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Found 1 result

  1. This is my list ranked in order of merit of pairs of Indian and Pakistani batsmen blended into one who when rolled together made the perfect batsmen.I have ignored statistics and considered the blending of different kinds of ability.Criteria was the mixing of technical correctness with creative genius ,artistry and power.Some were artists or wizards like Zaheer,Majid,Azhar ,Laxman and Vishy.Some were supreme technicians like Gavaskar and Hanif.Others were supreme craftsmen like Minadad and Younus Khan.Only Sachin had it all.Thus mainly combining defence with attacking agression. 1.Sunil Gavaskar-Majid Khan-The great technical skill and defence of Gavaskar with the creative genius and attacking agression of Majid would make the ulimate batsmen.Like an architect and magician rolled together. 2=Hanif Mohammad-Gundappa Vishwanath/V.V.S.Laxman Techniques and artistry at it's supreme height.Hanif was a master while Vishy or VVS , magicians.Vishy and Laxman took batting wizardry to heights of the divine while Hanif took technical skill to a zenith no batsmen ever surpassed. 4.Sunil Gavaskar -Zaheer Abbas-The most technically correct batsmen with the most artistic. 5.Hanif Mohammad-Mohammad Azharuddin Supreme technique of Hanif combined with the poetry taken to it's supreme geight in batting by Azharuddin. 6.Rahul Dravid-Majid Khan-Genius of Majid with the solidity of Dravid would make a perfect batsmen.Reminiscent of a musical painter and an architect rolled into one.Majid took batting artistry to regions of the sublime while Rahul was the wall personified sculptor and poet rolled into one. 7.Hanif Mohammad-Virat Kohli-Technical correctness at it's supreme height of Hanif mixed with the attacking agression of Virat would make the most complete of batsmen. 8.Sunil Gavaskar-Saed Anwar Technique and attacking skill in perfect proportion. 9.Sachin Tendulkar-Javed Miandad-Perfect blending of technical skill with improvisation and ability to combat. 10.Mohinder Amarnath-Inzamam Ul Haq-A wall blended with a tiger. 11.Rahul Dravid-Younus Khan-Perfect blending of water -tight technique with fluidity or power. 12.Javed Miandad-Azharuddin-The poetry of Azharudin mixed with the craft of Javed would make a true master.
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