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Found 2 results

  1. I think giving team's responsibility will make him a better batsman and he's already a big name having only played a few number of matches. Kohli needs a break from atleast one of the formats and need to focus on improving his Test captaincy, which is going nowhere under the negative influence of Ravi Shastri. Other teams like Australia and England, groom players to become captain from young age and this will, also, put a stop to seniority culture which is rampant in a team like ours.
  2. sourab10forever

    Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Justice For LOKESH RAHUL Campaign What is the Justice For Rahul Campaign? The Justice For Rahul Campaign is a campaign dedicated towards seeking the answers to him being sidelined for India-first in the LOIs and now in tests as well. The RCBengaluru mega star in recent years, has been the most consistent opener for India at the test level. But has become a constant victim of Intra-team politics and has lost his place to team clowns like Dhawan. In particular, the most disheartening aspect of all has been the fact that his buddy V.Kohli seems to be behind his fencing. This callous attitude towards one of Indian Cricket's to-be modern batting legends has forced me, Virat's huge fan, S10F, to start this campaign. The campaign's main objective is to constantly remind Indian cricket fans of the talent and importance of Rahul, as one of India's future batting giants, towards helping India become the best team in the world and to ensure that he receives the adulation and credit that he richly deserves. Advocates of this campaign will be relentless in their pursuit of insaaf for Rahul. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Rahul's Major Achievements: One of two Indians to have scored centuries in every format. World record of most consecutive half-centuries in Test cricket. One of the hundreds of players who were/are victims of Team politics. Has been a joint-holder of the 'Indian player with worst hairstyle' award along with Pandya. One of the very few players to have the balls to defend ex-coach Kumble. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUSTICE FOR RAHUL CAMPAIGN SLOGAN : "Bohat Ho chuka ye April Fool...All we want is justice for Rahool." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Participate In The Campaign? Step 1: Read the OP. Step 2: After reading the OP, contemplate on whether you agree or disagree with the campaign's objectives. Step 3: Add 'Advocate of Justice For Rahul Campaign' to your signature/rank. Step 4: Defend Rahul from destructive criticism at every possible opportunity. Please Feel Free To Ask Me Questions About The Campaign

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