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Found 1 result

  1. ICF FANTASY HUB 2017 : ONE NOTCH HIGHER ! OFFICIAL THREAD ICF FANTASY HUB is back for the year 2017 after a great start in 2016. Our aim is to deliver a better playing experience to a hopefully larger participants. With the help of our old super-selectors, we hope to attract more and more players . Fantasy Cricket holds a special place in ICF and we certainly hope to continue this tradition. THE RULES : > Only ICF members can Participate. > We will cover all Indian Series,IPL and ICC tournaments(called legs). > Each Leg will earn you FHPs (Fantasy Hub Point) based on the position finish on. > Each leg will have a base-point depending on which the FHPs for the various legs will be awarded. The longer the leg, more are the base-points. > These FHPs will add up to form the FH Leaderboard. > A leg must have a minimum of 7 Players. > FHPs will be awarded to only half the number of participants and to a maximum of 10 positions. > Side Legs(Non-Indian Series) can be played amongst the players. These legs will not earn any FHPs. >Players have to join the league before the start of the leg. ATTRACTIVE GIFT HAMPERS FOR WINNERS : > Final winners will be awarded with Hampers sponsored by ICF site. >We will also give away Hampers for some Individual Legs. > ICF Rupees will be awarded for every leg (Including side legs)and final winners. This will be sponsored by ICF Bank. POINT STRUCTURE : THE BASE-POINT FOR VARIOUS LEGs WILL BE AS FOLLOWS : *These are not fixed can be changed before the Leg THE FHPs FOR WILL BE CALCULATED LIKE THIS : IPL 2017 For IPL 2017, we are going to use Fandromeda similar to last year. You can use the following link to join the ICF League: https://fandromeda.com/v2/user_leagues/mygang/1971?code=75968472 When creating the team, join the 'Classic' version as that is the one that allows subs without paying. Make sure that you join the league before 31st March if you want to be part of the auction for Team Based FL Competition. Any teams entering after this will be allowed in auction only at the discretion of the organiser (Sourab10Forever and me) If this is the first time you are going to play in Fandromeda, do the following steps to create a team and join: 1) Click this link: https://fandromeda.com/v2/champ/edit_squad_classic/172 2) Register your details and make sure that your User name is given as something related to your ICF name 3) Create the squad according to the rules given with regards to no. of batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeeper, overseas players, etc. 4) After saving the squad, click the above (https://fandromeda.com/v2/user_leagues/mygang/1971?code=75968472) League link and join Make sure you become familiar with the number of substitutes per game, cut-off time for making substitutes, how points are scored, etc. from the 'Game Guide' section. Some details regarding subs are as follows: 1 free sub each match 80 subs for the whole league stage (56 matches) 8 subs for Playoff stage (4 matches) Before the first match and between league and Playoff stage unlimited subs are allowed (meaning you can change your squad fully if required) Do the subs before the scheduled match start time (eg. if match was scheduled to start at 8pm, the team will be locked at 8pm regardless of the match starting on time or getting delayed) Ensure you have a Batting and Bowling star for each match as they score double the points for their batting or bowling Also unlike last year you can actually change your subs multiple times before locking as the subs used will be calculated only based on what changes have been made at the time of locking (Read the Game Guide section for more details) I am looking forward to a lot of players joining this marathon Fun ride! SO GET SET AND GO Place your registrations below.

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