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Found 6 results

  1. Virat Kohli is ranked no.10 in the ICC T20I rankings making him the highest ranked Indian on the list. VK has bowled 10 balls in the last four year. What a **** load of crap these T20I ranking are...
  2. sourab10forever

    A half century of centuries for VK

    50 international centuries for VK. 50% of the GOAT. Can he do it?
  3. Disclaimer : This is not a discussion thread about this ability or how well he has captained. It is about if he has the stamina in him to be a all format captain and if or not this has impacted his batting. Even though captaincy hasn't impacted his batting till now... To me, too much of Indian cricket revolves around him. This is not good for the team. Everything he does is followed by hundreds of millions. Will get exhausted soon. Thoughts?
  4. sourab10forever

    2nd most runs in T20Is- Virat King Kohli

    Behind only by around 200 runs...
  5. sourab10forever

    9K VK

    9,000 ODI runs for the master With so much cricket ahead of him you just wonder how many more he can get. Also breaks the record for most runs by a captain in a calendar year.
  6. Lots of bonhomie and 'nice talk' about respecting VK, and claiming that sledging will backfire from the Australian camp - players, coaches, retired folks alike. I'm not buying it at all. For one thing, VK is susceptible to sledging, if the intent is to get him to change his approach and disrupt his focus. Time and again he has demonstrated that. And in the celebrated innings against Johnson, few recall or pay heed to the fact that VK got completely carried away and almost got himself out twice in 10 balls. Luck was with him that day, and he went on to hit a few more good looking boundaries which pad the highlights. So even though the outcome was not completely in favor of the Aussies, the sledging worked. I expect them to be right up in VK's face this series. Especially if they get to put up a score and a wicket or so falls. Like a pack of hyenas, are these Aussies. They will not let any opportunity to bark, slide. Nothing wrong with it. But just goes to show you how much fluff and utter nonsense fills out the media "coverage" of cricket.

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