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  1. 50 minutes ago, YCCC said:

    Lees is THE worst. Still it's quite some achievement for a player with his Test experience to be one if the worst players in this average to poor Yorkshire side. To be fair he's done a job tonight jusr stayed in. Still expect him to go early tomorrow and the rest of them to collapse to give Hampshire/Hampafrica/SA B whatever they're called, an easy chase.


    To be fair there does seem to be a curse on Yorkshire overseas players. I bet even Williamson is rubbish when he comes later in the summer. Can't remember the last one that did well. Lehmann probably and I'm embarrassed to associate him with Yorkshire now for obvious reasons 

    If you are going as far as 90's to see a good overseas player for Yorkshire, look no further than "the master" himself!!!

    For a full story:


  2. 2 hours ago, Forever Indian said:

    He was supposed to undergo on Sunday but he could not because it was very late when he arrived on Sunday (from his trip to Russia etc. ). There was no time to give that scheduled Sunday test. The test was taken eventually on 20th and he cleared it. 

    If he is indeed lying about his test and too publicly on his official twitter account, he can easily be called for by media etc that he is lying but have you seen any media report after that tweet from Rohit. You would not have. Also, you would not find any reliable media or even credible sites such as Cricinfo have actually reported that "Rohit did take the Yo-Yo test and he failed it". 

    There you get the answer. I know Rohit is inconsistent/lazy, slow starter and really painful player to support but it is another extreme to find reasons to undermine him at any available occasion. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Sgattick10 said:

    The selectors should rethink and drop hin from the Indian squad, eating up a place this good for nothing trundler.


    50 minutes ago, GolGappe said:

    Poor man's Ashok Dinda.

    I think we are being too harsh on Siddharth. He produced some good spells throughout but probably wilted under presure for this game. 

  4. 1 minute ago, vvvslaxman said:


    Narine's value is greatly augmented by his transformation as a hard-hitting opener in the last few IPLs. But I would say, he is very hit/miss, as in he cannot probably never make a century like Shane did today. 
    On the other hand, Shane Watson's bowling needs improvement but his pace is what makes difference. That is, he is hard to go for too many because of his pace even if he is not that skilled at it like Narine. 

  5. 1 hour ago, gambhirfan said:

    He was underperforming throughout seems he is unhappy that the captaincy went to DK.

    Next season, they should make Uthappa captain and see the results.... Uthappa has the potential to be very good and he played a cricket world cup at a young age of 21. He still has it in him to be a good wk batsman for team India. :p:

  6. Yes, it is only an IPL game and his figures are not that impressive either, but I see tremendous potential in this young lad. He consistently clocks about 140-145 ish and has impressive bounce. He can be groomed to be the answer for India's woes for lacking decent left arm fast bowling option in test/ODI setup. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, gattaca said:

    Truly courageous lady. I thought Akbar was secular and doesn’t attack Hindu kingdoms.

    Both statements are not really linked with each other. Every king (or wanna be emperor) attacks kingdoms, be it of one's own religion or otherwise like Babur attacked Lodi or Satavahana attacked a lot of other Hindu kingdoms. Akbar attacked Gujarat Sultante, Bengal Sultanate, Shah Mir dynasty (i.e. Kashmir Sultanate) and many others and ensure Mughals rule over majority of India ( mostly only North India in his time)> He also attacked Hindu kingdoms  and probably more so because more so would have existed. None of this has to do with his own religious views. 


    A secular person could also be power hungry or in positive terms an emperor who wants to unite everyone together under him. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Bigg Brother said:

    Agarkar is good..Why He isnt with any channel? All I have seen till now is him debating on Cricinfo..


    4 hours ago, Rightarmfast said:

    /\ +1. I think Agarkar is a great choice. But I think he is not so social and not so well connected. 


    Bhajji is going to be a disaster. Having Bhajji as an english commentator is like asking your local panipuri guy to prepare pasta in a top italian restaurant.

    Agarkar is probably good with his cricketing analysis but I feel an air of "You know what, is n't it obvious>" whenever he speaks. Initially, I used to think that he is doing for a specific point he is making.

    When I look at the Cricinfo IPL videos, he always seem to talk like that.... He says something and suddenly.... you see his eyes going up and he starts to speak "But it has always been ....".  I m not a great fan of his commentary and don't think he will gel with others in a jovial and relaxed manner that is expected in a test match comm box. 


    Having said this, Bhajji might be worse choice... time will tell. 

  9. Not at all happy with his decision. But it is his life/career. He is such a talent that he will be missed.

    As many ppl say here, why not play until WC 2019. You are due to complete 10,000 runs in both ODIs and tests and that way you cement your spot forever in the pantheons on cricketing greats. 


    I am too small to say, but your mind is not upto your enormous ability, ABDV. You saying "tired" is really disappointing. :no:

  10. 3 hours ago, velu said:

    i spent some of my time in europe mostly in finland ( tampere ) , few weeks there in sweeden ( malmo & lund :p: ) and little time in france/germany..


    IMHO this notion that scandanavians are good looking is highly overated . There are good looking and plain janes in every ethnicity and country . I went with some expectations that all women will be hot but boy i was disappointed.



    And they are also as obese as us in my observation when roaming around townhalls.


    I found french people ( including men ) and properly groomed ,  stylish and better looking than scandanavians.

    My gujju manager told italains are even better and likable with chalta hain attitude.


    We indians generally dont bother much about grooming , which makes many average looking and plain.

    Without a doubt, French are most groomed. And also, they are very fit ( may be workout or outdoor activity helps them or good food habits). France is not super cold like Scandinavia where ppl would have to remain indoors in good part of winter (similar to Canada). French women are the best looking within Europe IMO. 



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