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Found 2 results

  1. Better captain: Ganguly or Dhoni?

    Let me make the case in either direction: Ganguly For 1. Helped introduce/nurture multiple Indian ATGs: Harbhajan, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Zaheer 2. World Cup 2003 Finalist in unfamiliar conditions overseas 3. ICC Champions Trophy co winner 4. Defeated one of the best test sides ever 2-1 in 2001 5. Competitive overseas in tests: did well in England 2002 and Aus 2003 6. Retired with dignity 7. Better batsmen 8. Good tactician in tests 9. Left team Indian cricket in healthier condition than he found it Against 1. No World Cup Trophy 2. Batting tended to decline under captaincy 3. Poor standards of out fielding/running between the wickets and did not lead by example Dhoni For 1. World Cup winner on home soil 2. Excellent record in tests at home 3. Made WK/batting a prominent role in indian cricket 4. Ushered in Indian era of fearless batting 5. Helped India get rid of their nervousness at climatic stages in ODIs 6. Won overseas series vs NZ and drew vs South Africa 7. Better all-round player 8. Astute tactician in LOIs 9. Guided India's improvement in ground fielding/running between the wickets Against 1. Reduced Indian fast bowling to dark ages 2. Reduced Indian test cricket overseas to the dark ages (4-0 loss in England, 4-0 Loss in Australia, 3-1 loss in England) 3. Failed to adequately nurture some of the best talents in Indian cricket: Irfan, Rohit, Sreesanth, RP Singh, Ishant 4. Very political 5. Reduced status of test cricket in India 6. Delaying long overdue retirement, holding back next generation of cricketers 7. Clueless tactician in tests 8. Left Indian cricket in worse condition than he found it 9. Oversaw decline in Indian slip fielding I welcome any points I missed
  2. @Viper @sscomp32 @Sidhoni @speedheat @BeautifulGame

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