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  1. Anybody knows a free live stream to watch the FIFA final match. Please PM me. Thanks,
  2. sarcastic

    Mohammad Kaif retires from all forms of cricket

    You probably meant 4th ODI vs Pak in 2004 which is this. That innings of 71* and the 87 in Natwest final ( which happened just before I was joining my undergrad program) define his career and make him so memorable. He was a good hitter too in his initial days and suddenly seems to have lost any ability to hit sixes from somewhere in 2006. It is unfortunate he faded away similar to Irfan Pathan.
  3. sarcastic

    Mohammad Kaif retires from all forms of cricket

    He deliberately chose to make his announcement on this very day after 16 years!!!
  4. sarcastic

    No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

    The Multi regional genesis does not really contradict Out of Africa theory. Please look at the sentences of the article which states So, this article only speaks of discarding the existing notion that only "one origin, one population" theory that is being held is incorrect. It does not contradict the overall fact that humans did come out of Africa (albeit in a more complicated way than thought before).
  5. Good way to troll the trollers of the forum!!! Unfortunately, there are some posters out here on ICF ( that you may not have seen ) but will find ways to troll no matter what!
  6. sarcastic

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    Please read the article about a bowler in Prabhakar's mould. The scorecard of this match says it all as what makes him different/special.
  7. sarcastic

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    Sure, it is only a T20 but last three overs figures are: 3-11(dots)-16-4. Then following that with 33 runs off 14 balls with 4 fours and 2 sixers... Surely, the comparison is becoming more real by the day!!! ( at least in white ball cricket) with a daily maturing Hardik Pandya!!!
  8. But in general, Do you not see that Rohit being alert, involved and makes good choices on field. IMO, his bowling changes are almost always spot on. Agreed that in Nidahas trophy, it was a mistake and it took KKD's amazing knock to pull us out. Even then, a good captain not only comes with shrewdness in the field but some kind of luck factor too. Remember, MSD's first stint as captain when he had Joginder Sharma bowling last over. One more good shot by Misbah and it is trophy to Pakistan. But MSD got lot of credit for how he lead the young team for a successful WT20 trophy. So, luck is an integral part of being a captain. It is called "Midas touch" by some others.
  9. sarcastic

    Who should replace Pujara at no.3 in test cricket?

    Please don't bring KL Rahul at number 3. Let him play as opener. He is at his best as a test opener and this makeshift arrangements will only cause further problems. Pujara might very well play this entire Eng tour though going by our selectors, captain etc!
  10. No, it is not. Media does not belong to Sadjeh or anyone. Also, why did you not show your love towards what pollack's comment. What wrong did he say? Why do you always find politics in everything. Why don't you see from the view point of the players and may be he is being honest here!!!
  11. sarcastic

    Pujara's county performance thread

    If you are going as far as 90's to see a good overseas player for Yorkshire, look no further than "the master" himself!!! For a full story: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2011/jun/29/sachin-tendulkar-yorkshire-cricket
  12. sarcastic

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Serious test for Pujara's abilities. It is make or break now..> This 2nd innings of Yorkshire where his team needs him to deliver and take them out of rut!
  13. He was supposed to undergo on Sunday but he could not because it was very late when he arrived on Sunday (from his trip to Russia etc. ). There was no time to give that scheduled Sunday test. The test was taken eventually on 20th and he cleared it. If he is indeed lying about his test and too publicly on his official twitter account, he can easily be called for by media etc that he is lying but have you seen any media report after that tweet from Rohit. You would not have. Also, you would not find any reliable media or even credible sites such as Cricinfo have actually reported that "Rohit did take the Yo-Yo test and he failed it". There you get the answer. I know Rohit is inconsistent/lazy, slow starter and really painful player to support but it is another extreme to find reasons to undermine him at any available occasion.
  14. He has been a match winner for team India many times. He is consistent but certainly can win matches once in a while and that too did that in knockouts of WC/CT and in his initial WT20.
  15. sarcastic

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

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