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Found 2 results

  1. This is my ranking in order of merit of the best pair of left-handed batsmen fused into one.I have combined technical skill and solidity with natural ability or flair and attacking agression.Criteria is not sheer class and statistical record but the fusion of contrasting qualities. 1.Brian Lara-Alvin Kalicharan-Like the fusion of a poet with a technician and boxer. Lara took artistry to regions of the sublime while Kalicharan had glorious technique blended with power. 2.Gary Sobers-David Gower-perfect fusion of technique and power with grace and creativity.Gower posessed grace of the divine while Sobers was closest to the consummate batsmen. 3.Brian Lara -Alan Border - 4.David Gower-Alvin Kalicharan 5.Alvin Kalicharan-Clive Lloyd. 6.Alan Border-David Gower 7.Alan Border-Graeme Pollock 8.Alan Border-Gary Sobers 9.Gary Sobers-Neil Harvey 10.Gary Sobers-Graeme Pollock 11.Gary Sobers-Alvin Kalicharan 12.Gary Sobers-Brian Lara In my view Alvin Kalicharan was technically the best of left-handed batsmen,like Rohan Kanhai the other way around.Sobers was just a shade behind in this respect.For pure flair or natural talent Lara and Gower towered above everybody displaying the innovative ability of painter Rembrandt.In termsof creative genius Pollock and Sobers were just a notch behind.To bat for your life ior for solidity Border was the king or wall.For sheer power Sobers and Lloyd were the ultimate men.The most complete posessing every facet wee Kalicharan an Sobers.Placed Lara-Kali combination at top because it perfectly blended creative genius with power and technical skill. Combination like Sobers-Pollock or Lra-Sobers rated relatively low as they do not have vital element of contrasts.
  2. To me against pure pace Vishy displayed more skill than Gavaskar or Tendulkar.Both were technically superior overall and better against fast -medium.Even if they had more power they did not posess Vishy's wristwork or equal his ability to tackle the short rising delivery.I have still not sen even a Tendulkar innings equal the virtuosity of Vishy against the sheer pace of Andy Roberts at Kolkata and Madras in 1974-75 or the ferocity of Sylvester Clarke at Madras in 1978-79.Vishy on bouncy tracks was more effective than Sunny against Lillee,Thomson and Roberts.In defence Sunny was ahead of all but for counter-attack Vishy was on the top of the tree against sheer pace. In the sub-continent Vishy's equal amongst attacking batsmen against sheer pace were Majid Khan nad Inzamam Ul Haq or arguably VVS Laxman.

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