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    sarcastic got a reaction from UrmiSinhaRay in England v India: How can we put an end to one-sided Test series?   
    Not really, since the next two test matches could go as 2-0 for a team. It is not necessary that the result of test 2 and 3 will be like 1-1. So, if planning is done for 4th test match after 1st match draw, then the 4th match can still be a dead-rubber.

    What you are saying is idealistically good but from the posts of @Trichromatic and others, I gather it is practically infeasible.

    The solution is to conduct only 3 or 4 match series as much as possible. 5 test match series is a bit too long. I wonder how many times such a series goes into the 5th match with something to decide regarding the series. 
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    sarcastic got a reaction from Switchblade in Happy Independence Day   
    Happy Independence day everyone! :-)
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    sarcastic reacted to Vilander in Can Ind still draw or win this series?   
    note this.
    1, believe in what you want.
    2, dont keep thinking possibilities or what could go wrong - take them when they come. 
    you have the most worrisome posts in the forum, i would say you are a thinker. Optimism although is not just a simple act of faith still needs a degree of mental organization, which often eludes thinkers.
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    sarcastic reacted to Samcric in Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?   
    Watching the ball closely, playing as late as possible and playing under your eyes are basics. Gives you as good of a chance to see as much as possible. Trying to watch closely and making small adjustments - as much as possible. No one can see the ball in slo-mo or something. That's obviously not what I meant. Small reactions like not following the ball swinging out (Rahul 1st inn) but try to follow when it swings in (2nd inn). These are basics really in terms of opening against swing bowling. Play close to the body and under the eye not in front. These are mistakes even club cricketers like us can point out. Again, begs the question of how much of this struggle is mental and how much is technical and why do we need to settle for a batting coach like Bangar. It has been 5 away test matches now. Surely, batting coach needs to take some accountability for these failures? Or is it all free money? 
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    sarcastic reacted to Trichromatic in England v India: How can we put an end to one-sided Test series?   
    Why would anyone agree to such arrangement and how will anyone arrange everything within 4-5 days or max 1 week?
    Satellite bookings are paid fully Why will govt keep slots open for them to decide according to outcome of result?
    Pitches are supposed to be prepared much earlier.
    For a match at Eden and crowd of 60k, 10k police officers are deployed. Can they ask govt to reserve those policemen and decide after 3rd test whether those will be used or not. Is it possible to assign duties of 10k policemen in 1 week gap between 3rd and 4th test?
    Traffic planning has to be done much earlier. Volunteers are decided and assigned in England for matches. Those volunteers are trained to assist people. Training them costs money. 
    Organizers contact vendors for grounds, there are tons of other operational costs. Hotel bookings, flights, buses, food arrangements, matches.
    Add to that if any of those is cancelled people are left no alternative to earn money.
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    sarcastic got a reaction from UrmiSinhaRay in Can Ind still draw or win this series?   
    That is more likely to happen ( may not be in 2019 but surely sometime later ) than India winning this series. 
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    sarcastic got a reaction from UrmiSinhaRay in Can Ind still draw or win this series?   
    Looks tough now... 

    Team India have to pull up their socks and do really really well to salvage a draw in this series..... 
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    sarcastic reacted to vvvslaxman in Can Ind still draw or win this series?   
    WHere is tics/ 
    cricketics:  I think India has a good chance to win the last 3 tests.
    we miss this kind of optimism 
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    sarcastic reacted to Switchblade in Time is running out for KL Rahul   
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    sarcastic reacted to gattaca in I hope England demolish us 5-0!   
    Boycott in the house people 
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    sarcastic reacted to ShankarShailendra in Ganguly:I get the feeling that this team is not expressing, they all are acting acc to kohli   
    A long reply from your side, I agree with point 1 which you've mentioned. It was a bad call and could have happened to any of the batsmen out there in the middle. 
    On point 2- Yes players do fear Kohli. If you've seen the many times Jadhav and Kohli have batted in LOIs in India, when Jadhav refuses a run you should watch how Kohli reacts with both his hands aloft & expressing disbelief while returning back to the crease. This is just an example. He is often seen fuming, cursing too. Except Dhoni, no one has the audacity to displease him. Why Jadeja can't celebrate after taking the wicket of Kohli in the IPL, that too in his face? 
    I admire Kohli's will power and hunger to win but his behavior sometimes is over the top. Regarding current players confiding to Ganguly, the duo of Kohli-Shastri has got way more power and the already **** scared players might lose their place forever in the name of leaking locker room info if they confide to someone else. Buddy gang is safe in LOIs and others who are already unsure of their place in the team won't take the risk at all. 
    Point 3- Kohli can't do anything if his players perform like ****, he is a top class performer as an individual but as a captain he has to inspire them as well. I do not know what creative inputs are being given to other batsmen. Here, the coach has to come into picture to lift dampened spirits.
    The reason other players do not follow his example is because they don't use their brains properly. They don't have the work ethic, positive mental attitude towards the game. Each player has a different technique and should do something which works for them. The batting coach Bangar need to sort it out, I don't know what he did regarding the preparation work before the first 2 tests.
    But as a captain if he is responsible for successes, he should be prepared to be hounded for the losses too. 
    Regarding Ganguly not providing constructive criticism, do you really think our commentators have been provided with a lot of freedom? Their hands are tied & he is subtlety giving the hints that all is not well if you read between the lines. Most of them have been telling about the wrong playing eleven since the start of SA tour but only after losing 2nd test so convincingly that Kohli admitted he made a mistake in fielding proper eleven (which was a good sign). 
    Please answer my few questions too-
    Don't you think Kohli-Shastri are running the team like their fiefdom? Haven't they created their own personal comfy space devoid of any criticism? 
    Why constant chopping and changing been done by Kohli since the start of his captaincy? Hasn't it created a sense of fear and insecurity among most of the players?
    After the Kumble fiasco, which ex-player would like to associate with them? Dravid and Zaheer as consultants too faded away without any fuss in the media. 
    Why we have to bear with the likes of Bangar, Sridhar, Arun when the richest board in the world can afford the best in the business?
    Why so lacklustre attitude being shown by team for practice sessions & shortening of a single practice match? 
    Why give an unnecessary 5-6 day holiday break before the start of such an important series? Isn't it the prerogative of captain and management to help the team not lose focus before the start of such an important series? 
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    sarcastic reacted to Brainfade in Make KL Rahul captain in one of the formats.   
    The "give him responsibility and he will improve" idea sounds a lot like "Shaadi karaa doh, sudhar jayega."
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    sarcastic got a reaction from beetle in Pick your team for 3rd test   
    Ishant is one of the least problems with team India. Remember, he picked up a 5-fer just the other match and gave Indian batsmen a fair chance to start the England tour with a win. If only the other bowlers and batsmen contributed, we would at least been 1-1!!!
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    sarcastic reacted to The Outsider in Why no practice?   
    Could it be because he couldn’t practice against rasgullas before facing Anderson?
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    sarcastic reacted to Gollum in Time to relegate Vijay and Karthik to TNPL   
    At the end of the day joke is on us . This moron Karthik will crawl into his couch with a Goddess waiting, aur hum......

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    sarcastic reacted to Stradlater in Ahead of ‘Khalistan rally’ in London, India announces Guru Nanak celebration   
    Exactly lol. Aligning with Pakistanis can never be defended. There goes their credibility down the drain once again.
    Honestly though, I for one have no issues with these dumb*s bromancing with British Paks as long as the **** remains in England.
    I hope Indian Govt come down hard upon these ghaddars and make sure they never get to visit Golden Temple in their lifetime. Neither their descendents for that matter either.
    That would teach em a nice lesson.
    Fkin traitors.
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    sarcastic got a reaction from beetle in Pick your team for 3rd test   
    Ishant is one of the least problems with team India. Remember, he picked up a 5-fer just the other match and gave Indian batsmen a fair chance to start the England tour with a win. If only the other bowlers and batsmen contributed, we would at least been 1-1!!!
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    sarcastic reacted to SK_IH in Say sorry to Saha   
    bas kar bhai, itni tareef tou Saha ke gharwale bhi nahi karte uski
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    sarcastic reacted to Tibarn in Ganguly:I get the feeling that this team is not expressing, they all are acting acc to kohli   
    Read carefully: that is exactly what I said. The players just reacted in the middle, based on the call. Anyone who played cricket at any competitive level knows that one trusts their partners call. When the partner makes a bad call, one gets screwed, like Kohli doomed Pujara. 
    Everyone already knows that Kohli made a bad call and Pujara got screwed. That's where it ends.
    It is Ganguly and you who are inserting some sinister angle based on no evidence that Pujara went "against his instincts" and that "Pujara couldn't have refused the single even if he wanted to", or "Kohli was expecting Pujara to suddenly become athletic."
    These are Ganguly's own words, according to the OP
    Pray tell me how exactly one can conclude that Pujara had time to process whether the run was good or not, but he also had time to override his better judgement for fear of Kohli being on the other end? 
    That is just Ganguly pulling stuff out of thin air. 
    If Kohli was really forcing unrealistic standards of fitness on the Indian team, then Ashwin, Shami, and Pujara himself wouldn't have even played the match, as they are all liabilities on the field.
    Kohli made a bad call, Pujara got run out because Kohli made a bad call, end of story, there was nothing sinister as Ganguly implied. 
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    sarcastic reacted to jf1gp_1 in Pick your team for 3rd test   
    We will play all 4 spinners ie ashwin jaddu kuldeep and shardul
  24. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to Gollum in India vs England: Virat Kohli and co. better prepared for England than 2014, says Cheteshwar Pujara   
    So many bumpable threads , man following these jokers is fun !!!!
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    sarcastic reacted to InziRules in Now Ganguly and Robert Key says Pujara has no Intent while batting   
    He has a strike rate of 41 outside India. Possibly even lower outside the subcontinent. That is Azhar Ali tailender level strike rates.
    I think you all can guess by now that I don't like Azhar Ali. You can't bat 100 balls for 40 runs and expect praise. It may be tests, but some intent is required. Pujara currently is playing worse than Azhar Ali, who has started scoring faster and added some shots. Pujara's actually gotten slower, and you can't afford 17 off 87's. Any other batsman would have 20-30 more runs. That is a huge difference. 
    If Kohli is batting, I'm scared as the opposition. Hell, if Dhawan bats for long, I'd be scared. If Pujara is batting for 6 hours, you're wondering if he got his 50 or not.
    Went on Cricinfo
    Pujara Strike Rates in tests in: 
    Australia 42.67
    South Africa 38.88
    England 38.58
    New Zealand 32.78
    West Indies 27.43
    This is absolutely unacceptable at this level
    For contrast, Azhar Ali:
    Australia 46.24
    England 40.40
    NZ 32.33
    SA 29.95
    Azhar is FASTER in England than Pujara -_-

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