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Found 4 results

  1. Pollack

    Dhoni's Batting Position

    Where do you want to see dhoni bat. At no 4 : Yuvraj will have to bat at no 5. And there might be occasions where he needs to slog from ball one. Yuvraj is struggling to time nowadays. Also Kedar at 6 will be a bit wasted. Because I think he is a busy player and more suited for no 4 or at Max 5. At no 5 : Yuvraj will bat at 4. Dhoni at 5. Seems comparatively better. But again Kedar at 6 will be wasted and also how much can you trust dhoni to slog from ball one. No 5 is the most crucial position in my opinion and batsman at this position can make or break matches. At no 6 : Want him to bat at this position. One of Yuvraj or dhoni should bat at this position i.e if yuvraj at 4 , dhoni at 6; if dhoni at 4, Yuvraj at 6 and depending on situation send even Pandya if playing ahead of the one at 6. Discuss.
  2. It was heartening to see Pandya elevate his game in the final. What really impressed me was his desire to win the game for Ind on his own despite Ind being in a desperate situation. Who knows if not for the unfortunate run out, we may have seen another 175 not out The experience of single handedly taking on an entire team in a final but losing out unfortunately will only make Pandya a stronger cricketer. I am sure he will make this up by achieving many more wins for Ind
  3. Have read some emotional responses to Ind loss but folks there is nothing to be disheartened about. Remember what Klusener said when his team unexpectedly lost to Aus in SF in 1999, " so what, no one died" Just as in life, in a game, we win some, we lose some. Let's remember that team Ind has been one of the best performing teams in multi-national events winning tournaments such as: WC in 1983 where we stopped WI from winning the title 3 times in a row B&H Cup in 1985 where we beat Pak both in group stages and final CT in 2002, beating a SA side that looked set to beat Ind in SF T20 WC in 2007, beating Pak that appeared to have things covered WC in 2011, beating SL despite the toss situation. And SL did make some changes that helped Ind CT in 2013, was reduced to 20 overs iirc and Eng was in good position when chasing So we have had a fair share of pulling wins out of nowhere and beating favorites at times. Let's not forget the numerous wins in Asia Cups, Singer Cups, Natwest, etc. To go along with that Ind is and has been the #1 ranked side in tests! On the other hand, we have also been on receiving end on numerous occasions including in the Australia-Asia cup in Sharjah in 1986 where Miandad hit a 6 of a full toss that was intended to be a yorker. In late 1990s-early 2000s, Ind had the developed a reputation of reaching finals but losing them, examples being 2000 CT final loss vs NZ, 2003 WC final, etc. CT is a tournament where it appears as if the winner alternate b/w favorites and underdogs / dark horses. For e.g. SA, a fav, won it in 1998 NZ, a dark horse, won in 2000 Favs SL and Ind won in 2002 WI, a dark horse did it in 2004 2006, 2009 and 2013 editions went to favorites So 2017 was the year for the underdogs / dark horses with Pak and BD elevating their games Only Aus has gone on to win the WC after winning a CT, so our chances for winning the WC improve .... Some of the youngsters will only come back a lot tougher
  4. In association with OPPO India Hello ICFers, Continuing our association with OPPO,this time we are sending our popular poster @asterix to cover the finals on behalf of ICF. This is yet another step towards bringing the game closer to our ICF community. The match preview thread from Asterix is now live in the CT section and more over look out for the exclusive pictures and videos straight from the KIA Oval right here in this thread. Team ICF shall do it's best to cover the finals : Stats Preview : By BeautifulGame Match Preview : By Asterix Match Thread : By Rajiv Also do not forget that it's an IND-PAK double header-Our hockey team take on Pakistan in the Hockey World League Semi-Finals. Hop over to the Other Sports section for discussion on this. Follow us on our social media platforms for more updates : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ICFans Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ICFers The stage is set! A thunderous final is on the cards. Cheer for Team India with Selfie Expert in the ICC Champions Trophy Final against Pakistan! Upload your group selfies with #CT17SelfieExpert on Facebook, Twitter and OPPO's website & stand a chance to win an #OPPOF3 and Team India jerseys everyday. Participate now: bit.ly/2reJbGn India vs. Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy Final. It doesn't get bigger than this! Support Team India by changing your profile picture with our exclusive #CT17SelfieExpert frame and upload your group selfies in the comments section below. A few lucky winners will get a chance to win an #OPPOF3 & new Team India jerseys.

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