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  1. 18 hours ago, express bowling said:


    Ishant's wickets per match is not that good in this series.  Because of that, he can't be the top performer. 18 wickets from 5 tests ... 3.6 wickets per match.


    Bumrah was much better and more impactful.  14 wickets from only 3 tests ... 4.7 wickets per match.



    Ishant had one bad match which is the 2nd test match ( where all bowlers were bad ). 

    More over, he could not bowl in the 2nd innings of 5th match due to injury.


    So, it is effectively, 18 wickets in 8 innings, a pretty 2.25 wickets per innings which is good!


    More over, Ishant has picked the top order wickets and his wickets have setup the later on collapse (like the Pandy's 5 wkt spell). 


    Please don't just divide wickets per matches and determine whether a bowler is top performer. A top performance by a bowler (especially a fast bowler) also includes when and what wickets he takes and how he helps the team perform better. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, Nikola said:

    Lol following/unfollowing someone on social media matters so much? But yeah liking that tweet was surprise for me. Even i don't like anushka in team pic. Will have to see how Rohit performs in asia cup now. :p:

    If Rohit Sharma publicly acknowledged his disapproval for that picture, I will upvote him for that. 


    Otherwise, where is the fight... just unfollowing does not mean they are fighting with each other...

  3. Virat Kohli's press conference.



    I would think that Kohli should not go in the lines of "Process is more important than results".


    OWN up your loss and move on. Do not repeat the mistakes and get the right results in the future. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, ravishingravi said:

    What happens in practice is "cultural", not religious. The word "Hindu" comes from "Indu". Indu comes indus valley civilization. When invader came here, they couldn't pronounce indu and started calling it hindu. So, your observations as true and otherwise it may be, it has little do with a book or text and prescribed path. It is cultural identity. Like any culture, it suffers from some defects. There is no common thread binding a hindu from Meghalaya to ones from Tamil Nadu or Punjab or Maharashtra.


    I agree. The word "Hindu" (I believe 'Hindu' is a persian variant of Sindhu and 'Indus' is the greek variant) certainly is given by outsiders and it refers to a cultural identity of people living in Indian subcontinent (before Muslims were here). 


    I also agree that there is no such thing as "Hinduism" in a way like those of Abrahamic faiths. It is just the Mughals and later the EIC/British Raj found it convenient to classify the cultural group as a religious one since they need one to keep their records. 


    Today's "Hindus" themselves started self-identifying themselves as Hindus only in late 19th century or 20th century onwards. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, ravishingravi said:

    Actually from what you have stated, it is not clear whether you have read them. Be that as it may, Yes, there are some books written. So what ? More people in a India have read Harry potter than those books. So, how does this matter ? 


    You have still not answered the question. Under which text is word Hinduism quoted with clear set of codes to be followed ? 


    Another trivia. What is the origin of term Hinduism ? 


    @ravishingravi ji,


    I agree that in Hinduism, there are no commandments like in Christianity or ayah's in Islam where there are rigid rules that are hard coded and SHOULD be followed. 


    However, in practice, vast majority of the common Hindus are not as flexible in the understanding of dharma. I know of parents who will chide his child of an inter-caste marriage because that is "varna samkraman" and against the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. So, this idea of flexibility is somehow forgotten and overtaken by casteism or dogmatism in general. The parents are more concerned from the backlash of the other Hindus in their own community who might disown them or chastise them for letting an intercaste marriage happen. But they will cover it up as if that is the teachings of the holy book. There is no verse in Bhagavad Gita that dissuades intercaste marriages but they will interpret it that way to suit their societal needs.


    I wish Hindus are all understanding and have the adaptibility in their day to day life and practice of "Advaita" in their real life. But that is far from today's Hindus.

    And finally, let us not cover this up saying Hinduism is good but some Hindus do not understand it and practice it incorrectly. Firstly, it is not some but many Hindus even in towns/small cities etc are not open-minded enough ( the feature that should be characteristic of ideal Hindus ).
    Secondly, the argument will be similar to muslims saying "Islam is good. It is some muslims who are misinterpreting Quran and becoming terrorists".


    Ultimately my point is, it is what happens in practice that matters and not what the so called "holy books" or "scriptures" talk about. 

  6. 22 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    kyun say sorry, he struggled n ppl questioned .....what wrong in that 

    It is ok if ppl questioned his place and made performance related criticism. 

    But there are some posters who demean his many accomplishments in sub-continental pitches and have gone to hurl abuses on him despite his suitability of his temperament for test cricket. 


    It is those posters that need to realize his true value to Indian test batting unit even in non-subcontinental conditions after this knock, a knock which put India in game and is preventing/saving from a certain series defeat in England. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Gollum said:

    Distraught, my 2nd favorite batsman has let me down big time. On this type of track he could have made a name for himself.

    Do not worry. There are three innings to correct himself. Even if he fails, there are easier series coming where he can stabilize his position with some good performances. Remember, he has his shot in this Australian tour. 

  8. I see that there are lot of negative posts on Che Pujara and I am tempted to start this thread inspired by thread.

    We all know how Pujara was hyped as the next Dravid in his debut year after his recent heroics for Saurashtra and performance in the 4th innings chase vs Aus in 2010. Later on, he has indeed failed to capitalize/adjust in overseas conditions for the last many years except for the occasional blips such as Wanderers 2013. 


    But, I think Che Pujara has answered all his critics in style by this match saving (or potentially match winning) performance today. Not to say his key role in the last test victory, Chesteshwar is proving what is made up of and how wrong all the detractors were in assessing him when he was playing those ultra slow innings.


    It is time his detractors apologize to Cheteshwar Pujara and recognize his irreplaceable position in the echelons on Indian test batting greats. 

  9. 48 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    we have lost a great chance of closing out this test but that Kohli shot.  he was rattled by Moeen of all.

    Even now, we are in a touching distance of England score and the bowlers only have to repeat their first innings heroics and get a 4th innnings target of < 250. Then it is all up to the batsmen to make up the chase successful. 

  10. 15 hours ago, Moochad said:

    Wikipedia says something different


    It seems it was more that he thought the Vedas were corrupted from their true form.


    @Tibarn posted something in another thread that showed Buddha didn't reject Varna either. I will look through his posts to find it.


    Here it is


    Well, I have not delved into the specific details but at a high level I don't think there is not much doubt that Buddhism is never considered part of Vedic religion. That is the reason even during the time of Buddha and later, Brahmins wanted to disprove Buddha/Buddhists and many debates. This opposition to Buddhism was very much prevalent even during the medieval times of Adi Sankara, Madava etc. and went into 17th century Hindu scholars/gurus ( even Sada Siva Brahmendra expresses it in works such as Atma Vidhya Vilasam). Most modern Hindu teachers also do not disagree that Buddha did not accept Vedas/Varna Vyavastha but give reasons as to why he has to do that. 


    My point is Buddhism is never considered as part of orthodox Vedic schools and Buddha is never spoken in the same line as Upanishad Rishis even if both of them seem to have expounded the same ( or very similar ) truth albeit in different language.

    Buddha has directly focused on the path of salvation for an individual and did denounce whatever he perceived as Dogma, superstition, unnecessary violence (during animal sacrifices done during Yagnas) and discrimination in the existing society (based on the Varna vyavastha) around him. 


    It is these characteristics that make Buddha different from most other scholars of his time or times before him or after him. If Buddha has not denounced the Varna Vyavastha as we know it, he would not be different from one of the Vedic Rishis. There would not be that explicit need to classify his philosophy differently and debate and defeat that. 


    IMHO, we should appreciate those important changes that Buddha wanted to bring at the level of individual as well as societal level and try to understand his philosophy/path and attain salvation. (Trying to not see the important things he explicitly brought will only lessen the special purpose of his noble birth.)




  11. 14 hours ago, Stradlater said:

    In that sense many beliefs of Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism intersect each other as well.

    Heck I know Jains who worship hindu idols and Sikhs who visit Vaishnodevi.

     Why consider them as a separate religion then?

    I m not completely sure of other two, but Buddha has explicitly denounced the authority of Vedas and the varna vyavastha (i.e. what turned out to be today's caste system). 

    Buddha's path is completely independent of any worship of any deity and his philosophy does not agree with any creator/sustainer/destroyer concepts. 

    Buddha was somehow incorporated into Hinduism by some Hindu philosophers such as Adi Sankara by calling him as one of the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu but the Buddhist schools explicitly reject any such claims. 

  12. 5 hours ago, putrevus said:

    The main problem is players and management . They have ground Bumrah and Bhuvi to ground by playing them in all sorts of meaningless matches.  BCCI should  have paid both Bumrah and Bhuvi their IPL money and asked to rest and get ready for this tour.They were that important to this team and useless moron blew it.


    I blame Shastri the most ,what is his job moron should have insisted in saving both these players.


    Not in any world will BCCI do that...> That is too too idealistic to think of!!!

  13. 2 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    He never really deserved a test comeback based on a T20 knock against Bangladesh in an joke of a tournament. Granted he raised his game in FC the past few years but never warranted a chance at comeback, domestics don't expose mental midgets the way real cricket does. He is someone too good for Ranji level but not good enough to cut it in test cricket, like the Vinay Kumar of keeper bats. In T20s/ODIs he can continue to be in the scheme of things, as a back up for Pant. He has a higher ceiling in the shorter formats and may fit in better based on our team composition and lack of competition in the middle order. Anyhow that he is still in the picture speaks more about the current state of Indian batting than his pedigree which tbh isn't remotely good enough for a consistently ranked top 3 team. 

    True that! But experts say that he is technically pretty good and naturally gifted. Off course there was a lot of talk about him as the next wk batsman until MSD happened to Indian Cricket. But for the latter, the former would have ruled the roost in all formats in the last decade or so. In a way we could say that, MSD happened to rescue Indian cricket from a captaincy/wk batsman void for team India in the 2005-2015 era. 

  14. With Risabh Pant scoring a run more than Karthik ( in all four innings combined ), the pertinent question will Karthik need to be considered ever again even as a backup option in test cricket. 

    It is not long since the toast of the nation innings ( vs BD in Nidahas final ) that Dinesh Karthik reignited hopes among Indian cricket fans for a second wind of his career. I think the wind has already subsided as far as test cricket is concerned.

    I do not see any point of persisting with Dinesh anymore. It is Saha and Pant with the former handing over the gloves to the latter permanently in 2-3 seasons.

  15. 12 hours ago, zen said:

    Tickets would be available for first 3 tests only, with other games opening up based on status as the series progresses. For e.g. if the first test is a draw, it automatically opens up the 4th test and so on


    I don’t know why you are focusing on details unnecessary. Think outside the box. New concept, new rules 

    Not really, since the next two test matches could go as 2-0 for a team. It is not necessary that the result of test 2 and 3 will be like 1-1. So, if planning is done for 4th test match after 1st match draw, then the 4th match can still be a dead-rubber.

    What you are saying is idealistically good but from the posts of @Trichromatic and others, I gather it is practically infeasible.

    The solution is to conduct only 3 or 4 match series as much as possible. 5 test match series is a bit too long. I wonder how many times such a series goes into the 5th match with something to decide regarding the series. 


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