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  1. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to wanted_desi in Virat Kohli still needs MS Dhoni's leadership capacity - Sourav Ganguly   
    All other teams still need Dhoni to be in the team as well, it would mean they will most likely be chasing 20-30 runs less. 
  2. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to wanted_desi in A.RAHANE INDIAN CAPTAIN FOR 3RD TEST vs SRILANKA Test Series : VIRAT WILL BE RESTED   
    Rohit will come into playing XI not Iyer. 
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    sarcastic reacted to Trichromatic in Was Sehwag unfortunate to not get as many chances as his peers?   
    And Rohit who has been so bad that he averages highest among openers in history of ODIs.
    Surely, both Rohit and Dhawan should have been replaced by Gambhir and Sehwag.
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    sarcastic reacted to Trichromatic in Was Sehwag unfortunate to not get as many chances as his peers?   
    SRT has been our best opener. Should we recall him now? Thing is his days were over. No matter what someone does in past, averaging in 20s is clear indication of that. Apart from that it's just your Dhoni hate, which makes you think that Dhawan and Rohit are poorer than Gambhir and Sehwag in that kind of poor run.
    IPL performance has nothing to do with ODI performances when ODI performances are going down drain for years.
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    sarcastic got a reaction from Rasgulla in Dhoni bhai is still our captain - Yuzvendra Chahal   
    So, Kohli is Bhallaldeva and Dhoni is Bahubali!!!
  6. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to Temujin Khaghan in Dhoni bhai is still our captain - Yuzvendra Chahal   
    Baahubali statue scene ;)
  7. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to BeautifulGame in Does the greatest test, ODI and T20I knocks all belong to Indian batsmen?   
    281 vs Australia , VVS Laxman in tests
    175 vs Zimbabwe , Kapil Dev in ODIs 
    70(30) vs Australia , Yuvraj Singh in T20s
    Didn't think off it earlier but genuinely amazing .And I can't even think of Laxman or Kapil's knock being bettered anytime soon.
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    sarcastic reacted to bowl_out in KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI   
    Move your best player from his most successful batting position, so you can fit an inconsistent ever-injured guy in a spot where 2 other guys have done so well??
    Thread ends right there.
  9. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to Lala2790 in Stone Thrown at Australian Team Bus tweets Aaron Finch   
    Yep, very quiet and peaceful here.
    Wonder when the BCCI will start taking games from India as these incidents become more common
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    sarcastic reacted to Ishantboyz in Congrats Babar Azam: Joins the list of fastest batsmen to 1000 ODI runs   
    good player but he is no roHIT sharma
  11. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to Shaz1 in Congrats Babar Azam: Joins the list of fastest batsmen to 1000 ODI runs   
    He will become our Tendulkar.
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    sarcastic got a reaction from maniac in Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout   
    I think a mammoth innings in South Africa when chasing under pressure would have allayed all doubts on his ability and his readiness for international cricket to rest. Are you all convinced we need to give him chances in international cricket (perhaps in the places of some middle order batsmen). 
  13. Troll
    sarcastic reacted to rtmohanlal in Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot   
    Have been  of this opinion for a while.Today's 201 while his team was struggling at 59/3 or something like that , that too with  proven top order players Pujara & Uthappa  dismissed cheaply says a lot about his test match temperament. He avg:s a very good 45.12 in 82 first class matches  &  121 inns as of now.if we remove test match stats from these, it comes down to 3647 runs in 50 first class matches & 73 inns with 5 not outs.That means an avg: of 53.63 & runs/inns of 49.96 .This include 4 double 100s of which 3 are tripples & a total of 8 100s. Another important fact is that,  of his 15 not out scores  10 are in test cricket & 5 only in other first class matches .Yet avg:ing a mammoth 53.63 shows his very good  big inns temperament  which has until now been not properly utilized in test cricket.And he is not yet into his peak years. More over he is a left hander too.
      On the other hand Ashwin, whose first class avg: is more or less the same as his   test avg:  is being  played at the 6th slot.Ashwin avg:s 35.2 
    in  first class matches other than tests with only 2 100s while Jadeja avg:s 53.63  in  first class matches other than tests with 8 100s.  Sample size  for Ashwin is 53 inns & 13 not outs where as it is 73 inns & only 5 not outs for Jadeja.And runs/inns  of Ashwin is 26.57 while that of Jadeja is 49.96 !!!!!!!!!! So basically the first class record (other than tests) of Jadeja is far better compared to that of Ashwin.Yet he plays below Ashwin in tests despite being a left hander too.
  14. Like
    sarcastic got a reaction from Gollum in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread   
    And add to that, Akbar also patronized great saints of his time. He ensured that the songs of Sur das are collated together and announced prize money for people who collect those songs. That's how we have "Sur Sagar", the collection of all songs of Sur das ji. 
    He even offered Tulasi das ji the position of one the ratna's (jewels which is like a top poet in his court) which Tulasidas declined. 
    Without many such harmonizing efforts of Akbar, Mughal empire could not have survived and thrived that strongly for so long after his reign. If his descendants were at least similar to him, the East India company could have never been able to capture the subcontinent like they did. The intolerance and cruelty of Aurangazeb eventually gave rise to the rise of Marathas and weakening of empire every where else and this gave ample opportunity for the rise of British EIC and eventually establishment of British Raj. 
  15. Great Post
    sarcastic reacted to Gollum in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India Thread   
    Do you attribute Akbar's destruction of temples and massacre of Hindus to bigotry, politics or the Mongol DNA? We must remember that Akbar was controlled by his regent Bairam Khan till the age of 15/16, Bairam Khan took most of the decisions then. Then when Akbar was a mature adult, he did what any king was expected to do, destroy the enemies and strike fear in the hearts of potential opponents. This brings me to the question I raised in a previous post, was the cruelty in Chittorgarh because of Islam or was it a natural Mongol trait? We must understand how brutal the Mongols were. Genghis Khan wasn't a Muslim but I read somewhere that 1% of people on Planet Earth today are direct descendants of the Khan and his army, that shows how many women he and his troops raped in their conquests. Read about the Siege of Baghdad (1258), probably the most brutal massacre in human history. Forget soldiers, the Mongols even killed the animals, fishes, didn't even leave earthworms and plants alive after the siege. They destroyed all possible forms of life there and made it a desert. The House of Wisdom too was destroyed, marking the end of the Islamic Golden Age. That is how brutal these Mongols were. Babur was a Mongol, just one of the rare Mongols whose forefathers had embraced Islam. I don't think Islam made him cruel, it was the Mongol DNA. Mountains made of human skulls was a Mongol ritual, not an Islamic one. Babur and his descendants just happened to be Muslims. If the Mughals were non Muslim Mongols, in stead of jihad they would have found some other rallying cry. 
    I think Akbar was truly great in the sense that he changed as he grew older. He abolished forceful conversion of POWs, allowed Hindus who had been forced to convert to Islam to reconvert, abolished jizya and pilgrimage tax of Hindus, etc. He participated in Hindu festivals like Diwali/Rakshabandhan and embraced local culture with an open mind. As you rightly said, Din-i-ilahi was path breaking. He respected scholars from other religions and had many Hindus occupying high posts in his court. In fact Akbar turned vegetarian on the advice of the Jain monk Hiravijay Suri. After becoming a disciple of the Jain teacher Akbar banned cow slaughter in India. He also built a chapel in Fatehpur Sikri for his Georgian wife/lover.....this I read in an article in The Hindu. Akbar even built a huge 7 storey temple in Vrinadavan for his friend Mansingh but I think it was later demolished by Aurangzeb. 
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    sarcastic reacted to fineleg in Ranji Trophy 2017/18   
    Why will Harbhajan Singh play ranji? He has made tons of money in Intl and IPL and endorsements/ads. He has no further hope of playing for Team India anymore. Do you think he will play in Ranji to "help upcoming youngsters"? Unless thats his mission, he wont care to play Ranji anymore. The ONLY way he would play Ranji is if he has any hope of being selected to Team India (and if he still desires that). I don't think Selectors + Kohli gonna select him anymore even if he gets wickets in Ranji.
  17. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to maniac in Need for stabilizers in the T20 game !!!   
    Good point...stabilizers are an outdated concept and so is Dhoni
  18. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to Shaz1 in Ravichandran Ashwin Clears 'Yo-Yo' Endurance Test !!!   
    Thats Haram.
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    sarcastic got a reaction from maniac in Rabada vs Amir   
    People on this forum are just short of tirades for Ishant Sharma but they just don't understand it is not easy to stay fit and play for so long for team India. He was not that productive in terms of wickets but he was quite useful for the captains for his workhorse attitude and "hit the deck" type of fast bowling. 
  20. Confused
  21. Haha
    sarcastic reacted to sergio04 in 2nd T20I (N), Australia tour of India at Guwahati, Oct 10 201710/10 - 07:00 PM IST   
    virat kohli , rohit sharma cant play swing 
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    sarcastic reacted to maniac in Is Kedar Jadhav the real T20 material needed for team India   
    Yes...T20 is a game for hacks...look at WI team...they can't last 50 overs in a odi game leave alone a 5 day test but they have 2 Wt20s and their players are one of the highest paid in the leagues around the world.
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    sarcastic reacted to someone in Supreme Court Bans Diwali. Rofl Hindus, go fly a kite.   
    Bad post. Drawing conclusions using some random observation and limited sample size
  24. Haha
  25. Confused
    sarcastic reacted to Adi_91 in Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan   
    Congratulations Pakistan for winning the test. Great comeback from Green Poys! 

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