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  1. sarcastic

    Who picked Thakur for the test team ???

    Some ppl say Sachin also brought in Agarkar several times in late 90's.
  2. True but as some posters say above, producing a great test means a lot of factors should collude together. Like "evenly matched teams, pitch that behaves same, genuine fast bowlers, aggressive batsman, unorthodox spinners, good crowd" etc. Good ODIs are more likely to happen between many sides. There are very few teams now making good test teams and producing gr8 test matches.
  3. This is from nearly 3.5 years ago and seems like this lad is having a natural progression in terms of hype and actual results displayed, very similar to that of the great SRT. Wishing this young boy continued success in his international career.
  4. TO be honest and fair to the selectors, Karun Nair is better off playing the Ranjis/domestics and accumulate HUGE number of runs rather than just sit in the dressing room forever and ever. He will be forced in to the team based on his performances alone. Warming the bench does not add any new credentials to his profile.
  5. sarcastic

    Darcy Short will be one fun career to follow

    Darcy short's career will be followed by people if he can play such HUGE knocks at international level vs good opposition teams. If he gets a 200 and a 150-170 kind of innings with this type of six-hitting, he will come to limelight. Whether he has potential or not is not anyone's problem and noone will start following his career because he scored one big innings in Aus domestics!!!
  6. Right! So that wicket would make his overall figures look quite respectable now. That's why he is exulting that much that his "bad day" does not look that BAD for future reference.
  7. His first wicket for the match though.... Would be relieved that he is not finishing this match wicketless!
  8. sarcastic

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Who should he have replaced among Rayudu/Karthik. Jadhav is here for bowling too and MSD is the wk batsman. Rayudu did as well as Rahul in the last match and Karthik seems to be on a upward curve. Rahul is not dropped in a strict sense. He just came up last match to fill in a backup spot and now he is back in the dressing room. That's all.
  9. sarcastic

    I have stopped watching cricket - Arjuna Ranatunga

    Imran Khan, the cricketer is indeed rated/considered very highly among cricket lovers universally. His inspirational captaincy to lead Pakistan to WC 92 is stuff of legends. Ranatunga is basically saying that Imran and then himself brought out the best among the players by being good leaders and eventually achieved success. Whether we would like them or not, leading a team to World Cup glory is a RARE and HUGE (life lasting in a way) achievement by any cricketer. I would think all of them will die peacefully on their death beds thinking that they have achieved something in their life.
  10. sarcastic

    Marks for India

    Ishant had one bad match which is the 2nd test match ( where all bowlers were bad ). More over, he could not bowl in the 2nd innings of 5th match due to injury. So, it is effectively, 18 wickets in 8 innings, a pretty 2.25 wickets per innings which is good! More over, Ishant has picked the top order wickets and his wickets have setup the later on collapse (like the Pandy's 5 wkt spell). Please don't just divide wickets per matches and determine whether a bowler is top performer. A top performance by a bowler (especially a fast bowler) also includes when and what wickets he takes and how he helps the team perform better.
  11. If Rohit Sharma publicly acknowledged his disapproval for that picture, I will upvote him for that. Otherwise, where is the fight... just unfollowing does not mean they are fighting with each other...
  12. Virat Kohli's press conference. https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/32963/a-series-is-not-always-defined-by-the-scorecard-virat-kohli I would think that Kohli should not go in the lines of "Process is more important than results". OWN up your loss and move on. Do not repeat the mistakes and get the right results in the future.
  13. Keep it up Cook for an outstanding career!!! You even threatened the great SRT's records once creating furores in some Sachin Bhakts. Have a good career/retirement life outside cricket!
  14. sarcastic

    Why is Hinduism even classified as a Religion?

    I agree. The word "Hindu" (I believe 'Hindu' is a persian variant of Sindhu and 'Indus' is the greek variant) certainly is given by outsiders and it refers to a cultural identity of people living in Indian subcontinent (before Muslims were here). I also agree that there is no such thing as "Hinduism" in a way like those of Abrahamic faiths. It is just the Mughals and later the EIC/British Raj found it convenient to classify the cultural group as a religious one since they need one to keep their records. Today's "Hindus" themselves started self-identifying themselves as Hindus only in late 19th century or 20th century onwards.

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