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  1. sarcastic

    Birthday boys

    belated wishes!!!
  2. sarcastic

    Maha Yajna to pray for Rohit’s 100 in the 2nd innings

    So, this is the end of Rohit's test journey!!!!
  3. sarcastic

    Rohit actually looked “alright”

    Not that much of an older ball and he indeed looked comfortable and looked like dominating the bowlers.... but yes.... that ridiculous SHOT.............. is VERY VERY frustrating to say the least.
  4. Bumrah is the X-factor and Ishant is the leader of the attack! ( as per Zak ).
  5. https://live.cricket.com.au/match/2198/43849/cricket-australia-xi-men-vs-india-men-india-tour-of-australia-mens/scorecard there is a link. you need to create a login n sign in.
  6. Doing Yoga should help in being more patient and concentrate better during the test matches. There is NO need to make fun of everything our team does!
  7. Like Mussolini was an ally of Hitler!!! (i.e. more of a burden than an addition )
  8. I do not know if such things are maintained in India on an accurate basis. What I said is from what I heard in my own region. The farmers who diligently worked hard and paid of the loans were made to look fools when the state government just did "Runa Maafi" for the farmer. But if there is indeed credit ratings etc. and the farmers who took loans are in advantage of taking further loans, then it is really good. I wholeheartedly appreciate Big B's generosity here. But perhaps one needs to be careful where one is donating money to.
  9. Respect for the good intentions of Big B here. But paying off debts owed by farmers is not necessarily a good thing overall. This can make a lot of them take further loans and not do much work and spend the cash. When they cannot pay the money eventually, they will keep hoping that someone like the state government or a fat rich guy will payoff the loan.
  10. sarcastic

    Neil Wagner is such a great asset for the bowling unit

    In short, he is what India wants Ishant Sharma to be!
  11. Harsha Bhogle believes this is the weakest Australia has ever been and that he'll be disappointed if India's pacers don't run through their top order.
  12. You mean he may gamble by putting Anushka as the bet like the great yudhistir did during Mahabharat time!!!
  13. Bumrah and Khaleel are Rohit's men... Bumrah has been most trusted henchman of Rohit for many seasons in IPL. Swap them with Yadav and Thakur and the teams are correctly placed. I will put my money on team 2 after my changes.
  14. That's the cricinfo link to the match you were describing in your comment. Was just reiterating that India should have chased down that target if they had 25 overs to play in the final innings!!! Not impossible even in those days I believe.
  15. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/16833/scorecard/63419/australia-vs-india-2nd-test-india-tour-of-australia-1985-86 They SHOULD have won this match!!!
  16. If that is the accepted norm, we should ban the entire non-vegetarian food and not just stop at beef or pork. Making it selective (w.r.t. what is banned) and then talking about violence towards animals is hypocricy.
  17. sarcastic

    Unintentional sexual innuendos by Sanju Manju

    I request the moderators to kindly move this thread to "chit chat" or so. IMO, I m not comfortable to see the OP topic namee again and again on this page (whenever it gets bumped by a new post). (I m guilty of the latter too with this post but making a request.)
  18. May be he should have done better than what he could given the potential he has shown during his initial days! This article was good and made me think he may still come good in sometime. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/922231/in-pk-country
  19. I will be interested to know when did the same old RCB got the IPL cup!
  20. sarcastic

    Who picked Thakur for the test team ???

    Some ppl say Sachin also brought in Agarkar several times in late 90's.
  21. True but as some posters say above, producing a great test means a lot of factors should collude together. Like "evenly matched teams, pitch that behaves same, genuine fast bowlers, aggressive batsman, unorthodox spinners, good crowd" etc. Good ODIs are more likely to happen between many sides. There are very few teams now making good test teams and producing gr8 test matches.
  22. This is from nearly 3.5 years ago and seems like this lad is having a natural progression in terms of hype and actual results displayed, very similar to that of the great SRT. Wishing this young boy continued success in his international career.
  23. TO be honest and fair to the selectors, Karun Nair is better off playing the Ranjis/domestics and accumulate HUGE number of runs rather than just sit in the dressing room forever and ever. He will be forced in to the team based on his performances alone. Warming the bench does not add any new credentials to his profile.

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