opposed to how Jesus Christ is projected in the bible or church. Please look at this page for the attempts to reconstruct the historical Jesus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_Jesus). So, in summary for the question "Did Ramayan/Mahabharat really happen?". So far, the critical historical methods have not resulted in any conclusive evidence that they did take place. However, my answer will be Maybe/May be not since we may discover new evidence in the future that provides clues for their historicity. So, so far "probably no, but you never know" will be my answer.
  6. They made enough... having 8 RPO all the way.
  7. Is Mumbai Indians finished now completely!!!!!!!!
  8. Did Hardik Pandy give the match on platter to KXIP because of the last over>>>>
  9. sarcastic

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    Yes, I will not say that Hindi is required. And I 100% agree that it should not be forced upon or imposed upon anyone to learn Hindi too. Government should NOT put 1 penny of tax money in that direction (i.e. enforcing Hindi). Having said that, it is good to have another language of communication as another option. People do learn many European languages such as Spanish, French, German etc. Ppl can learn Hindi as an alternative and is good for enjoying Bollywood movies and for certain purposes. This may be trivial from general purpose. But when I saw Kohli (a Northie) and Hardik (a Gujju) are batting together and communicating/discussing strategy with each other on the field even loudly, I felt the advantage that they had as the saffers had no idea what is going there. This would not be the case if that is not the case. Like I say, it is advantageous to have a common language among Indians that is not comprehensible by every other person. But let it happen naturally and not force upon anyone.
  10. Vijay seems like a dud when batting. Hardly hits outside the inner circle and seems to play very slow. I have memories of the great Kallis being slothy too for a good part while he is on the crease. But suddenly, when the time seems ripe, Kallis uses to usher in a flurry of sixers... just lifting them like rocks so effortlessly... But he was a strong man though. Vijay seems to have that knack of hitting sixes at will when things are all on the place for him..>I mean mentally etc. But for that to happen could take a Long Long time and could waste a lot of balls before he starts doing that.
  11. sarcastic

    Vijay Sankar reminds me of Jacques Kallis

    No body is saying Vijay Sankar is the next Kallis. But his batting (especially in T20s) seems very similar to that of Kallis. And regarding solidity, I hear VS is also very solid Ranji batsman who comes in the middle order for Tamil Nadu.
  12. Let us wait to say something like that until MI actually reaches the target set by KXIP.
  13. Vintage Yuvraj ON!!!!!!!!
  14. I think he wants to unfurl his sixers against the spinners!!!
  15. Vijit Mahaur says: "Six sixes in an over and most no. of sixes in the T20 format are at the crease now". From cricbuzz.
  16. Gayle is a dangerous customer..> Has to be made out before he unfurls himself!!!
  17. She could have. But how many of us ( or Indian junta) know about her for that movie. Now, how many ppl will notice her and know her since it is connected with MSD one way or other. I am not denying her talent/ability. I would think she is quite smart to be taking this as a marketing herself. In this competitive world, you need to accumulate all kinds of publicity/luck along with your talent and hard work to be able to succeed on the big stage.
  18. sarcastic

    Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    I will say, let everyone learn some spoken Hindi that makes it easier for basic communication between every Indian (particularly when outsiders are around). Having said that, it is in the best interest of all Indians to learn English (reading and writing) so that we can get employment in and outside the country. Hindi should not or will never replace English but will always be there as a substitute just in case. I feel so easy speaking to other Desi folks in Hindi but often speak in English for better comprehension as and when needed.
  19. Why do these guys hate MI so much. I don't understand. One common theme in above posts seems that they are all part of "whistle Podu" batch!!!
  20. Was thinking the same. Piggybacking on brother's success and becoming popular in that small window of time. ICF is also fanning her aspirations it seems!
  21. sarcastic

    Immigration crackdown in US

    I know one telugu guy who did that and have taken lot of loans (udhaar) from all friends/relatives amounting to $100,000 and now in deep ****. I know somebody whose IPhone has got wet and was replaced with a new one. They sent the other one to India but since it was locked, it did not work out. Cheap trick failed very very badly!!! Have heard a lot about those fake phone/skype lip sync interviews. It is really, really sad to see people can stoop to so low levels for money/settlement.
  22. sarcastic

    Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    Bump!!! Good call there by the OP @maniac
  23. Jadeja gets his revenge. Gets rid of Narine who was dropped by him twice....
  24. Actually the ringy hair that Jaddu has in that pic is very close to Jim Sarbh had. His gaze towards MSD (with awe n can I say love) instills doubts!!!
  25. This somewhat reminds me of a potential still from "Padmaavat" where MSD is Khilji and Jadeja is Malik Kafur!!!

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