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  1. Target of 194 and this will be an interesting chase by SRH.... I will be interested how good their batsmen will take the chase to....
  2. I am loving this....

    Probably.... I know he is a good bowler... but I remember in one MoM presentation, he started with a long mantra on the mike. Not saying it is bad to say those things... but such ostentatious religious words were not needed every time you start to talk in professional world.... May be he is a good guy but he should also learn to keep his religion at home and in his heart.... (just saying)
  3. I am loving this....

    What an awesome nice drizzle of sixes by Christopher Henry Gayle...> The look on the face of Rashid Khan.... says it all... I am really really enjoying this Gayle storm.... Awesome.... entertainment.
  4. RCB - another year of disappointment?

    That is alright if they think he is worth that. I don't see that much of an issue there. But they should have used RTM for Rahul.... They just don't have any good Indian batsman other than Kohli and that is very serious issue. Having more overseas batsmen means that they cannot have good quality overseas bowlers in playing XI (even if they are able to buy them in their squads). It is another fact that they don't have good bowlers either ( other than Umesh).
  5. RCB - another year of disappointment?

    They should have used RTM card for Rahul. Even if it is 11 cr, it is well worth the cost. Not sure about Sarfaraz retention though and even if they intended to have him, they should have released him and assess the situation to use RTM card.
  6. Please don't mix spiritual people with religious bigots who just believe in dogmas propagated in their religions/taught by their religious teachers. Spirituality is on a a much higher plane than most of the so called beliefs and superstitions of the world. Spiritual people will not give a damn about either categories that existing in the world, i.e. the blind believers of religions/dogmas as well as the rationalists who cannot look beyond common sense/perception.
  7. IPL 2018 Points Table

    Really don't see either of them get there.... One out of KXIP and CSK will surely make it to the playoffs..
  8. Yes, but he does not seem to hogg strike a lot. Will give you a small bulk of runs before he gets out. I agree with you if he was taking lot of balls like Darcy short or so. Looks like Narine gets out soon enough not to have negative impact whenever he fails. When he succeeds, he just gave you a nice cushion to play on for the regular batsmen.
  9. CWG 2018

    Well, I am with you that his wife's achievement is far bigger than the "toast of the nation" performance by KDK. The gaga the ICFers n all are going on as if KDK is going to be next coming of M.Hussey cracks me off!!!
  10. CWG 2018

    Are you sure after the "toast of the nation" performance by her husband!
  11. Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    If it was originally given not out, it would have remained so. The evidence is not conclusive either way. Although I agree, the onfield umpire's decision should have stayed! :-) A real edge is far more bigger spikes than what we saw there! We need to get in the HotSpot camera to be sure of these edjes.
  12. It is not long since we have seen the emotional retirement of Morne Morkel and the emotional video of that is still trending on Willow tv. People with willow premium account can access it here: https://www.willow.tv/videos/d5-morkel-farewell-sa-vs-aus-streaming-online-4th-test-australia-tour-of-south-africa And the recent video of Ishant where he took a wicket for Sussex in his very first spell is trending as well. The tale of Ishant Sharma looks similar. They both are fast medium bowlers and both have always been considered only as support bowlers. Morne Morkel was playing second fiddle to Steyn at the beginning of his career and Rabada/Philanderer towards the end. Ishant was supporting Zaheer Khan (and even Nehra/Sreesanth) in his initial days and now supporting Shami/Bhuvi/Bumrah. If we look at the stats of Morne Morkel and Ishant, here are the stats. Ishant's stats: Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10 Tests 81 144 15600 8411 234 7/74 10/108 35.94 3.23 66.6 8 7 1 Morne's stats: Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10 Tests 86 160 16498 8550 309 6/23 9/110 27.66 3.10 53.3 18 8 0 While Morne's average and strike rate very better, it is worth noting that their Economy rates are not that different. Also, Ishant has almost same number of five wicket hauls in much lesser innings. We should not forget that while Morne is a second bowler of his side, Ishant is 3rd supporting bowler for team India. After looking at the galore of trundlers such as Unadkat, Kejroliya, Vinny kumar etc. and even good fast bowlers such as Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron being very occasionally wayward and expensive, we are fortunate to have Ishant Sharma in team India as a good supporting bowler. His value will be felt only when he finally hangs up his boots in test cricket.
  13. A very big loss coming for DD here. That will take their NRR too negative that they might just get wiped out of contention for playoffs unless they win more matches and get through with NRR>

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