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Found 1 result

  1. In 2008, still bitter from the phainty delivered in the 2007 World T20 Semi Final, RP Singh delivered a first innings spell against the Aussies that left them reeling for 130 odd for 5 (IIRC). All their established batsmen were down and out and Andrew Symonds and Steve Bucknor mounted one of the most impressive counter attacks seen in the history of the game. The Indians, determined to fight it out and take it all the way, epitomised by the partnership of Sachin and Bhaji in India's first innings were looking good for the ascendancy. The Aussies were up in arms that their sworn enemy/nemesis Harbhajan Singh was giving it back to them in the most graceful manner, with the bat. Unable to take their beating like men, the Aussies conspired to put Bhaji off his game by taunting him and then accusing him of racist taunts. The custodian of anti racism, an apartheid borne South African Mike Proctor presided over the case and ruled in the Aussies favour despite scant evidence. Aussies were outraged, there was uproar and they were at their sanctimonious best. Gora lobby in the form of South Africans, English weighed in to lend credence to the baseless Aussie allegations, thinking that they were doing their bit to maintain white privilege within the game. Little did they realise that they were playing their part in creating a monster. Determined not to be peturbed by the weight of international opinion and emotion, Harbhajan and Sachin, with full backing of BCCI, Shastri and Gavaskar, fought the fight, even risking their personal reputations in the pursuit of upholding justice and principles. Ponting's, Symonds careers and reputations were never the same since. Despite this the ICC continued to rule in favour of the Aussies, Gambhir/Watson incident being another prime example. As time went along, Aussies were so entrenched in their sanctimony and innocence, they developed a fearless approach towards bending the rules. When Steve Smith attempted to seek the coaches help from the stands with a DRS review, Kohli took a stand, again at the expense of his own reputation. In the end, Kohli was more discredited by the incident than Steve Smith! Fast forward to 2018 ball tapering fiasco and the truth has finally come out. Bhaji, Tendulkar, Kohli, Shastri, Sunny and BCCI fully vindicated in their stance. This monster has been building up since the days of Steve Waugh and only Indian heroes have been the ones doing anything about it, sometimes at the expense of their own reputations. Ex Aussie culprits like Waugh retire and portray a holier than thou attitude. The genesis of the problem lies with people like him. Win at all costs mentality. His hypocrisy has been brilliantly summed up and exposed by an excellent article by Osman Samiuddin. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22961057/sanctimony-steve-waugh ROW, time to follow India's lead!

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