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  1. 23 hours ago, FischerTal said:

    things have gotten so bad that at Vancouver airport, there are signs now in Chinese. kaneda and most western economies will have to fall in front of Asian economies during this century. money talks!!! :phehe:


    Check-in sign at YVR with English, French and Chinese language


    That's not Chinese but Cantonese AFAIK. A lot of Hong Kongians have come and settled in Vancouver out of fear of communism in the mid-late 90's. A good part of downtown Vancouver is owned by these people. Until then  Vancouver was essentially only a tourist destination. Canadian sympathies sometimes seem to extend too much in favor of minorities to very worrying levels but this is probably not the worst one. 

  2. 30 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    It was 40.7  and 86  two games earlier, which changed after two failures.  Happens all the time with small samples.



    It is immaterial how good his List A stats are.  These series are almost like A-team games.


    He won't play against stronger sides.


    My post just pointed to the fact that Gill is completing 2 List A seasons.

    Sure, I am not denying he should not be given more opportunities or drafted in India A etc. He needs to be in the selectors radar but let him perform more consistently. Let him gain more experience and his stats will automatically stabilize at a point where we can assess how good he is. 


    Just feel that he is not that good to be in seniors team yet as some people are clamouring here.. 

  3. On 2/13/2018 at 2:08 AM, express bowling said:

    After the ongoing VH Trophy is over, Gill will complete 2 seasons of domestic List A cricket, where he is averaging 40.7 with a SR of 86 before today, and has scored 2 centuries.


    He is not a complete rookie in the 50-over format.

    His ListA career average is 35.33 and SR is nearly 83. It is just not bad and is not in the "good" category yet to be inducted into the seniors category. Can be tried in A teams from now and if he does well then taken into the main team... which is likely to be after WC 19 now. 

  4. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/559235.html?class=2;template=results;type=bowling


    Fair to say, Kuldeep has won this comparison as he won India first series in South Africa ( with the help of Chahal, Bumrah etc.). 


    Ashwin has been an embarrassment whenever we toured abroad whereas Kuldeep has shown his potential in his first challenging overseas assignment. My original point regarding their wicket taking ability still seems to be the difference. 

  5. 4 hours ago, NameGoesHere said:

    Manju trolls the Sri Lankas.  On general principles, I hope they kick his a$$.. :biggrin:





    One thing is for sure is that Herath did not do well vs India. His performance against India is minnoyish and hence Sanjay Manju would have the guts to speak like that. 

    The reason is probably because of the fact that Indian batsmen are good players of spin and most spinners don't have a great record against India. 

    On the other hand, his record against Pakistan (which is also a subcontinent team with good spin playing ability) is fantabulous. 

    He has 106 wickets in just 21 matches at 28 runs a wicket that includes 8 5-wicket hauls and 2 10-wicket matches. 


  6. On 2/11/2018 at 9:40 AM, zen said:

    Watched a little bit of cric y’day when Dhoni, Iyer and Pandya we’re batting. Pandya looked much better than Iyer and got out to a brilliant catch iirc 


    If cricketers are promoted based on potential, there is nothing wrong with giving Pandya the long rope. Should draft in his brother as well


    Someone mentioned Pant etc but Pandya plays a different role. Guys like Pant, Gill, Shaw, etc too can be tried out for roles in the top 5


    PS Potential Future (2020s) ODI top 7


    Dhawan / ?




    Pant (hopefully would have improved both as a batsman and WK)

    Pandya bros


    PPS Would like to see Rana improve his game. Manish Panday is a good batsman and fielder too, so could be tried in the short term too





    Rohit Sharma is going nowhere in 2020s (I eman until Dhawan or even Kohli is around) in ODIs/T20s. 

  7. As we were all engrossed with the Pink day match in Johannesburg, Rangana Herath crosses Wasim Akram as the most successful left-arm bowler in test history. Amazing that a tiny island nation can produce two bowlers who are the highest wicket takers in test cricket bowling right arm and left arm. 


    Some stories:





    View image on Twitter

    Outstanding effort to become the highest left-arm wicket taking bowler. Congratulations, @HerathRSL!

  8. 1 hour ago, maniac said:

    What exaggerating? I am basing it on personal experience....I went to Some parts of Canada where I felt a little uncomfortable, so based on my personal experience I experienced more racial vibe in Canada than USA but people living in Canada are free to disagree.


    Due to my fathers job and later on due to my sisters family I have visited almost all parts of India and I personally didn’t have great experiences in Delhi and Chennai. I grew up in Mumbai, my family is from Hyderabad but visited all the major cities and I personally pointed out those 2 cities.


    If you have had a personal bad experience in Mumbai or Hyderabad or Andhra please share it...that doesn’t make you a bigot.


    stop being a snowflake and overreacting. 

    Can I know which parts of Canada, you were made uncomfortable (just out of curiosity). The facts you mentioned about Delhi and Chennai, even I heard that. 

    Delhites seem aggressive to outsiders... It is not about Southies alone. My friend from UP also complains about Delhites. 

    The complaints of non-tamils or northies about Chennai is very well known. :no: 

  9. Some people are over reacting here.

    Nobody is saying Chahal needs to be dropped or this performance is the end of his career. 


    Let us not sweep this performance under the carpet... He needs to take his lessons from this performance. H needs to learn the importance of keeping his cool under pressure and when the opposition is attacking him and not overstep... 


    Sure, let us hope he will keep providing the value that he has been giving to team India....:cheer:

  10. 6 minutes ago, WC2011INDIA said:

    WTF? Did I say anything? Reply to that guy who asked me. I already promised you that I will not say anything bad about him until IPL. 

    Well, you implied he failed today.... Why would you want me to reply when you can reply yourself. 

    Why would you quote me for that question.


    IN any case, my answer is not to you alone may be I should have quoted that questioner too!


    Edit: I have edited my response! 

  11. 11 minutes ago, WC2011INDIA said:


    According to us fans a batsman has to score at least a 50 in every innings to be a good batsman.... But that's living in utopian world. Rahane is not that good at spin but he will certainly comeback and make you cringe again. :aetsch:

    Rahane is a true Indian soldier especially for test cricket. :isalute:

  12. So, finally Bang bros are showing improved performances in test arena too. Scoring a 513 in the first innings of test is no mean feat even if the conditions are conducive to batting. 

    Granted they conceded a lead of 200 runs despite having such a massive score, they are fighting it out even in the second innings and are on their way for a well earned draw!!! ( even in their own home!)


    Keep it up Bangladesh and I hope this will inspire better performances from you in the future!

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